1. sxxnt

    iPhone X frame bent

    Hey guys, so an iPhone X was dropped. Everything is still functioning, not even a single crack on the backcover just the frame did bent a little inwards in one spot. Is there any possibility to fix this bent, without replacing the entire back housing? Or is it possible to just exchange the frame?
  2. jwatters579

    iPhone Randomly wakes up (iOS 13.3b3)

    Has anyone started experiencing this? Your iphone randomly "wakes up" from sleep state and is trying to do Face ID? I have an iPhoneX and started this happening within the past 24hrs.
  3. K

    iPhone Control Center and Notifications not working since iOS 13 on iPhone X

    This has been driving me crazy trying to find a solution to this issue. Ever since updating to iOS13 my control center and notifications do not work anymore when the worked before the update just fine. I search for solutions, did all the typical troubleshoots and to no avail. I know it is not...
  4. iMacedonian

    iPhone X Display Burn-In ?

    This question / thread is for the iPhone X users who are using their devices for longer than 1 year. How's the screen holding ? Do you notice any deterioration / burn in? A friend of mine had to replace his OLED screen twice (on his Samsung Galaxy Note 8), so i was wondering if iPhone's OLED is...
  5. kanu92

    iPhone X iPhone X 256gb Upgrade to iPhone XS Max 64gb

    Hey Guys Just wanted some advice/thoughts on whether I should upgrade to XS Max 64gb from my X 256gb. I've had my X since it was released and have loved using it. However I've been given the chance to upgrade to an XS Max 64gb which I am looking at purchasing from a close friend who doesn't...
  6. TootsieTails

    iPhone X Problem downloading photos IphoneX

    I have an IphoneX and a mid 2009 MacbookPro with upgraded Ram. However, when I go to download photos from my iPhoneX, it always gives you the wheel of death and will not load the photos even enough to transfer them to the mac (even in small portions). I am guessing it has to do with the amount...
  7. Jimmy Bubbles

    iPhone X/XS max keys appearing on home screen

    I recently upgraded my iPhone from the X to the XS Max. I noticed issues with the keys from the keyboard appearing when any user, regardless of technical expertise, wouldn't expect to see keys appear in the bottom half of the display. After many times of troubleshooting from restarting, all the...
  8. L

    Apple ID compromised! Breach to privacy!

    My Apple ID has been compromised and I has been charged over night with multiple iTunes purchases made from the other side of the world resulting in blocking my bank card. Apple support has been helpful providing me full refund in 30 DAYS! Even though the payments has still be pending so your...
  9. aliensporebomb

    iPhone X iPhoneX Screen Burn-in?

    Phone is over a year old now and battery at 97% viability. I generally keep my phone in smart invert for better battery life (yes I realize it's not a giant difference maker but I find the screen easier to read this way). I generally always have my phone set to: settings -> general ->...
  10. vikas027

    iPhone X Unable to backup thru iTunes

    Hello, I have an iPhone X which I was able to back up through iTunes on the MacBook Pro 2014 model, but it fails to back up on my new MacBook Pro 2018 model. I get this error (also attached a screenshot). "iTunes cannot read the contents of the iPhone "iPhone". Go to the Summary tab in iPhone...
  11. A

    iPhone X Do iPhone X boxes state the manufacture date on the back?

    Do iPhone X (or newer models) boxes state the manufacture date on the back?
  12. H

    iPhone X How often are you guys rely on your widgets ?

    Up until about a month ago I rarely used them with my Iphone X . Since then I have been swiping right more often to check up on news , weather and shortcuts . Anyone else love them ? Or do you have any opinion on how Apple can make it better?
  13. I

    Other Why can't I use my phone while someone is calling me?

    When someone calls me on my iPhone there is no option to continue using your phone as you were or to unlock your phone and do other stuff on it........ WHY?.....
  14. dustin.haley

    iPhone iOS 12 Design Choices: Dark Mode, Volume HUD, etc looking forward to iOS 13

    Now that Apple has released iOS 12, iPhone XS, etc, I wanted to share my theory on Apple's design choices, those choices I know many have questions about. After a little pondering, I think I have figured out Apple's logic, and it makes me all the more excited for next year's iOS 13. The iPhone...
  15. Mathias Denichi

    iPhone X iPhone X and XS/MAX Benchmarks not Much Different

    Looks like the XS/MAX has 1GB more RAM and almost no gain on the A11 Bionic of the iPhone X Here's a possible link to the XS and Max Benchmarks Another source of possible scores Here's a link to the iPhone X Benchmarks iPhone XS Max iPhone X Iphone X - Single is 4208 || Multi is 10116...
  16. A

    Contacts between Apple devices not syncing

    All, I own a iPhoneX, a 9.7 Ipad Pro, Ipad Mini 3 and a 2016 MBP. My contacts on the Iphone (used the most) and the Ipad Pro are properly synced with about 88 contacts. The Mini and MBP have about 35 contacts. All devices are on the same Apple account. Any ideas why I can't sync between all 4...
  17. U

    iPhone X Anyone still using Assistive touch?

    Are there anyone who still uses assistive touch feature on iPhone X to preserve buttons? I saw this feature enabled on many older iPhones but nowadays this trend has kinda faded off. I’m still one of the assistive touch users. :rolleyes:
  18. U

    iPhone X iPhone X side button feels “mushy”

    Hello! Today while I was cleaning my iPhone I felt like it’s side button has become (or has been since forever but I didn’t notice) a bit mushier than volume keys. The difference is very subtle but it is there. I am outside city so I can’t go to Apple store to see a genius about this issue I’m...
  19. L

    iPhone X How is your X holding up?

    Recently picked up space gray iPhone X and would like to know how it has been holding up for those who got it at launch day. Has the screen got burn-ins, have the buttons gone mushy? These are things I would really hate to happen.
  20. A

    iPhone X SOLVED: "user error" iPhone X notch with duplicated icons on lock screen

    Anyone else have this going on with the duplicated notch icons? See the attached screenshot. I tried both a hard reset and soft reset options. Trying to avoid a complete iOS reinstallation. Once I unlock the phone, the notch indicators are normal. On iOS 11.4.1.