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  1. Nick.Xiao

    How practical is it to use the base 13 model with 5K display? (looking for purchasing advice)

    The new base model of MacBook Pro, the one without Touch Bar, is theoretically capable of driving two 4k displays or one 5k display in addition to the internal one. My question is, with the Iris 540 GPU and a downgrade of CPU class (from a regular 13-inch Pro's 28/29W to Air's 15W), is it...
  2. M

    iPad Pro Using the Pro with Lightroom CC

    Photographers who are using Lightroom Creative Cloud on iPad Pros, I'm looking to hear about your experiences. I'm planning on uploading my RAW files through my desktop, convert to DNG, upload to Creative Cloud, and do sorting and editing on the iPad Pro via the Lightroom app. Tell me about...
  3. 0

    Lightroom activation requirements?

    I'm considering purchasing a license for Lightroom 6, but I've become a little concerned at reports from Windows users that without a constant internet connection the software becomes hobbled. I'm also not entirely happy that I have to create an Adobe ID to activate the software initially. Can...
  4. O

    Export DNG from Lightroom?

    Just tried shooting DNG images with Lightroom on my iPhone SE. Worked nicely. The question is, how to export the DNG image to the cameraroll? It only exports to JPEG as far as I can see. Anyonw knows? Comparing the stock camera-app with Lightroom DNG shooting, is like night and day. The stock...
  5. G

    27" iMac - 1Tb or 2Tb Fusion Drive?

    I having been considering entering into the Mac world for a few months. I was going to wait to see whether a new model came out later this year, but the Pound falling against the Dollar has made me nervous about a price increase so I hope to pull the trigger in the next week or so, as soon as my...
  6. Dydegu

    How easy is it to use just a trackpad/keyboard (no mouse) for Lightroom?

    Right now I use a mouse for Lightroom, but that's because the trackpad on my Dell XPS is terrible. Does anyone edit just with trackpad/keyboard on a MacBook, iMac, or any other non-Apple machine? Or is it better to always use a mouse?
  7. E

    Which macbook pro graphics card? iris or iris with radeon for lightroom and photoshop

    Which macbook pro graphics card? iris or iris with radeon for lightroom and photoshop and maybe at some point video but who knows? Do i need to drop 800 more on the one with the radeon? I do not play games. Does anyone have specs on benchmarks on the two or have any more info about them? I just...
  8. M

    Lightroom photo storage: internal vs. external

    In the past I have stored my Lightroom photos on an external FW800 drive. This was necessary due to limited internal drive space on my older iMac. Well, that iMac died and I got a new one with a 2TB Fusion drive (split into 2 1TB partitions). So I now have the space on my internal drive. My...
  9. R

    Lightroom Mobile syncs raw to desktop from iOS

    Although we can't find any documentation for it, it appears you can now sync a raw file from an iPad to Lr desktop. We're talking about a raw that you import from the camera card into the iPad via the CCK and Photos. So now the raw (and a JPEG preview) are in the camera roll. Once you've...
  10. E

    Macbook 2016 with Lightroom , Photoshop, possibly Ableton??

    How is the newest macbook with lightroom and photoshop... I mainly use lightroom and would like a more portable alternative to my mbp. Esp since they did not announce the new ones today. Is it possible to use ableton live or edit videos at all as well? I think my main things for this computer...