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macbook pro (15" 2017)

  1. h4nkt4nk

    Thunderbolt 3 to Macbook 2015 Power

    Hi There, Wondering if anyone has come across a Thunderbolt 3 to Macbook 2015 charger. I'd like to use my existing AC adapter with thunderbolt3 input, and swap out a Thunderbolt 3 to Macbook 2015 charger magsafe.
  2. T

    AppleCare for MBP2017 ?

    Just bought a Space Gray MBP 2017. Do you guys recommend AppleCare (It is almost $400 :confused:). (I seem to have Amex protection which I don't have any experience with ...) What is your recommendation ?
  3. kakashidinho

    Disappointed in Radeon Pro 560 performance (MBP)

    Hi, I have recently bought MBP 2017 with Radeon Pro 560 GPU. I expected it to be almost as fast as Desktop AMD Rx 560. However, it cannot run Serious Sam 3: BFE (Mac version) - an old game - smoothly. Sometimes the fps dropped below 30fps. When I benchmarked it with GeekBench (OpenCL), the...
  4. MarckyG

    USB-C charger compability. Smaller power supplies for the 15inch MBP

    Hey everyone I’m looking for some answers about the official usb-c power supply compability and hope someone can try it out of has something to say about it. I switched to a retina 12inch MB and an iPad mini I bought used. After getting the usb-c to lightning cable I just kept charging...
  5. T

    iMac Pro or 15'' MacBook Pro + 5k Display

    Hi, I do some video editing (1080p at the moment and 4k in the future) and podcasting. I am well aware, that this is some pretty light work and that the iMac Pro is total overkill for that. Nevertheless, I have a budget of $5.000 that I will either spend on: - a 15'' MacBook Pro + a 5k display...
  6. Mfrazee

    Prohibitory Sign help!

    Hi everyone, new to the forum here. I don’t consider myself a computer wiz, though I know more than the average consumer. I’ve been having bizarre issues come up since installing High Sierra, so I tried to do a factory reset of my 2017 MacBook Pro. I erased my drive and restarted the...
  7. npeterson

    Docking Station for MBP

    Hello! I have a 2017 MBP 15" which I use both at work and home. I am interested in creating a docking station so I can use a larger monitor while at work. Are there any suggestions for hardware that people have found most effective for this? Many thanks, Nick
  8. adamh10

    MacBook Pro 15-inch TouchBar (2017) - Z0UC0LL/A

    Hi all, I'm quite familiar with the letter prefixes for part numbers for Apple Devices - particularly for iPhones and iPads (ex: M = brand new, N = brand new, replacement, F = refurbished, etc.). What I am less familiar with, and am having trouble finding anywhere online with searches...
  9. B

    2017 15" MacBook Pro (High End) + MacOS High Sierra

    Wondering how battery life is for everyone after the update.
  10. Graxxer

    USB-C port disabled on 2017 tbMBP

    15'' 2017 tbMBP with 256GB / 16GB / 2.8GHz Hi guys, I've had this issue crop up recently whereby one of my USB-C ports (back-right) is completely disabled. It won't recognise the charger, it doesn't recognise external monitors, and it doesn't recognise anything USB. I do however get the "USB...
  11. J

    Kernel panic after High Sierra upgrade

    Hi guys, i have a macbook pro 15" from 2017. In the picture attached below you can see the info of the laptop. I have upgraded the macOS to High Sierra on Tuesday and since then the macbook is not working properly. Every time when the mac goes to sleep (when i click on sleep from the apple...