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mac book

  1. Z

    is it an Apple design mixup?

    Im thinking to buy a MBpro 2022 but one of the things that kinda puts me into thoughts of not making the purchase is the Notch thats implemented differently than the new macBookAir 2022 model. Seeing a diff design for the Notch, i get the impression of a design inconsistency and cant figure out...
  2. Ranstone

    Mac Book, and Final Cut. Advice wanted.

    So, I've been a Mac user for a long time. I mean, I use PC as well, but for video editing, Mac is my home-boi. Recently, I've wanted to upgrade my kit. Problem is, there's a really, REALLY big gap between my hardware/software, and what Apple offers modern day. So, I suppose this is a question...
  3. agoago

    microsoft modern mouse with macbook pro?

    I'm looking at microsoft modern mouse for my macbook pro. link The problem is I'm not sure if it will work with my macbook pro. I checked the compatibility disclaim, the mouse says yes, but...
  4. Anas Dilshad


    is MacBook Pro the best for graphics designing and animating? and what MacBook are you suggest me?
  5. NCEE2016

    How do I file to file that can be played on windows machine?

    Hey So I recently converted a very old vhs tape for a family member to a digital file on my mac was going to burn it to a dvd which I have done before. She asked if I could send it to her in email so she can have it on her windows device. I am at a loss on how to actually convert the file. I...
  6. THpubs

    What will be the best Mac Book PRO model for software development?

    Hi, I'm a software developer who does both web and mobile applications. Occasionally I do some video editing with Premier. I'm trying to get into iOS development so want to buy a Mac. I'm currently using a desktop PC with the following specs: Core i5 (Quoad Core), A normal SSD, 16Gigs of Ram and...
  7. S

    Lifelong Windows usr planning to buy a Mac

    Dear forum members I have been a windows computer user through out my life. I'm considering buying a Mac, Mac pro or Mac air or Mac computer, Based on the good advise that I will get here. Main reason I wish to buy a Mac computer is because I have seen that Apple's build quality (of its...
  8. 1

    Safari and app store don't work

    Hi, I have a Macbook Pro Mid 2012 running Sierra. I turned it on today, got the usual chime and startup screen, entered my password to log in and then the screen went black with just the cursor showing. I tried several restarts, reset PRAM and SMCand nothing changed. I stumbled on a thread...
  9. 0

    reverse image search on mac book

    hello, is there a tool for my mac book pro to do a reverse image search. i found an app for iPhone but none for the mac. any hints? thanks
  10. A

    Can't Use MacBook Pro - boots into the recovery partition

    So I recently used the disk utility to erase my hard drives as they were full and were slowing down my Mac by A LOT Now whenever I try to turn my Macbook Pro on, I am led to the recovery page even without pressing cmd+R. When I try to reinstall the OS, after I'm prompted to enter my apple ID it...
  11. ohenriquez

    New MacBook colour preference

    I have decided to get the new MacBook and I find interesting to read about people’s circumstances, reasons and preferences towards a new colour.
  12. Riwam

    "Winclone Pro" and "Camptune", 2 useful tools

    :)I found out 2 tools very useful for those, like me, who installed Windows in a part of their HD, (in my case in an aged MacBook 4.1 early 2008 with a new 256 GB SSD and 6 GB RAM). Since mac users count to use Windows just occasionally, if, like in my case, they have a not too large HD, they...
  13. KarlaK

    MAC virus & backup

    I have a MACbook Pro. It's been infected with a virus. I want to back it up but will the virus affect my external hard drive? What should I do? Please advise.
  14. R

    Black screen when trying to install windows 7

    Hey all, I'm trying to install a trail version of windows 7 on my 2012 Mac book Pro. I've used bootcamp to create a Usb disc and partitioned my drive giving windows 80GB worth of space. When Bootcamp restarts my computer it presents me with a black screen and doesn't take me to to the windows...
  15. T

    Can not undo a partitioned hard drive

    Recently, i just partitioned my hard drive to make room for a windows side. Now that i need to re bootcamp it, i can not un partition the hard drive. It does not even show that there is 50 GIGs missing. I can not remove it through boot camp or disk utility. Apple told me that the only way that i...
  16. lordluke80

    Buying on US Aplle store from UK, collecting onsite in US - Will I pay taxes?

    Hi everyone, I'm currently living in London, but for work I'll be probably in the US at the end of march, for 3/4 weeks. I'd like to buy a macbook on the US store, and then collect when i'll be there. Is it possible to do that and it's worth? Do I have to pay taxes on that? Comparing the prices...
  17. K

    Need major help!!

    hi I was trying to help my aunt with late 2009 MacBook. She got from ubid website listed as a refurb. Anyway she couldn't make any changes because last admin never cleared password. I did some research and took me into single mode with black and white screen. Had me do some sbin fsck -fy stuff...