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Jan 28, 2014
Beverly Hills, CA
Hi all,

Thought I'd share this.

Walked into the Apple Store in Los Angeles to get a XS Max yesterday. Didn't realize until this morning but my unit had a speck of dust or some sort of glass impurity in the camera lens right in the middle which was totally visible in photos during the day. I know there's been countless threads about the topic for the X last year and it seems some people have been dealing with it this time around again.

Went back today to get a full-exchange, not a genius replacement. Upon opening the new one, this time the front camera was not centered behind the front-glass--it showed some white moon crescent at the top. The sales rep didn't know what to say (for a slight second I was kinda made to feel awkward requesting another unit--but at that price I wasn't gonna let it go) until he pointed it out to a manager nearby who came by and said this was not normal at all. It's been captured with some fancy sticker to be sent out to their engineers for analysis.

I've been terribly unlucky for this launch I must say--though the third is so perfect it's actually blowing my mind. (Or it's the OLED screen that's giving me a migraine.)

Screen is better in every respect compared to my X--perfectly even crisp whites, super saturated colors and blinding brightness. My X is kinda dim in comparison. Can't use it inside past 20% intensity, feels like a bloody flashlight otherwise. Contrast is much better too and blacks are obviously ink thanks to OLED.

I am not a gold person, always despised the gold offering since iPhone 5S (either too yellow, too gold or too pink) and have since 2007 gotten the most subdued color offered--black as soon as it was available and loved my space grey X last year. That said the shimmer on this one and warmth is beyond gorgeous. More copper than gold around the edge with a slight hint of pink-ish cream on the back. Paired with the horizon blue case it's absolutely stunning near the bottom.

Build construction is perfect--rock solid, no squeak, no hard edges, no gap anywhere.

The sound is far superior to my X--last year I complained about some crackling making it difficult on speakerphone to make calls and distorting music at high volumes. This time around it's so good I have a hard time believing it's coming from a phone--you actually somewhat feel the bass when you hold it. Incredible.

Size-wise, I've always been a Plus user since iPhone 6 and kinda felt frustrated with the X over the weird aspect ratio and marketing jargon behind the 5.8-inch screen being larger than the Plus. Whilst it read larger on paper over the Plus, it was more the actual usable real-estate of a 4.7-inch screen than the larger one I had been accustomed to for years. I did enjoy how pocketable the X was, but I was seriously craving more space for content--therefore XS Max answered my wildest dream and it's bang on the overall foot-print I cherished with the Plus.

All in all, it's by far the best release from Apple since the introduction of iPhone 6--hands down. Couldn't be happier.


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Sep 27, 2018
Have you check grey uniformity? I have exchanged 10 phones I always have issues whether dust under lens or yellow screen
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