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    On an undisclosed date in California, Tim Cook takes to the stage and delivers a lengthy, at times dry talk on the history of the iPhone. He talks of how, ten years before, people had been amazed at how a single device could do so much. He talks of the journey since then; the realisation for example that while a lot of people wanted bigger screens, not everyone wanted a bigger phone, so one product became two - the standard iPhone and iPhone plus.

    The audience nod, clap, some of the initial excitement of the event beginning to die back. So far so normal.

    Cook continues "so for this tenth anniversary year, we looked again at what the iPhone should be, and what is possible. We knew we needed these two products.."

    He beckons as silhouettes of a standard and plus size phone appear behind him.

    "We needed an iPhone for the people who want compact, and we want to make an iPhone for those who don't want to compromise on size and need that bigger screen.."

    There's a whoop in the audience. It may be Federligh. Nobody's quite sure if this is leading anywhere.

    "So this year we have the 7S, and we have the 7S plus, both building on the awesome legacy of the phenomenal iPhone 7, which people love. But there's something else. One more thing. We wanted to push the boat out for the anniversary and create something new. An iPhone with some amazing new technologies that push boundaries, and will revolutionise how our customers interact with their phones - let's call it the iPhone X"..

    People are getting more excited now. There's a buzz in the room. Perhaps a few sense what is coming.

    "The 7S, 7S Plus, and iPhone X... 7S, 7S Plus and iPhone X" Cook repeats, seemingly to himself. Behind him, the silhouettes have been replaced by the logos of the three models, which alternate with a spinning cube effect.

    "The best iPhone we've ever made, the best plus sized screen, and the most technically advanced piece of mobile technology we've ever put together - that's the 7S, 7S Plus, and iPhone X.."

    The logos on the spinning cube accelerate, crashing into each other, alternating faster and faster.

    "7S, 7S Plus and the iPhone X..."

    The graphics go completely nuts.

    "A compact iPhone, a big screen iPhone, and our most advanced iPhone yet.."

    Cook now has an uncharacteristic gleam in his eye and broadening grin, as cheers and hollers break out in the auditorium.

    "Three amazing products....

    One amazing iPhone....

    Are you getting it??!"
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    How many times are you going to copy and paste this.
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    I'm open to suggestion. Did you have a number in mind?
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    You should be a fiction writer, I can suggest a good agent and publishing company :p

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