mac pro (late 2013)

  1. lostraxx

    When buying a Mac Pro (Late 2013) Review Power Needs

    I had not upgraded my Mac Mini for 10 years and finally forced to up my game because I know I will have to go to 10.14 at some time in the future for my development work. I do some video editing for myself on the side, and also some FileMaker Pro development. While upgrading for FileMaker is...
  2. JayBayAye8

    Mac Pro 2013 + High Sierra = Constant Hanging / Freezing w/ Non-Responsive Screen (But Mouse Moves)

    I've searched on Google and here and can't seem to find much discussion about this, and what I do find is lots of people like me but no solutions. Freezing / Hanging The core problem is that ever since upgrading to High Sierra (or possibly the one before), my Mac Pro will experience several...
  3. C

    DDD4 in Mac Pro 2013 (6,1)

    Crucial is saying DDR4 is compatible with Mac Pro 2013. Anyone who can verify?
  4. Tompa

    NVMe on MAC PRO Late 2013 & Sierra 10.12.6

    Hi guys, Can you please let me know if any NVMe driver will work with MAC PRO Late 2013 on Sierra 10.12.6? I want to connect Sonnet external thunderbolt chassis populated with Intel P3600 NVMe SSD. Don't need a boot. Just a working storage. Any help is appreciated. Thanks T
  5. rocketfish2

    Mac Pro set up help

    I would like some advice please. I’m looking at the Mac Pro because, as a freelance designer, this will enable me to link it to my old iMac and use my iMac as a display. I also have an iMac at home so I can use the Mac Pro in the same way. The question is, when I visit clients would I be able to...
  6. D

    Yosemite on Late 2013 3.7ghz ME253LL/A

    Hi there, I would really appreciate a definitive answer. I have legacy software that needs to be run on Yosemite. I am about to purchase a 3.7 quad core Mac ProME253LL/A (apple reseller, new) I'm not sure what it has been loaded with in regard to OS. I understand that these machines were...
  7. N

    Parallels vs Bootcamp and storage advice

    So my Mac Pro is sitting in the living room. I'm usually working with my MBP 13" in my office, and sometimes I use Mac Pro's better specs to perform calculations. I connect there through a VNC-like program. The calculations are sadly done in Windows only.:( I thought I could get one of these...
  8. M

    nMP 2013 GPU OpenCL

    hello, I am considering to buy nMP 2013 after the the price drop this April. The main use is to develop multithreaded CPU and industry standard OpenCL GPU applications. I am more concerned with server grade processor stability than single core performance like 7700k in iMac 2017. I plan to...
  9. B

    How to find Desktop Icon in TM?

    So recently endured a full on meltdown of my Mac Pro 6.1, was finally able to re-boot into Recovery and re install OS 10.10.5 followed by Time Machine Restore. My Dilemma is I had a Custom Icon representing the Hard Drive of the Mac Pro and can't seem to find it in TM. Can anyone help me with...
  10. MariusMasalar

    Asus PA329Q + Mac Pro (2013) = Issues?

    Hi folks, I'm looking to pick up an Asus PA329Q to replace my existing monitors and I'm just doing some preliminary research. So far, I've come across this thread that seems to indicate there are unresolved font smoothing issues for the 328Q (not sure if there's a meaningful difference)...
  11. M

    Getting stuck with a cursor on a black screen

    Hey guys, Ever since the jump to Sierra on a few of our Macs (Mac Pro Late 2013 and iMacs Late 2013, 5K 2015) that sporadically they will while you are in the middle of working go black with the cursor still showing. I have found that if I use Remote Desktop and send a Wake command to the...
  12. M

    BOOT CAMP ASSISTANT cannot partition drive

    I have a large 4TB SSD from OWC installed on my Mac Pro (late 2013). All is well. Sierra 10.12.4 I now need to add a boot camp dual boot to windows 7. I tried to run the boot camp assistant which then promptly failed. I do not recall the exact error, but I needed to use the Boot camp enabler...
  13. T

    MBP M.2 to Apple PCIe adapter in nMP

    I've seen a few of these from Sintec among others. These are passive adapters as far as I can work out som the compatibility mentioned have to do with Apple compatibility rather than the adapter itself (unless I'm completely out left field). Now, I need to upgrade my internal storage as well as...
  14. Y

    LG UltraFine 5K & Mac Pro (Late 2013): 5K resolution showing in display preferences - is it 30Hz?

    Hello, My local Apple Store has LG UltraFine 5K monitor hooked to a Mac Pro (Late 2013) via TB3 to TB2 adapter running at 5120 x 2880 resolution. Based on my understanding from this forum, it is impossible to run 5K resolution via single TB2 output due to limited bandwidth of DisplayPort 1.2...
  15. 1

    2013 Mac Pro + 30" Apple Cinema Display

    I recently had both cards in my 2013 Mac Pro replaced by Apple (as well as all diagnostic tests), and yet my old 30" Apple Cinema Display still has horizontal lines flickering across my screen when connected. Does not happen when connected to my 2009 Mac Pro Does not happen when connected to my...
  16. pakpenyo

    Mac Pro Late 2013 Can't Turn On

    Hi all, I have Mac Pro Late 2013 D300, shipped with Mavericks 10.9.5 and works fine without any problem for 2 years (i'm buying it at early 2015). Two weeks ago, I update to El Capitan 10.11.5, the problem is it can not turn on after shutdown. Press power button, its dead, and only turn motion...
  17. chfilm

    Anybody running 27" 4K monitors in 1440p scaled mode?

    Hi guys, I'm debating to get some new displays for my Mac Pro 6.1. My eyes want the retina effect ;) So the question is either jump right in and get two dell 2715k. Or maybe two 2715Q will be just fine for me. But I have never seen a 4K display run at scaled 1440p mode and have no clue how it...
  18. paulcristo

    Buying a Mac Pro - will ask for discount

    Howdy, everybody. I'm in the market for a new Mac Pro and since the damned things are over three years old now, I thought I'd ask for a discount. I wanted to get everyone's opinion on what would be a reasonable discount to request. I was thinking 25%. Also, I'm wondering where I might have...
  19. calaverasgrande

    Apple Mac Pro Survey?

    I don't check my iCloud email very often. Turns out they sent me a survey about my ownership of a late 2103 Mac Pro back in Sept. At the end of the survey it asked me what is one thing I would change about the Mac Pro. I said 'put the power button on the front'.
  20. HumpYourWayUp

    Mac Pro - Support articles get archived

    Stumbled across something: See the red text? "This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple." Is this good or bad or even meaningless??