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Sep 18, 2012
Hello everyone! Tried to search for this on the forum but no responses yet:
No issue with 5G since we don’t have it in my area. I have Another issue.
My service keeps dropping on Verizon LTE. I turned off 5G and put LTE only. Restarted the phone. Removed the Sim.
Still dropping the signal. Finally tried resetting network settings. Nothing. The only thing I can do is put it on airplane mode and then off. This resolved the issue until I drove down a road / highway.
Anyone else having this issue??


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Dec 20, 2011
THANK YOU! glad I’m not alone! Hahaha
This is the first time I’ve gotten the iPhone on launch day. Feeling a little burned.
Spoke with an Apple Advisor this morning. He uploaded cellular logs data , via Apple’s Support App, in order to send to Apple Engineering to make sure Carriers are up to date on their end with an authorized carrier update to support iPhone 12/Pro...
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