itunes 12

  1. katbel

    "iTunes Device support update" does it break iTunes 12.6.3?

    Has anyone used the iTunes Device support update yet? It was out this week but I fear possible grim consequences :confused: I DO NOT want to use iTunes past 12.6.3 and I'm afraid this update could ruin or update my iTunes 12.6.3 to a newer version where I will not be able to control apps...
  2. S

    iTunes 12 Sort by Kind?

    In older versions of iTunes, you could easily sort tracks according to file type by using the column view and then sorting by Kind. So if you had mp3 and aiff versions of the same album, you could display them separately, instead of seeing each track twice. How can I do that in iTunes 12?
  3. donawalt

    iTunes - no icon for iPhone

    It's a little thing, but I am wondering - iTunes has always shown an icon of mobile devices it is attached to. I got a iPhone XS Max, and for the first time no icon has shown up - I have had the phone for a couple of weeks. See picture; is this something I can correct on my end by doing...
  4. F

    iPhone SE doesn't sync to iTunes after updated to iOS12

    Hi, I have an iPhone SE which I just updated to iOS 12 yesterday, but now it doesn't sync with my iTunes. I checked that the current iOS only works with OSX 10.11.4 or after, and mine is 10.11.6 so I suppose that shouldn't be a problem. I have no problem syncing my phone with iPhoto, it's just...
  5. mikezang

    Where to download iTunes 12.9 for Mac OS

    It is said that iTunes 12.9 has released by Apple, but I couldn't find where to download it, does anyone give a link? Some days ago, I downloaded iOS12 to my iPhone6Plus so that iTunes can't sync music to iphone, then upgraded my Mac mini from Mavericks to El Capitan and jope to installed...
  6. S

    iTunes Dark Mode Bug?

    I just downloaded MacOS Mojave to my MacBook Pro 2016 and I'm having issues with my iTunes 12 library sections, the Album view, Movie View, and Podcast view have this "white border" around all the album covers. I've checked the press images from Apple showing iTunes 12 in dark mode and it should...
  7. N

    iTunes Shared Files are old

    I keep some Numbers spreadsheets on my iPad (Air 1, iOS10) and update them there. In the File Sharing section of iTunes the documents that it is showing are like a year old. I just emailed myself one of them from Numbers on the iPad and it's way newer than the ones in iTunes. What's going on? I...
  8. M

    How to sync books in iTunes 12 on windows?

    Does anyone know how to sync books (pdfs epubs, etc) with the new itunes 12 on windows? ebooks have vanished from itunes. There's an iBooks application for Macs, but NOT (!) for Windows.
  9. vinkobak

    Mail, Safari and iTunes strange issue

    Hello everyone! I have a problem for several months now and I have tried everything but still can't find a fix or at least explanation of what is happening. So please, let me explain the problem first... I'm running OS 10.12.6 on Mac Mini 2,6 GHz Intel Core i5 and this issue started a few...
  10. blackxacto

    Inability to stream Home Videos

    17,1 iMac, iTunes12.6.2, Home Sharing ON, iOS11 10.5" iPad Pro. I am unable to see any ripped or video file Home Movies on my iMac in iTunes from my iPad Pro using the TV App. I can only see purchased Apple Movies in iTunes on my iPad Pro. Has anyone else seen this inability to see Home Movies...
  11. K

    Apple Music downloading issues on iMac / iTunes

    Hello, on and off I've had problems streaming and downloading tracks from Apple Music on my iMac using iTunes. I have no problem playing or downloading the tracks on other devices, just the imac. The downloads just sit there spinning, making no progress. Have tried restarting iTunes...
  12. P

    Why is there no sound in the app Remote.

    I used Home Sharing in my Macbook Pro OS 10.9.5 and also in my iPad Pro iOS 10.3.1 and connected them. I now have all my iTunes version 12.6 music library from my Macbook in the iPad app called Remote. The problem is that whether or not the 2 devices are connected I only hear the sound coming...
  13. TN4U

    Can't Remove Some Songs from My iCloud Library

    I added a playlist that contained a song I already had in my library from a different album. For some reason, iTunes decided to "add" it to my library, despite having the option where adding songs to your playlists also adds it to your library turned off (If that matters)... As you can see, I...
  14. Bart_Gunn

    iTunes crashing since Sierra upgrade

    Hi Since upgrading to OS Sierra, iTunes constantly crashes. I cannot restart my Mac-mini (2012) without physically holding the power key to get it to shut down as iTunes prevents it from shutting down even after using 'force quit'. I have reinstalled iTunes & reinstalled Sierra, but the issue...
  15. S

    Apple Music uploading rather than matching

    Hey everyone, I am hoping that someone would be able to give so pointers on what to do. My Apple Music is uploading certain songs that I know are in the iTunes library rather than matching them. An couple of examples are: AC/DC Back in Black and Aerosmith Nine Lives. I've already removed the...
  16. O

    iTunes is so sluggish on macOS Sierra!

    After updating from El Capitan to Sierra, my iTunes becomes so sluggish to the point of annoying. Opening albums from Albums View is slow and choppy, rating one song makes the album cover 'flashed'. Also, album covers in Artists View are HUGE, artists pictures aren't available anymore...
  17. X

    Wifi sync stopped suddenly Mac doesn't see iPhone/iPad

    After I rebooted earlier this week my iPhone and iPad vanished from the devices list in iTunes. If I plug them in via lightning cable it shows up and works. It disappears the moment I unplug it. It has been working fine for years across multiple iPhones up to a few days ago. The Facts...
  18. B

    Apple ID Login Issues with iTunes on MBP

    2006 MBP; MacOS 10.7.5; iTunes 12. Hi folks. I have a problem google and I can't find the answer to. I have a beloved MBP that I have had since brand new (2006) and have used repeatedly and exclusively with my one and only Apple ID: The problem is when I launch iTunes and login I get a popup...
  19. GIZBUG

    Itunes files in the wrong place?

    When I download tunes on my iMac, from apple music, they seem to appear in the root directory of Itunes Media, and not in my music or Apple Music folder. I am not sure why or how to fix this. Any ideas? I've attached a photo of what I am talking about
  20. mrgreeneyes

    iTunes glitch

    Hey i have some sort of glitch, under the artist view in iTunes, various of the artists that have, so close to 100 entries, basically 1 entry for each song on each album i have tried to rename all the artists to be the same, and same with the album names. and nothing happens. i have no idea...