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native app

  1. V

    gmail and native calendar app.

    Hello, When i add a a google account to my iOS device, the calendar invitations/notification won't show up in the native iOS calendar app in the inbox. So i can't accept or decline the meeting. I do see however a mail in the native mail app where i can accept the invitation, but this is super...
  2. Y

    AdBlocker: Pros & cons of native apps vs browser-based

    Hi, I've been searching for an AdBlocker for Safari and found a nice topic here. Disregarding price aspects, I'm wondering what are the pros and cons of a native app over a safari-based extension? Or do you any good article that explains this thoroughly? Thanks a lot!
  3. c14nhl

    Apps Native Podcast App

    My Apple Watch is close to perfect for the gym now I've found a great native app for tracking weight training in "Fitness Point", highly recommended! Also have Bluetooth headphones which I bought cheaply from Amazon, "SoundPEATS QY7", which do the job I need good enough at the moment. I will...