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  1. Squillace

    MacRumors looks beautiful on the new Safari

    I'm aware you guys didn't do much for that to happen but the result of MacRumors on Safari's new coloring menus and tabs is sexy as hell: Probably the best looking I've seen until today. Great integration. 😎
  2. h3ysw5nkan

    Featured article block should support horizontal swiping

    On macOS trackpad, the featured article block should support horizontal scrolling via horizontal swiping gesture with two fingers on a Mac. A good example implementation would be the open platform TMDB (The Movie Database)
  3. Applecool78

    Do you use the Countdown timer on MacRumors?

  4. F

    Georgia showing as Wisconsin on Apple Maps

    Why is Georgia showing up as Wisconsin on Apple Maps?
  5. Amy Joy

    Conflicted by the emojis

    Hello, I'm a new member here (just signed up in fact), though I've been visiting the site for news for quite some time. Some of the news posts feature 2 or 3 emojis and a string of users' names. I'm very conflicted by the emojis. E.g. "👍👎❤️ name, name, name, and 27 others" What does this...
  6. robertcoogan


    What does it mean when a MacRumors member has "Core" or "Demi-God" next to their name? I'm assuming it's the frequency of posting...?
  7. J

    Add a COLLAPSE BBCode that functions like SPOILER but without "Spoiler" prefix on show/hide links

    There are multiple posts (mainly WikiPosts) that use the SPOILER BBCode for providing collapsible sections that are not necessarily spoilers. Here are some examples:
  8. Appleuser201

    Load MacRumors on your oldest Mac

    Just for fun, I’d like to see you all load the Macrumors homepage on your oldest Mac, maybe even a beige powermac. I know some of you here own beige powermacs, and clamshell iBooks clocked even lower than any of my G3 Macs. Here I’ve got it loaded (rather slowly but useable) on a late 1999...
  9. SuperDuperMan

    Want to Start a YouTube, Reddit, MacRumors, FaceBook and InstaGram Account BUT AFRAID OF DOXXING.

    Hello, kinda new to the forums, I definitely lurk a lot to read up on the new iPhones coming in a few weeks but anyhow, I'm wondering what you guys here on this forum have to say about privacy issues when it comes to doxxing? I want to start a youtube channel/blog in where I post daily; the...
  10. M

    Please, bring back the MacRumors BLOG page button in main page

    Please, bring back the MacRumors BLOG page tab in main page. Now it is hidden inside Front Page, which is utterly anti-intuitive and anti-Mac (much as the shutdown option inside Start option in Windows). Thanks.
  11. EEzycade

    A refuge from politics

    In all respect, Macrumors is a place where we talk about Apple and the tech world in general. I don’t think that people should post inflammatory political comments that are too liberal OR too conservative. Instead of focusing on what divides us in America, why don’t we just focus on what brings...
  12. trumpetmercenary

    URL's for the forums

    This may be a little trivial, but I was always curious about the numbers suffixed to the URL's for the forums. like, etc. do those...
  13. E

    GDPR Popup Over and Over and Over...

    Hey, Any chance of fixing the GDPR cookie popup so it doesn't appear continually for people who don't allow you to store cookies? I know remembering the denial would require a cookie, but the forum uses cookies and that still works; so you could store it as part of the user profile...
  14. sevvere

    Keys-to-go Ipad keyboard glitches only on this site

    EDIT: (For Ipad) My directional keys, when pressed, moves my whole page BUT ALSO moves the cursor. So, if I want to move my cursor left or right when writing a reply in a thread on Macrumors, I press left or right, and instantly the whole web page will move to the bottom. When i scroll up, it...
  15. Djilkosh

    General Dive into the details of iOS 11: Is Apple still detail-oriented?

    Here is one great text and you should see it and read it. How on earth they did this? Why? Was it too much for Apple? I know Apple from early days, but this? This is not Apple or maybe they...
  16. AmazingHenry

    Get Email Notifications for Likes?

    Hello, I don't use the Tapatalk app, so email is my way of knowing what is going on here. I don't get likes very often, so I was wondering, is there a way to get an email every time someone likes my posts? :D
  17. casperes1996

    Three quick questions about rank, private forums and distributed computing

    Hey, guys! I have three small questions about the ranking on the site, the private forums you can get access to through the donations and the distributed computing teams. 1) There used to be a lit of all the ranks and how many posts were required to reach them. I tried finding it again, but it...
  18. TheChemist

    Question - Little Snitch / PGL Ad server block MR entirely. Don't know which line to remove

    Hi, First, my very best wishes for 2017! Now onto the question at hand. I was perusing the LS forums and found a very nice thread on creating a rule to block ad servers. I thought to myself, this is great! Went ahead and added the list. Unfortunately, MR fails to load, while the other sites...
  19. M

    unable to subscribe to push notifications as of Sierra

    Hey all, I'm having issues with the macrumors site and push notifications as of doing a clean install of macOS Sierra. From what I can tell it's this site specifically, as I was able to go to, and apple, and even gmail and get asked if I want to receive push...
  20. JacksonCraig94

    Attaching GIF's to threads??

    Please can someone tell me how to add a GIF to a thread. When i try adding a GIF it just shows up as a picture icon with a red x in the middle.