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  1. LinusR

    Who Sets Ridiculous TV Show Pricing

    I travel frequently (well, not right now -- stay safe everyone!), and hence I regularly purchase TV shows and movies on iTunes. I'm not buying from the US store, and some TV shows' seasons on my store are EXTREMELY overpriced (six year old and they want $30 per season? No thanks). I was...
  2. eboakes

    Locked Out of iCloud Restore by Former iTunes Login

    I'm trying to set up a new iPhone from an iCloud backup of my old iPhone. The new iPhone asks for the password for my original iTunes Store login, but won't accept my password. That original ID is my name, and not an email address. I changed my iTunes Store login to an email address a few...
  3. LinusR

    iTunes Purchased Items Unreliable?

    One of the reasons why I started loving the iTunes store was the fact that once bought one can download songs and albums as often as one likes. Now, exactly this feature has been quite unreliable to me in the past and present: there's a couple of albums I've bought on iTunes and downloaded to my...
  4. slomojoe

    iTunes TV show of the week ..

    anybody know when the new apple movie and tv show of the week drops ? ... also is there a newsletter that covers apple media and new releases on itunes ? thanks!
  5. iappfan

    Universal Amazing music app to enjoy unlimited free songs

    This app picks most popular songs and albums with greatest hits artists in iTunes store and spotify from youtube. It's like a "free" iTunes store / spotify based on the music database of youtube. It supports background play and fully compatible with AirPods without annoying popup / blocking...
  6. G

    Buying from US store internationally

    I'm in the UK and have one of my Apple IDs set to the US region. I've so far only linked my Movies Anywhere account to the iTunes account and haven't actually bought anything (which would require redeeming a gift card beforehand anyway). I was wondering whether others non-US members here use...
  7. X

    Can't sign out of iTunes Store Account to Update Apps

    Here is the background information: I have both personal and work iPhones which are on two separate accounts. Personal iPhone is on my personal Apple account and the work iPhone is on a separate Apple iTunes account (I know it's dumb, but employer's rules). Earlier this week, I accidentally...
  8. charlituna

    tv shows on iTunes with bonus content

    i was wondering if anyone else noticed this. I was on iTunes on my tv last week and I saw a collection of shows that had bonus features in the seasons, sort of like iTunes Extras. they had a badge on the icon photo even. i can't find them looking today so I'm starting to think I imagined it...

    10.3.3 - Daily notifications to log into iTunes Store

    Any fix to this issue? Every day I am presented with notifications asking me to log into iTunes store, when I am already logged in. Started happening in 10.3.3, was not an issue in prior OS.
  10. Avenged110

    iTunes 10.6.3 can't play 1080p anymore?

    So I use iTunes 10.6.3 (why is irrelevant) to download movies and TV shows from the store. Sometime within the last few months, it stopped being able to download or even playback 1080p videos. 720p and all other parts of the app continue to work just fine. I've installed this version on 10.6.8...
  11. JimmieQuik

    No iTunes, no App Store on phone & MacBook

    Help! So, On the phone, I cannot access iTunes. When I try to download an app and I get the "Sign-in to Download from the iTunes Store" and then I input my confirmed password, the system takes a second or two, and then simply presents the "Sign-in to Download from the iTunes Store" window...
  12. rk-apple

    iTunes store turned off in restrictions but TV app allows "Store"

    On my child's iPad I have the iTunes store turned off using Settings > General > Restrictions. With iOS 10.2 the TV app replaced the "videos" app. I'd like my child to use the TV app to access my purchased kids movies. However, the TV app allows my child to browse the "Store", including...
  13. ap60019

    Disney at it again. Content removed from iTunes

    It seems that Disney are at it again and have completely removed Mary Poppins from the iTunes Store. I don't know if this is an isolated case, one movie in the U.K. or not, but I am now unable to redownload Mary Poppins from the iTunes Store on iPad or Mac, nor can I access it on Apple TV 4...
  14. Phil in ocala

    5c w/ 10.1 demands itunes password eachtime

    I am sick of this...I don't buy any music or movies...yet each time I open the demands my password for iTunes store...can I just delete the itunes store? Yes, I have reset the phone multiple times and it does nothing. Anyone have a real solution?