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iphone xs

  1. D

    iPhone XS iPhone AppleCare+ unexpectedly extended

    While checking out the Apple Support app, I noticed something very unexpected. My wife & I both purchased iPhone XSs on 9/14/18 under the iPhone Upgrade Program. As such, AppleCare+ is included, and both had an expiration date of 9/14/20. My iPhone had serious accidental damage, so I utilized...
  2. Win7>SnowLeopard

    Other Is the S in iPhone 3GS, 4S, 5S, 6S, XS, XS Max Capitolized?

    Is the S in iPhone 3GS, 4S, 5S, 6S, XS, XS Max Capitalized? On Wikipedia it shows that after the iPhone 4S it becomes lowercased. Just wondering.
  3. T

    Iphone Xs Restart loop ONLY WHEN USED after "minor" liquid damage

    hello everyone, So last month I dipped my phone in the pool (i.e. not saltwater) for a brief moment and after that nothing happened just wanted to see that IP68 in action. After that I tried taking a video underwater of about 15 seconds long ( a week ago) . In the beginning, there was nothing...
  4. R

    iPhone XS I've been scratching my head about this issue for 2 weeks/ iPhone USB headset

    I am trying to get my older Sennheiser USB headset to work with my iPhone XS to make and take phone calls. However, I cannot get this to work. I am attaching the usb headset to apple's lightning to USB connector. The iPhone registers the product as headphones. I am able to listen to music...
  5. J

    iPhone XS Iphone XS screen went completely black during a call!!!

    How it seemed to start... I dropped my phone on it's face.. Not hard and it has a case on it to protect it. Everything was fine... I did spill a little water on it earlier that day, but shouldn't matter as it's an XS. So, after dropping it I was on a call and the screen started to flicker...
  6. D

    iPhone 11 IPhone XS 650€ vs IPhone 11 750€

    Hello everyone, I'd like to have your opinion on this. I'm going from android to IOS and I cant decide between these two models: IPhone XS for 650€ or iPhone 11 for 750€. I would to hear you guys about your experience between both models, which one should I go to? Thank you so much! Edit...
  7. Z

    iPhone XS Back Camera Black

    I’ve been a long time lurker and now with something to post, I hope to receive some help with an issue I am facing with my phone's camera. I appreciate any assistance or advice, thank you! iPhone XS 256GB Since this fall the back camera displays as black. I have done a factory settings reset...
  8. hewastl286

    iPhone XS How much Screentime and pickups do you have?

    Hello! i have about 1,5h screentime per day .. and about 90 pickups per day. What about you?
  9. M

    iPhone Xs / 11 Pro + Apple Watch sync speed

    Has anyone here used their Apple Watch with both an iPhone Xs and an 11 Pro? If so, did you notice any increase in sync speed? I just bought an iPhone Xs from Best Buy and I have yet to receive it. I'm still on fence about getting an 11 Pro. I will be getting an AW5 and I wanted to know if the...
  10. mariosave

    iPhone XS iPhone XS Smart HDR doesnt work after iOS 13.1.3

    I made invastigation in a iPhone forum and other guys experiencing the same, and we would like to inform you about it. After iOS 13.1.3 Smart HDR on iPhone XS isnt working , neither manual. On Camera Settings if you have Smarth HDR enabled, when you shot o photo , App wont enable HDR even if its...
  11. PhillyGuy72

    An accessory for your X, XS, XS Max?? More like a "Halloween Costume" 😆😐

    I swear, I knew someone would create these! Ok, so this fake sticker/attachment turns your "old, outdated" looking iPhone into the current design. May fool a few I guess. But I already see the major flaw after sticking this on your older phones, dust and dirt getting UNDER the sticker...
  12. TheAceOfAces

    Dye from Apple's official Leather Cases seems to smudge on the stainless steel bands on the X/Xs/11 Pro series . . . anyone else notice this?

    (Posted something similar in the iPhone forum but posting this here as well since I think it's the more appropriate place.) Few days ago, I bought the 11 Pro and put on Apple's official leather case (black), and when I took the phone out of the case to insert the SIM, I noticed that the black...
  13. P

    iPhone XS Sleep/wake button saggy on iPhone XS replacement

    So I just recieved a refurbished iPhone XS (warranty issue) and I noticed right away that the sleep/wake button has very little travel and almost no real "click" feeling. Like if the button is almost always halfway pressed. The volume rockers feels better though. Am I being picky? It's really...
  14. pilot1226

    After iOS 13 and watchOS 6, Bedtime alarm no longer working on Apple Watch

    Hi, After updating my iPhone XS to 13, and Watch Series 4 to OS6, the bedtime alarm no longer works on my Apple Watch. Previously, when the iPhone would trigger the bedtime alarm at wakeup time, the watch would send me a taptic alert. This would be useful because the volume on my phone could...
  15. Tofupunch

    iPhone 11 Pro Bezels of 11 pro larger than XS/X?

    iPhone 6 user here. I’m ready to jump to the 11 pro but just noticed something: did they increase the size of the bezel compared to the X/XS? I know that overall the 11 pro has increased in size but the dimensions of the screen itself have not changed. Is it just me?
  16. Rckyrr

    Overheated XS, Wet Fingers and No Factory Warranty

    Team, Over memorial day weekend in Palm Springs, I was playing tunes by the pool on 110-degree weather. iPhone XS was overheating and using it, and I was tapping with wet fingers until it went kaput! The screen was out, but I think I was able to trigger apps until the phone dies for good...
  17. PhillyGuy72

    XS/XS Max phone - Neural Cam ("Night Mode" app.)

    I saw this post on a YouTube video about the new 11's - but they mentioned this NeuralCam app - aka Night Mode Camera. I am sticking with the XS Max for another year, has another tried this app? It's $2.99, but how are the results. Good, ok..pixelated, a fraud & waste of money? I've tried...
  18. Roykatz

    iPhone XS Upgrade Xs 64gb to 11 256gb

    Hi everyone, I’m having a hard time deciding if I should upgrade or not. On the one hand I’m always running out of memory on my Xs 64gb and I don’t really mind the lcd screen on the 11 model but the thick bezel are really annoying imo. What do you suggest I should do? I Would also love to hear...
  19. W

    iPhone 11 iPhone XS Max?

    Any ideas what will happen to the old stock of iPhone XS Max in Apple Stores? They have been scrapped from the iPhone line-up and no longer available online. I was hoping to pick one up, possibly at a reduced price, to replace my X. I wasn’t too impressed with the new 11 and don’t want to shell...
  20. M

    iPhone XS Where to buy unlocked iPhone (Xs) besides from Apple?

    I was hoping the Xs would still be sold but at a reduced price upon arrival of the XI. It looks like Apple will no longer be selling the Xs. Where else can I buy the Xs unlocked and without a contract? I'm referring to authorized resellers, not random people on eBay, etc.