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macbook pro 16 inch

  1. 3

    Does 16-inch MBP usb c port support pd3.1 140w ?

    There are a lot of 240w cables on the market now i want to buy a spare power cable which i can use them when i am outside can i use 240w usbc cable charge 16 model in usbc port with apple 140w power adapter? or is it that only magsafe3 can support 140w pd3.1 ? is it that 16inch's usbc port only...
  2. S

    Trade in Macbook Pro 14 inch M1 pro

    Hi, I purchased a 2021 Macbook pro 14 inch M1 PRO 32 GB 1 TB last summer. I want to trade it for Macbook PRO 16 inch. What is a good time to upgrade. Should I go for M2 PRO or M2 MAX? I use MATLAB extensively for my work. Thanks!
  3. Marsikus

    Where are microphones and what speaker grills for?

    Where are microphones (or single microphone?) on 14 and 16" MacBook Pros? Apple support website shows this picture. Does it mean that microphones are on left side only? I tried to to play with Voice Memo memo app and found that sensitivity is higher on the left side. Also, considering the...
  4. A

    M2 Pro/Max Macbook Memory pricing

    Here's a pricing experiment: Since we now know the M2 chip is able to be loaded with up to 24gb of unified, with options of 8gb and 16gb, it stands to reason that the future M2 Pro/Max Macbooks will have up to 48gb and 96gb of unified memory respectively. Assuming M2 Pro MacBooks will have...
  5. Zarva

    Every Change on MacBook Pro 14" 16" 2021 Externally

    Hello i would like to have a list of every change of these 2 machines exteriorly
  6. CPark98

    MacBook Pro: A Look at Fifteen Years of Evolution

    Here is a little showcase of the many differences and perhaps even more similarities between the very first Intel Core Duo MacBook Pro 15" from January 2006 and the brand new M1 Max MacBook Pro 16". Given the many parallels in design between this new machine and the PowerBook Line and First...
  7. W

    Stuck at between 14 vs 16! I need your help

    Hello, I own a 2015 MacBook Pro 15 and intend to purchase a new Mac (or two). I'm an entrepreneur with a focus on technology and investing. I do a lot of web, mobile, and desktop programming, as well as a lot of investing. When I'm not programming or at a meeting, I'm mostly looking at graphs...
  8. C

    MacBook Pro 16 inch - Transitioning to New M1 Pro Max

    Hello everyone, I am looking to seriously replace my lap toaster 16 inch 2019 MacBook Pro model over to the new M1 Max laptop. Still deciding between the 14 inch or 16 inch size - I had a 13 inch MacBook Pro before and did like the portability of it. My question is how do we manage the...
  9. telaviv

    MBP 16 inch i7 2019 - a good working machine without external displays?

    Currently working on a Late 2013 15 inch MacBook Pro. An upgrade is overdue thanks to the butterfly keyboard revolution. May have to pass M1x again due to a top notch notch. My main workload is coding and photo editing, so not super demanding stuff. I don't often use an external display, so a...
  10. JDane

    Brand New 16inch Macbook Pro Dies after 9 days of use

    Hi! So I bought a new 16 inch Macbook Pro 2019 and received it last week. It’s been working fine and fast until today. All of a sudden while I was editing a video it just died. It wasn’t plugged but the battery was more or less at 60-70%. I tried turning it back on again but it wouldn’t. Even...
  11. Trojan Horse

    16 Inch MacBook Pro with Apple Silicon

    I have obtained a new report today from my source within Apple’s production line about the upcoming 16 inch MacBook Pro. My source tells me that there will likely be no refresh to the 16 inch MacBook Pro in 2020, but there will be an Apple Silicon refresh in Q3 that will only have a 12 core CPU...
  12. globalmatt

    16-inch MacBook Pro: Staingate / AR coating failure?

    I bought a 16-inch MacBook Pro in November last year (the day it was launched in fact). Generally it’s a fantastic machine. I look after my gear very carefully (especially laptops). The laptop has only been out of the house a handful of times, and I’ve always carried it in a laptop bag. In...
  13. M

    Port problems on multiple MacBook Pro 16 inch computers. Could my monitor be causing this?

    Hi everyone: In august I bought a macbook pro 16 inch (basic 16 inch model) in space grey from the refurbished store so I could use it for my univeristy classes. I also bought a benq EW2780U(27 inch mac friendly monitor that also charged the laptop) along with an apple thunderbolt 3 cable, an...
  14. C

    MacBook Pro 16 inch - Personal / Work

    Hi everyone, I have a question - I've been working from home like everyone else here hopefully! My work has me split into office / home at times. Is it possible for me to make a bootable SSD (Using Samsung's T7 SSD drive) with macOS Catalina, apps, files and use that to boot into from my...
  15. 8

    MBP 16 2019 encounters SEPOS panic reported by bridge OS

    Hey guys! I bought a brand new MBP 16 less than 1 month and only to encounter SEPOS panic when I let the laptop to sleep. I noticed that it happened frequently if it sleep while usb-c device (not thunderblot) connecting, a XMOS based headphone amplifier more specifically. The macOS version was...
  16. C

    MacBook Pro 2019 - 16 inch / Locked Hard Drive

    Hi everyone, I've been enjoying my MacBook Pro 16 inch but I borked the installation process as did a migration assistant port from my old MacBook Pro over to the new machine. So what is the best way for me to get my hard drive back to being unlocked? I would like to keep my current MacBook...
  17. W

    Macbook dead

    I need some help! I have a Late 2011 MacBook Pro. The other day I turned it on, plugged it into my 2nd monitor and it got to the password screen. The 2nd monitor then turned orange and the MacBook had these green lines appear. I tried to reboot. In regular boot it gets about 1/4 of the way...
  18. S

    MacBook Pro 16” - go w/ 5300M or 5600M?

    I will preface that I am not a video editor in the sense that i am, not currently busting out Final Cut Pro. I do, however, do a fair amount of video conferencing for work and graduate school and also see myself picking back up my video podcasting hobby. All this is to ask, are my needs such...
  19. R

    External USB-C battery for current Macbook Pro 16"? with USB PD?

    Does anyone have a recommendation for an external battery pack for a MBP 16" running the current system? I almost bought one from RAVpower (20000), but upon contacting them found it only worked on an earlier system. I'm looking for something that meets the USB PD spec, because I have to use it...
  20. S

    Customised Macbook Pro 16" 2019 - Overheating / Fans go crazy?

    Hey guys! I got a Macbook Pro 16" 2019 2,6GHz 6-Core i7 32GB Ram 500GB SSD 8GB GPU 5500M Compared to my old Macbook Pro 13" from 2014 this machine easily gets hot and fans would also easily hit +4000RPM and the CPU core temperature hits 68-75 degrees.. This happens when I'm doing basic...