Other Cameras in 2018 iPhones - Rumors, Predictions, Requests

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    My roundup of leaked information, predictions and dreams:


    Rumors have been floating around that iPhones may finally receive a larger image sensor. A dummy model for the single lens 6.1" iPhone has a bigger lens cover than the iPhone 7. https://bit.ly/2lgXkis

    The last significant bump occurred with the iPhone 5s. It would be great if the main sensor was enlarged to at least 1/2.6", so that the pixel size could hit the sweet spot of 1.4 microns for performance.


    From the iOS 12 notes:

    "Improved Portrait Lighting Portrait mode photos are better than ever. Camera now generates a mask when it detects a person and intelligently and elegantly separates the person from the scene.

    Portrait Segmentation API A new API for third-party developers allows for the separation of layers in a photo, such as separating the background from the foreground."

    Probably similar to to what the Pixel does.


    Can't find the source, but an article about the decision to focus on reliability in iOS 12 reported that a planned overhaul of the camera interface had been pushed back to 2019.


    First rumors told us we may see a three lens iPhone next year, then some stated it may even be this year, though they may have just been confused about information from case makers that the larger iPhone X would have three holes in its camera module. The smaller iPhone X already has three holes - one is for the flash.

    I would love to see an iPhone SE type phone with two lenses. We can wish.


    Ming-Chi Kuo said that the design of the cameras would stay the same (https://bit.ly/2t8TTPs), but I think this is mainly in reference to lens brightness. Significant changes to the sensor and camera quality can occur even if the f-stop of the lens stays the same. Nonetheless, the rumor speaks of new lens designs (possibly with more elements or even the inclusion of glass elements) coming later.


    More megapixels this year or next? (https://bit.ly/2lkUfy4) I hope not.


    For years, the iPhone focusing has been solid, but slower than Samsung. I would love to see lightning fast focusing, but we will see if it comes. This year's Xiaomi flagships have fast on sensor focusing on sensors produced by Sony. iPhones have historically also uded Sony sensors, so there is a possibility we will see a nice bump in speed.


    As every year, we can expect a new, slightly improved image sensor.

    Looking further ahead, Apple has bought image sensor company InVisage (https://bit.ly/2t8UEIi), which focuses on sensitivity. We'll see if this brings any sensor performance improvements in the future.

    In general, a global shutter (the ability for the camera to take a picture truly in one moment in time, and not by scanning pixels after each other, which causes strange effects when taking pictures of moving objects) or pixels that capture all colors (would improve low light perfomance, resolution and could elimiante th eneed for a color filter which would mean even more light would get in the camera) are things the industry is trying to achieve and I hope we see soon.


    With the camera interface overhaul postponed, we probably can't hope for something like this year, although native camera RAW capture would be possible and nice, as unprobable a step from Apple it would be.


    In recent iPhones, the contrast and colors of images seem less natural to me than in some earlier models. Some people like this, but I would love it if there was at least an option for the iPhone to capture the world more naturally, either as standard or via an option buried in the settings. The hardware of iPhone cameras has been improving, but I still prefer the photos of the 5s over the 7 and 8 due to unnatural colors, high contrast, and smudging of noise in the newer models... This would be the one single largest improvement for me in a new camera.

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    An X-ray camera would be quite good i think. It would come in handy on numerous occasions that are way too complex to describe here.
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    ten-zero-eleven-zero-zero by zero-two

    How does this all add up for making the pictures of products on Walmart shelves look? 99% of my pictures are that so my wife can see what it is she wants me to bring home.

    Being able to see the fine print on labels from space will greatly aid my wife in making her selections.
  4. Jimmy James macrumors 601

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    I wonder how they’ll deal with the optics of a thin(ner) phone and a bigger sensor.
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    I too. In the future, it appears more sensors are an option. In the short therm - the iPhone X is thicker than the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, and the rumored "middle" notched iPhone should be thicker than all three, so there should be some room for that model's sensor to be larger.

    As far as the new iPhone X and X Plus, the iPhone X had the same main sensor as the thinner iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, and a teardown showed that there was quite a bulky construction around it holding it in place. In theory, at least, a slightly bigger sensor should fit. I don't know if the screen assembly can get any thinner. Maybe if they drop Force Touch across the board.

    The sensor can also get bigger in a phone the same size if the camera gets wider, but I would hope that doesn't happen, I like it the way it is.
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    Well a larger sensor would mean she would see more detail of items on those not ideally lit Walmart shelves. Better color accuracy could also be very helpful with fresh produce or clothes. Your current phone is probably Walmart ready, but a new one could lead to buying better vegetables and MORE clothes.
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    Oh, that's EXACTLY what I need! Spending MORE money!

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    Besides any gimmicks, I would expect a slight bump in specs on the 2018 X+
  8. Relentless Power, Jun 20, 2018
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    Camera upgrades traditionally are not overhauled on an annual basis. I wouldn’t expect anything major with a 2018 iPhone camera until we see a triple lens camera that’s been rumored for future iPhone models, possibly in 2019. Every year iPhone cameras are improved, but they’re usually not something that the consumer may understand, unless it’s a specific niche feature like Portrait mode or Portrait Lighting.
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    Traditionally, the camera sees pretty significant upgrades in "S" years. I'm trying to figure how much of a standard "S" year this is though, considering the iPhone 8 can in some ways be considered an "S" model.

    I'd agree that it's more than possible that the third lens is the next truly flashy upgrade, but I hope another significant, although possibly more discreet advancement comes before it.

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