1. Lee Harris

    Custom Keyboards(Iphone8)(13.3.1)

    I’ve been looking everywhere for a Keyboard that will let me rearrange/Replace original keys with Custom symbols or Glyphs (e.g Switch the letter I with say ! Etc.) Anyone have any ideas?
  2. AlexSix

    iPhone8 says memory is full (but it isn’t)

    I’m having a problem where my phone keeps always telling me that it’s out of free space but when I check it actually does have over 20gb free. No matter how much data I delete (pictures, videos, etc), the phone always says that is out of memory. Does anyone knows how to sort this out...
  3. t0mmen

    iPhone 8(+) Flashlight iphone 8 not working

    My iphone 8 phone camera and flashlight stopped working. I opened the phone and changed the flashlight cable. And it still doesnt work, the camera however started working. Is there any kind of fix for this? Ive tried resetting the phone.
  4. T

    iPhone 8 iOS 13

    Had a question regarding iPhone 8 on iOS 13. How long should the phone last with moderate usage (socials, some gaming)?? Also is anyone noticing shutter lag too, particularly with moving objects- didn’t seem to have this on iOS 12. Thanks
  5. Appledoesnotlisten

    iPhone 8(+) iPhone7 to iPhone8: Any Performance gain?

    I just moved from iPhone 7 to iPhone 8 and am not seeing any performance gain. Seems like a waste of money. Is there really no performance gain or I am not doing something right?
  6. Grgurovic

    iPhone 8(+) iPhone 8 plus front mic. not working?

    Out of nowhere, my front mic. just started to produce a lot of noice when i record in all aps (camera, instagram, messenger, facebook, viber, whatsapp etc.), and my voice just istn't there. When i get really close to the mic (like put the top of the phone in my mouthi hear myself barely. What's up?
  7. S

    iPhone 8(+) When to expect iPhone 8/8+ price drop and clearance?

    Since next gen of iphones are coming in Sep, and I am thinking of getting a 8+, when to expect Apple starts clearance and drop prices on 8s? Thanks for sharing.
  8. 1Icarus2

    iPhone Error: Exploit on 11.4 Beta 3 - iPhone 8

    I managed to successfully downgrade to 11.4 Beta 3 and Jailbreak my iPhone 8 using Electra 1.0.3. I also managed to install a bunch of my favorite Jailbreak app and it was working perfectly. However, I rebooted the phone, and now I cannot for the life of me get it to Jailbreak again! I have...
  9. pineapple216

    iPhone Auto brightness and true tone aren't working on iPhone 8 (iOS 11.3.1)

    When I updated my iPhone 8 to iOS 11.3.1, the true tone switch in the control center was gone and the auto brightness feature in General --> Accessibility --> Display Accommodations is gone as well. I've tried doing a soft reset as well as erasing all settings, this didn't solve the problem...
  10. B

    iPhone 8(+) Wireless charging through a spigen case

    Hi folks, I’m wondering if anyone has any experience of using wireless charging on an iPhone 8 with a case on? I use a spigen case with the metal plate in so I can use the magnetic mounts in my car. Will wireless charging work through the case and metal plate?
  11. S

    Strange shadow on bottom of screen

    Hi, Just got my iPhone 8. Great phone! Strangely enough though there seems to be a dark "shadow" from under the edge of the screen bottom. It's like a drop shadow (Photoshop) which is noticable on the visible area. Also there seems to be space between the lcd and glass screen itself. It's...
  12. allenlee12306

    iPhone 8(+) Though iPhone 8 had came,why more person chose iPhone7 or iPhone7+?

    Though iPhone 8 had came,why more person chose iPhone7 or iPhone7+? This question is really bothers me. So hope you could help me so that I will not so uncomfortable and day by day thinking about it.
  13. N

    iPhone 8(+) iPhone8 audio crackling

    Hi, I am encountering audio crackling from front speakers while using various apps on my IPhone 8. Its just not with YouTube app but I found this problem as generic one with most of the apps, I am running an updated version of IOS 11.2 Are there anyone facing the same issue? Nishant
  14. L

    iPhone 8(+) iPhone 8 camera issues

    is anyone else experiencing green orbs on photos taken with the regular iPhone 8? It happens for me any time a light is shining near the camera. I came from an iPhone 6s and didn’t have this issue with that phone. Also Both camera have a halo effect around the edges of pictures/ videos and the...
  15. Kishn


    hi there I am having a brand new iPhone 8. And overheating problem is bothering me!!
  16. streamlikey

    iOS 11 Bugs

    So this is my first time using an iPhone, and the reason i finally bought an iPhone is because how everyone says iOS is the smoothest OS compared to others. I don't need any customization nor other gimmick on android phones, but after a month of using iPhone 8 Plus with iOS 11, i'm dissapointed...
  17. O

    Green filter on photos on iphone 8 - Error?

    Hi All, I have a problem with an Iphone 8, namely that all photos taken with the back camera have something that looks like a green filter. No filters are applied and its mostly visible in darker environments. If the flash is used they are fine, also the front camera seems ok. Do you have any...
  18. RMP28

    iPhone 8 Quality Control Issues.

    I would like to share my experience with Apples poor quality control. I am an Apple Fanboy, I always have been. I love their products, their software, their innovation, all of it! But what I do not love... is their poor quality control. Every single iPhone I’ve had, it has come out of the box...
  19. sterlingindigo

    Bug with display zoom?

    not sure whether ios11 or iPhone 8 but enabling display zoom doesn't seem to work.
  20. Spooner83

    Customizable iPhone

    An iPhone that you can customize before you buy it would be so amazing! You would only have limited choices since Apple doesn't want you to have full customization but an iPhone 8 with dual lens sounds so incredible. I couldn't care less about the face id or any other feature on the iPhone x...