1. J

    Should I replace my lens? Hear me out pls

    Weird story but I am very curious, yet a tad worried. I have a 56mm f1.6 Sigma lens, amazing lens btw. I left it attached to my Panasonic G85/G80 overnight and for whatever reason this morning I woke up to find a lot of dust on the glass part of the lens. I tried to wipe it off, but couldn't...
  2. AjTee

    iPhone 12 Pro Not fully coated lens on iPhone 12 Pro

    Hello all, I am out of 14 days return period It looks like glass of one of my lenses is not fully coated. There is a little constant smudge on a black frame, not on a lens. I notice, every time I touch it and clean it and touch it again, the shape of the mark will be exactly the same. Has...
  3. AjTee

    iPhone 12 Pro iPhone 12 Pro - lens strange thing

    Hello, I found that in my iPhone 12 Pro in wide angle lens there is a mark on a frame on glass, when I clean lens with dry wipe then it came off, but once I touch my lens with a finger then there is the same Mark with the same same shape like previously. What is it? Do I have to worry about it?
  4. AjTee

    iPhone 12 Pro iPhone 12 Pro - lens cover ?

    Hello, I safe my iPhone 12 Pro with Spigen cover and Spigen Glass.Tr on full screen. When I look at this lenses then I assume that this things can scratch a lot. Do you guys apply any glass or cover for them? Are these lenses scratch resistant? Regards, J.
  5. Fusionskies

    Looking for a certain type of iPhone case 👀

    Hey, 👋 I goofed and dropped my iPhone XS today, and managed to crack the camera lens. :oops::eek: (If anyone wants a bit of a spook, I can attach a photo of the poor guy) Fortunately I invested in AppleCare when I purchased my iPhone, and its the first time I have ever had to claim on it. Of...
  6. T

    iPhone 11 X vs 11 Camera? Lens explanation?

    I am still using a 6S, but want to upgrade. I've used the camera on the X, and it's more than adequate. I read that the X has wide angle + telephoto, and the 11 has ultra wide + wide. I am primarily using this for every day stuff, but an emphasis on product photography (most of my subjects are...
  7. T

    Other Mini review + 2 returns to get flawless XS Max (Camera-lenses issues)

    Hi all, Thought I'd share this. Walked into the Apple Store in Los Angeles to get a XS Max yesterday. Didn't realize until this morning but my unit had a speck of dust or some sort of glass impurity in the camera lens right in the middle which was totally visible in photos during the day...
  8. O

    Other Cameras in 2018 iPhones - Rumors, Predictions, Requests

    My roundup of leaked information, predictions and dreams: SENSOR SIZE Rumors have been floating around that iPhones may finally receive a larger image sensor. A dummy model for the single lens 6.1" iPhone has a bigger lens cover than the iPhone 7. https://bit.ly/2lgXkis The last significant...
  9. G

    iPhone X Camera focus problem

    Hi, do you have similar problem with focusing on tele lens. I have and it so unpleasant. Is it software bug or reason for return the phone? Wide lens works fine, but after 2x zoom camera shifting while focusing. Just like in a youtube video below.
  10. RadicalxEdward

    Other Why dust inside your camera housing doesn’t matter

    A few days after picking up my sg256 iPhone X I too noticed a few really tiny specks of dust under the outer camera glass. At first I was starting to worry thinking I’d have to go through a bunch of exchanges to get it replaced and find one without that issue, (did this with dead pixels on an...
  11. marka351

    Resolved Prime Lens for Nikon D7200

    I am looking at getting a prime lens for the Nikon D7200 and I have been getting recommendations for either a 35mm or 50mm. Any advice? It would just be for general walking around taking pictures, no specific task. Thanks
  12. Nevaborn

    Lens in Pages

    Hi all, I have been creating class handouts in Pages and need to have sections that are zoomed in on a picture. I can find no way of adding a lens in Pages to an image. I have found a work around by adding the image to an email and using the lens feature in Markup, then copying and pasting...
  13. tedhan

    Help on iPhone 7+ with dirt inside lens

    Hey Guys, I don't know if it is appropriate to post in here, if it is not please remove it, thank you. I bought an iPhone 7+ few months ago, and few days later I noticed there is a dirt inside the lens, but I was so busy because it was my last semester and due to my past experiences with Apple...
  14. Benz63amg

    Benefit of dual lens camera?

    what do you guys think the benefit of having a dual lens camera with 2 lenses possibly be on the upcoming iPhone Plus 7 or on the IPhone 7 "Pro"? It surely is a rumor but if it is true, what benefit could it add to taking photos with a dual lens camera?
  15. MrMoris

    Lens help

    Hello, I am a new photographer and I need some help with learning the lenses. I have the Nikon D5500 and I have 3 lenses and I was wondering what every lens is good for. 1. Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR II. 2. Nikon AF-S DX Nikkor 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6G. 3. Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 50mm...