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Oct 22, 2018
Hey guys,

I used a MBP 13 from 2015 for a long time and I always charged my iPhone XS with the lightning/usb cable. It always charged pretty fast compared to when I use the USB on my PC. Now the MBP is dead and I got a M1 Macbook that only has USB C. I bought a USB C hub but when I charge the phone through it, it is as slow as I do on my PC. Around 50% for 2.5 hours of charging.
Now I'm wondering, to have faster charge again do I need to get a USB C - Lightning cable? I was actually thinking about getting one of those small USB - USB C adapter thingy's to permanently put on my phone cable, would that give me a slow charge as well?
Should the cable be Apple's or would any Amazon USB C - Lightning cable be enough to fast charge through my laptop?

Thank you
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