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  1. applefanharish

    Apple Watch Series 2

    Hey All, Here is my first post on this forum. I have an Apple Watch Series 2 currently running with 6.1.2 (17S796). I had iPhone 6 running iOS 12 all these days and Apple Watch Series 2 was paired to it. It was working fine until i bought a new iPhone 11 and paired my Series 2 watch to it. I...
  2. S

    iPhone 6 screen shattered, touch screen compromised

    Hello. I dropped and shattered the touch screen of my iPhone 6. Due to the shattered glass, there is ‘phantom touches’ going on and I am unable to put in my passcode. It keeps rerouting me to the “phone is disabled, please try again in X minutes.” I was able to update it I think when it was in...
  3. P

    iPhone XR Is it possible for problems on old IPhone be transferred to new iPhone XR???

    have recently just purchased a brand new iPhone XR after having serious problems with my iPhone 6. It would automatically shut down my apps while on them, and some apps would not even open when I tapped on them. My Instagram would not open unless I downloaded it every time, however once I exited...
  4. D

    iPhone 6(S)(+) iPhone responds when connected to charger, nothing when connected to computer

    So I had a mom and pop shop replace the battery in my iPhone about a month ago, and its been all downhill from there. Currently my iPhone 6 is completely dead. It started with it just completly shutting off randomly 5-20 times per day (not an old battery problem as the battery was just...
  5. G

    iPhone not recognized in computer or iTunes and I cannot update it even from wifi..

    Hello guys..for quite a while when i plug my iphone in ANY computer its only charging and its not shown ANYWHERE in the computers and neither in iTunes ANYWHERE i repeat..ANYWHERE..I tried reseting it ive seen threads here ive seen videos ive done EVERYTHING..Also I cannot update it from...
  6. K

    Iphone 6, left in water overnight on charger

    so on Monday, I woke up to my phone on the floor of my tent, in a puddle on the charger, what can I do. I tried to reboot by holding power and home and a white screen with a black apple logo appeared for like 1 second, nothing since then.
  7. rialtmann

    iPhone 6 on MDM - Passlock changed

    Hi, We have an iPhone 6 that is registered with MDM through JAMF. An employee has taken it to Israel on a business trip. The phone was factory reset shortly before with a new passcode. When the colleague tried to unlock the phone in Israel the passcode was no longer accepted and the passcode...
  8. M

    iPhone 6 died?

    Hi folks. This morning I woke up 2 hours late for my work only to realize that my iPhone 6 is not turning on. I can't get to the apple logo, can't hard-restart it, can't get any response from charging nor plugging it in to my PC/iTunes. It worked fine when I watched a video before I went to bed...
  9. J

    series 0 battery life, iphone 6 vs iphone 7

    i succumbed to apple's throttling and picked up a used iphone 7. my iphone6 had just become too slow. the migration to the 7 was smooth; despite my iphone6 being turned off and put away, the restore of the backup offered to re-pair my 2 watches with the 7. the first day each watch's battery...
  10. F

    iPhone 6(S)(+) Bulged Battery on iPhone6 and MacBookPro

    Apple battery problems are illustrated here by 2 examples: the iPhone6 and the MacBook Pro. [1] Failed battery in an iPhone 6. The battery in this less than 2 years old iPhone6 bulged and pushed the screen outwards until the case separated. Looking at the web, this seems to be a common problem...
  11. F

    Bulging Batteries on MacBook Pro & iPhone6

    Apple battery problems are illustrated here by 2 examples: the MacBook Pro and the iPhone6. In both these examples, Apple refused to recall the batteries, only accepting to replace them on a very limited ‘one of a kind’ scale, while leaving most of the people without help with their battery...
  12. dinepada

    iPhone 6(S)(+) iphone 6 performance reports

    Can you put your performance test (maybe beekbench or similar) with the lastest ios 11.2.5 on the iphone 6 here? if you can put the age of your device and if you changed the battery, is still worth to keep under ios 11.2.1 (pre meltdown patch) for performance over security?
  13. lightningsalesuk

    iPhone 6 Boot loop wont turn off.

    I am having some troubles with my iPhone. When I turn it on it will show the apple logo for around a second then turn off and show the apple logo for around a second and so on until it runs out of battery. I cannot physically turn off the device once I have turned it on. Turning it off will not...
  14. yetisalmon

    iOS 11 / iPhone 6 / Battery always at 100%

    Has anyone else encountered this bug? Ive searched but haven't found anything. It is really annoying. Ever since installing iOS 11 (11.0.1) my battery always says it is as 100%. Then it will just die, because I dont know what the battery level actually is. I've done the reset and still hasn't...
  15. F

    Help, Iphone 6

    So i was stupid and bought an iphone 6 off of craigslist. It was boost and I double checked to make sure it would work on sprint but I did not see that he would have to unlock if from his account. Now he will not return my calls. Does anyone now anything I can do or should i just chalk it up to...
  16. logic500

    IOS 11 Gm update and regular update ??

    Iam a Registered Beta Tester and I was able to get the IOS 11 GM Update for my Iphone 6 before 19th September and the download file size for this update was 1.1 GB ....Now that the regular update has arrived iam confused about two things ... First do I need to install the regular update ? how ...
  17. S

    Transferring phones

    So I still own an old sliding keyboard phone and am finally earning enough money to buy myself a smartphone. If I purchase an unlocked AT&T (my carrier) iphone off ebay, would I be able to just switch the SD card over and have it work properly? Im trying to go around setting up an actual plan, I...
  18. T

    iPhone 6 not picking up service, even with new SIM card.

    Hi all, I have an iPhone 6 that has been giving me issues for a while. The phone initially began to randomly drop cellular service, and would not reconnect unless I took out the SIM card and reinserted it. Then, that stopped working, so I brought it to the Verizon store from which I bought it...
  19. C

    iPhone Cydia Error Please Help!! IOS 9.1

    So I got this iPhone 6 a few days ago, put the screen on today, jailbroke it, installed a few sources and it was working fine, then I installed Springtomize 3 and got that error, now Cydia is blank everywhere and I can't uninstall that package, any help? No iFile or anything at all as that was...
  20. D

    iPhone [Help] Cydia Errors (iOS 10.2,iP6)

    I'm on the forums looking for some help basically installed the jailbreak on my iPhone 6 (10.2) using Yalu / Cydia Impactor everything was fine all installed fine and Cydia is on my phone however when I open Cydia I get a message I need to update so while doing so it gives me errors and won't...