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  1. Apple$

    iPhone 12 mini iPhone 12 mini battery life on LTE?

    Hi there, First post on this forum. I'm super interested in buying the 12 mini as the price drops when the iPhone 13 comes out. What is the likelihood of Apple selling the 12 mini alongside the 13 series? I'm wondering what the battery life is when 5G is disabled on the 12 Mini? Has anyone...
  2. teriyaki

    Android to IOS and first impressions/problems iPhone 12

    Hello macrumors community, This is my first post and I thought I'll share my thoughts about IOS and the new iPhone 12 as a former Android user. My last IOS device was the iPod Touch 4th gen so I didn't expierience IOS since IOS 5. I come from a Huawei P20 so the upgrade is about 2-3 years...
  3. T

    iPhone 12 Pro iPhone 12Pro Cell Service issues?

    Hello everyone! Tried to search for this on the forum but no responses yet: No issue with 5G since we don’t have it in my area. I have Another issue. My service keeps dropping on Verizon LTE. I turned off 5G and put LTE only. Restarted the phone. Removed the Sim. Still dropping the signal...
  4. FreeWoRLD83

    iPhone 12 Pro LTE Speed Test | iPhone 12 Pro vs iPhone X | Both Qualcomm

    Both are on the same carriers (Visible - Verizon LTE) and both are with no cases on them. I tried a few servers around me and iPhone 12 Pro performed better each time compared to my iPhone X with an older version of Qualcomm modem. Very satisfied with the upgrade.
  5. seyoon_c09

    Spontaneous Wi-Fi to Cell Data Switching

    Hey everyone, I've been an iPhone 11 Pro Max owner since April and am wondering if this is a widespread issue or perhaps it's a defect in hardware. I've noticed as of late that my phone will bounce to cell data while in a perfectly functional Wi-Fi network at home. I'm running iOS 13.5.1, and...
  6. S

    iPhone 11 iPhone 11 doesn’t have LTE when taking a phone call?

    I noticed that every time I take a phone call, my iPhone 11 switches to 4G until the call is over then switches back to LTE. This happens in every call in multiple locations. Isn’t it supposed to stay in LTE? I don’t know if I never paid attention to this and it was always like that with my...
  7. R

    iPhone 11 Pro iPhone 11 Pro LTE - noticeably worse than XS (t-mobile?)

    I've had an iPhone 11 Pro for 3 days and noticed phone calls had annoying clicking sounds, and trouble web browsing in areas that have been fine with iPhone XS. Today I started doing SpeedTest from home, to investigate what is wrong, and finding that 80% of time I get very poor response...
  8. abrahamw88

    iPhone Siri connection issues on LTE/cellular

    I have been having issues on my iPhone 7 with Siri not being able to connect while on cellular/LTE. This has been happening ever since iOS 13 betas and has continued with the GM. Siri will tell me to wait and then eventually time out by saying " I am having trouble with the connection". I have...
  9. C

    iPhone 11 Pro LTE Speeds | AT&T | iPhone Pro Max

    My wife and I have the Pro Max and my iPhone is getting some inconsistent lte speed test results with AT&T. I’m testing it using the same server and trying at the same times and different times to be sure. Her phone is getting 2-3 times the speeds than mine most of the time. Rarely do I get...
  10. Stuey3D

    iPhone Anyone else noticing slight weaker/erratic cellular service since iOS13?

    I’m not sure if this is just me looking for a problem or if it’s unrelated to the beta but since update to iOS 13 me cellular service seems weaker. Driving round my village with CarPlay the signal meter is all over the place going from 1 bar Edge all the way up to 4 Bar 4G (LTE) however when...
  11. dead_smed

    O2-UK now support Apple Watch Looks like O2 in the UK now finally support the Apple Watch. I can't find prices or configure via the app because I'm a business customer.
  12. H

    iPhone XR IPhone XR LTE connectivity issues.

    I have owned only IPhones since the very first one came out. I own a tech camera store, we use iPhones and macs. I recently upgraded my wife’s and I IPhone 6S plus’s for the new IPhone XR. They had a buy one at 750 and get second one free. The LTE download speeds are 0.45 everywhere. Yes we did...
  13. macduke

    Other H Chips and the Implication for W

    Apple changed the chip series name in the new AirPods from W to H, which presumably stands for headphones. Why? I think because Apple will be using the W (wireless) naming for their in-house cellular modem chips for iPhone. So this pretty much confirms it, right?
  14. Napalm Doctor

    Battery life

    What is your battery life on average on the S4 LTE? Do you workout? Do you call or use LTE? Tell us more...
  15. dervereinfacher

    Apple Watch LTE - EU Countries

    Hello! ist there any new information, when the 4th Gen Apple Watch LTE will come to other european countries - especially AT-Austria? Other device manufacturers using eSIMs in their devices are already supported by at least two austrian cellular providers. Update March 28th: after the release...
  16. WillRRRR

    My iPhone XS Max Gigabit-class LTE issues

    I decided to get iPhone XS Max (512GB/Space Gray/Unlocked) from Apple Store in Richmond, VA during Christmas trip. My dad's iPhone X is faster LTE than my iPhone XS Max which is failed! On my dad's iPhone X: Download: 29 MB/s Upload: 16.5 MB/s On my iPhone XS Max: Download: 24.8 MB/s Upload...
  17. HrnyTrckr

    iPad Pro iPad Pro 2018 bending worse than previously thought!

    So let me preface this by saying I am a first time Apple Product buyer. I have worked on and owned older Apple products (tech guru) but never actually bought a NEW APPLE PRODUCT until now. On December 27th I bought the new iPad Pro 11" 256GB LTE model from AT&T (my first mistake)! AT&T took it...
  18. O

    iPhone SE Iphone SE ATT unlimited data tablet prepaid LTE problem

    I am not sure if this plan is not supposed to work with LTE but people claim it does. I looked up the ATT LTE bands and they match with the Iphone 6 SE LTE bands for all models so theoretically this should work. I downloaded the APN profile from and the 4G works but not LTE. Does...
  19. C

    Calls to LTE Apple Watch Number?

    Hello! I recently got a Cellular/LTE Apple Watch (Series 4) that I activated on Verizon. My number sharing works fine (calls to my phone number properly ring on my Watch when my Watch is on LTE). However, the number that was assigned to the Watch also will ring through to the Watch when I'm on...
  20. benoitc

    Cellular or Wifi?

    I am wondering what is the reason to use a cellular over the wifi? In many countries you can rent a mifi cheaper than a cell + data plan so I'm wondering why do people choose a cellular model?