1. Fusionskies

    iPod 3rd Gen iPod Charging Question.

    Hey, I just bought a 'for parts' 3rd generation iPod on eBay for a good price, (I've always wanted to own this model, and I am fairly confident that I can fix it, since I think it just needs a HDD swap). I have done it before with an iPod photo, which turned out just to have the data cable...
  2. K

    iPod touch iPhone + iPod Touch combo?

    Anyone here uses an iPod Touch alongside their iPhone? If so, how are your use cases with them? I know iPods are not really a thing anymore in 2020 and the tech itself is very outdated. But for me personally it has a nostalgic value to it. It was my first ever Apple device as a kid and I’ll...
  3. smekyyy

    iPod Is possible to charge iPod Classic 3. generation with classic car charger?

    Hi everyone! I would like to know if I can charge my old iPod Classic 3. generation (Model number: A1040) in my car through classic „cigarette lighter“. I lost original FireWire cable and the new one is so much more expensive than the car charger in „cigarette lighter“ to 30 pin. Will it work...
  4. R

    iPod Advice on choosing an iPod dock?

    I just got my first ever iPod, found a 4th generation Nano in a perfect condition. When it's not with me in the great outdoors, I'd like to connect it to my speaker system. Now I notice that if I just let it lie on the hard shelves and desks, that back is going to wear out for sure. I'm aware of...
  5. S

    iPod Updating the iPod 5G UI with iPod Wizard

    Hey everyone. I got my hands on an iPod 5G (iPod Video), replaced the battery, put in a new SD Card, and it’s been great. The interface is just dated compared to other Apple products so I’m trying to update it to look more like Apple Music. I’ve gone through some wacky lengths to achieve this...
  6. B

    iPod Classic Sync Frozen

    I had the misfortune of upgrading to Catalina and have been frozen for the past two hours or so trying to sync my iPod Classic. iTunes is no more so it syncs in a Finder window, even though the sync option is in "Music". Anyway it's been rotating ceaselessly for a long time now with no change...
  7. techno_telemann

    iPod How do I reformat a 6th gen iPod Classic to FAT32 on Mac?

    Trying to install Rockbox on my iPod using this guide for Mac. How can I accomplish this on Mac?
  8. 1

    Old “iPod Software Updater” apps

    Hello everyone! I own a 2001 Quicksilver G4 tower and a 1st gen iPod, having recently installed OS X Puma on the Mac since I wanted to make an “era-appropriate” 1st gen iPod syncing setup. My iPod is on the latest software for the 1st gen, version 1.5. Unfortunately, even the last version of...
  9. PhillyGuy72

    iPod iPod color 5th Gen at flea market for $5

    There's a large flea market in my area every Sunday, figured I'd stop there yesterday...nothing else to do and I haven't stopped here in years. After 1 hour in the sun, 90º heat, humidity I was ready to leave, plus the vendors were packing up. As I'm heading to my car I spotted one table with a...
  10. VirtuallyInsane

    iPod 1st Generation iPod Nano

    Recently I picked up a 1st generation iPod Nano in decent condition with some accessories and the box. I charged it up and it's fine. It sounds pretty good too and is a nifty, portable device. I like it a lot, but I have a question of concern. I know there's a recall program for that certain...
  11. Mountaineer304

    iPod Should I buy a Ipod 6th Gen or a older Iphone model specifically for music,GPS and videos for my car

    Hey there so the question is should I buy a ipod touch 6th generation or should I buy a nice used iphone 6 plus or 7 plus?? My wife and I currently both have Iphone Xs Max's, Apple iwatch series 4's, Two Macbooks and a new generation ipad, top that off with Apple TV and bam the house is wired...
  12. qubex

    iPod iPod shuffle 4th Gen and new music

    Hello. I’ve treasured an iPod Shuffle (4th Gen, Gold, 2GB) for a special occasion… and the time has come. I’m facing the following problem: I want to put three (3) songs onto this iPod, and I’ve created a special playlist containing them. One of them was ancient (actually, all three of them...
  13. G

    iPod iPod Classic SSD Upgrade Struggles

    Hi all, Hoping to get some expert advice here on a topic I have no doubt some of you will be sick of reading. I've searched and searched but can't find any sort of solution. I've got an mSATA 128GB SSD, which is formatted to FAT32 and definitely works. This is mounted on an mSATA to ZIF...
  14. sotrosh

    Apps Calculator Pi: Free app for iWatch

    Hi, Since Apple calculator is not available on Apple Watch and slightly poor with features on iPhone, I've developed app you can download for free which doesn't have any advertisement. Just try it: Download on the App Store
  15. T

    iPod Help! With ipod and itunes

    Please help. I have an ipod classic 2nd gen running firmware 1.5 and I want to transfer music from my ipod to my imac g4 using itunes 4.5. How do I do that. I've tried literally everything from exporting library to trying to copy ipod data. Please help. Is it possible? Thank you
  16. Jets737

    iPod touch Recover/transfer music from old iPod

    my wife had a Nano with a music collection. She now has a iTouch. Her old Windows machine crashed and she didn’t have a back-up of the music. It’s not a huge deal as all of her music was from CDs we own, but it will be an issue her new laptop doesn’t have a CD drive. It is possible to get...
  17. Sovon Halder

    iPod iPod Classic Hard Drive Repair Help

    Haven't used this thing in 4 years. Back then I started noticing some HDD related issues & now it seems way more severe. It barely recognises in computer and boots 5 times before gettingg to home screen. It's very bad. It's a 160G last Gen iPod Classic. I have been using iPhone 7, Airpods &...
  18. amethystjw

    Best way to sell an iPod collection?

    Fellow nerds! I developed a serious iPod fetish around 2008 and ended up collecting a bunch of them in varying condition from immaculate to heavily used. I have at least one of each non-iOS iPod ever made, so iPod, iPod mini, iPod nano, iPod shuffle in each of their generations. I've been...
  19. RJQJ

    iPod Buying a classic iPod Nano (1st, 2nd, 3rd gen) in the Current Year

    So I'm in the market for a nostalgia trip and I wouldn't mind a little device to listen to when I'm traveling. So the Ipod Nano seems like a good idea, but is it worth buying any of the mentioned ones in the title in this day and age? My main concerns are battery life (which getting a referb...
  20. V

    iPod touch iPod touch 6 - can't put / sync videos from itunes

    I recently purchased iPod touch 6, I have been struggling in putting videos into the device for hours and it still doesn't work :( 1. checked on the manually manage option - drag and drop for music works but not videos 2. when I drag and drop video file directly into the device, it creates a...