ipod nano

  1. C

    iPod iPod nano sync issue

    I have a very odd issue. For various reasons I and still using a 3rd gen iPod nano because I have to have one that uses a 30-pin connector. I have strange sync issues for the past few months which I have finally traced down to the "Sync music onto [name]" button coming randomly unchecked. As...
  2. R

    iPod Advice on choosing an iPod dock?

    I just got my first ever iPod, found a 4th generation Nano in a perfect condition. When it's not with me in the great outdoors, I'd like to connect it to my speaker system. Now I notice that if I just let it lie on the hard shelves and desks, that back is going to wear out for sure. I'm aware of...
  3. U

    iPod iPod nano (2005) factory reset failed - how to replace software?

    The connection between my iPod Nano 1st Gen and iTunes on my iMac was cutting in and out. The cable worked fine with my other iPod and iPhone. Restarting the iPod (holding menu and home buttons) hasn't helped. While it was being recognised by iTunes I attempted a factory restore but...
  4. ktg5

    iPod Nano 6th gen running custom watchOS?

    I was looking at a post that was 9 years ago on here, and today, I was working on some art for something that is like watchOS about on a iPod Nano. It's just a idea tho, so yeah.
  5. RJQJ

    iPod Buying a classic iPod Nano (1st, 2nd, 3rd gen) in the Current Year

    So I'm in the market for a nostalgia trip and I wouldn't mind a little device to listen to when I'm traveling. So the Ipod Nano seems like a good idea, but is it worth buying any of the mentioned ones in the title in this day and age? My main concerns are battery life (which getting a referb...
  6. legionsunited

    iPod Airpods with iPod Nano (7th Gen) volume low fix feedback on the fix?

    Hello, I know, Airpods don't work with iPod Nano 7th generation in terms of very very low volume, but I've read about numerous fixes available on apple support communities itself like in this thread here and then on here (Macrumors forum). So, I just wanna know from those people who've had...
  7. flaubert

    iPod iPod Nano 6G stuck in shuffle play mode

    Somehow my iPod Nano 6G (the small square clip-on Nano) has entered a mode where it shuffle plays everything, even though I am not starting play with the Shuffle option at the top of albums, songs, or playlists. I think that this is new behavior; I'm certain that I've been able to start an...
  8. djeeyore25

    iPod Nike+ App On iPod Nano No Longer Syncs Run Data Through iTunes

    If you use an iPod Nano to track your runs with Nike+, the data will no longer sync through iTunes. This begins with iTunes version 12.7. Nike support confirmed this with me via Twitter. You can manually insert the data using a Nike+ app on iOS or Android.
  9. S

    iPod Recovering iPod Nano 3rd Gen photos

    My girlfriend has an old Apple iPod Nano 3rd Gen 8 GB that she bought a long time ago full of music and over 1400 photos. The musics are still there, they play fine, it even show videoclips. However, all the pictures show as black blocks. The memory usage inside [ About ] confirms there's quite...
  10. Bakerwrites

    iPod Volume too quiet using AirPods with Nano

    I have just tried my brand new AirPods (love them by the way), with my iPod Nano (7th Gen), and while they pair up just fine, the volume is too quiet to be listenable anywhere but a totally silent room. What are the chances that we will get a software update on the Nano to resolve this issue...
  11. M

    iPod iPod Rumors

    So just last year Apple released a new iPod lineup on July 15, 2015. The iPod touch got internal upgrades while the iPod Nano and the Shuffle only got color upgrades. So in this conversation we will talk what we want and improve with the new iPod lineup which will either be released later this...
  12. omihek

    Buyer's Guide Discrepancies

    I went to the Buyer's Guide the other day and noticed some discrepancies between what MacRumors has posted and what actually happened. For example, the guide says the Apple Watch has been updated twice already. It actually hasn't been updated at all, which you should already know since you...
  13. J

    iPod New iPod Nano

    Do you guys think Apple will introduce 8th generation of iPod Nano or will update software for 7th gen, so it will be able to run Apple Music offline? WWDC is month away and I do believe they could introduce new refresh Nano with same dimantions but with Wi-Fi or they will allow to put offline...
  14. O

    iPod touch iPod Touch or IPod Nano

    Hello, I have a question for you guys should I get the iPod touch or iPod nano? So here's the story: I have an iPhone 5s which is brilliant but I don't want to put my music on there because I have little storage so wanted another device to put it on. I generally listen to music a lot so when I...