notification center

  1. ryubyss

    [11.6] can't disable notifications from System Preferences

    I had this problem with 10.15, too, or at least I did in the last month or so. when I try to adjust the "do not disturb" times, the first field works okay but the second remains stuck... grayed out, in effect, and always set to 00:00 .
  2. U

    Mail notifications remain on the iPhone notification centre if mail opened on another device

    iOS 14.2 (18B92): If mail is deleted from a device other than iPhone, the notification for that mail remains on the notification centre of the iPhone even after iPhone Mail app has synced with email server.
  3. 9873697

    iPad iPadOS 13.1.3 bugs - notification center & split screen

    Hello! I have two bugs in iPadOS and I want to ask do you experience the same features? I experience first one for more than twenty days and second bug came yesterday. I have both images of the bug and the video of the bug with a split screen so take a look. 1. Image: Bug with a split screen...
  4. d4rkm0de

    Ejecting Disk during sleep mode creates "stuck" notification badge

    Using MacBook Pro 2016 running macOS Mojave 10.14.6 This is a repeatable issue I have when I have a USB-C external HDD mounted. If I sleep the OS (while the external disk is mounted) and then physically unplug the cable from the external HDD, then when I return from sleep and log back in I will...
  5. T

    iPhone Notification Rant / Still buggy?

    Yesterday morning my dog sitter lost my dog after letting him out unsupervised in a non gated backyard. (Best sitter ever, right I know) (6:30am) I was notified by text and a push notification from the Rover app. (7:41am) I drove to the sitters house and joined them looking for my dog. They...
  6. K

    iPhone Control Center and Notifications not working since iOS 13 on iPhone X

    This has been driving me crazy trying to find a solution to this issue. Ever since updating to iOS13 my control center and notifications do not work anymore when the worked before the update just fine. I search for solutions, did all the typical troubleshoots and to no avail. I know it is not...
  7. SpiritSoul1008

    Resolved Text in Notification Center too Dark in Dark Mode

    Hello, I have a question about dark mode in Mac OS Mojave. I love dark everywhere except Notification center because it makes the message bubbles dark with very black text and I cannot read anything with out squinting. I prefer light mode notification center because it is still dark but had...
  8. ardo111

    Touch Pad Privilege?

    MacOS Calendar. A scroll wheel from a USB mouse works on everything except the Calendar app. You can use two fingers on the rMBP touch pad, but not a scroll wheel on a mouse. Why? MacOS Mojave notifications. You can grab a notification and slide it off the right side of the screen with a...
  9. wozmatic

    iOS 12.1 BUG: Old email keeps showin up in notification center

    I keeping seeing an old email notification popping up in notification center despite clearing it a while ago. In fact, the email is over 2 weeks old and long deleted yet it still keeps showing up. So odd. Anyone else?
  10. M

    Resolved Notifications despite "do not disturb"

    The "Do no disturb" function is brilliant, except that notifications still appear on my home screen and in the notification centre. Is it possible to turn on/off notifications completely? I'd like to use my phone for non-communication stuff without being bothered by notifications and red alerts...
  11. Michelasso

    Controlling "Computer" music from iTunes/Notification Center widget?

    I barely manage to control the music played on my ATV4K by Computer app with my Mac. This is a picture of what I get: The song "Up and running" is playing, no artwork is shown (but usually that isn't an issue), the ATV appears as locked and the widget "In riproduzione" usually doesn't show...
  12. Starfia

    macOS Dark Mode at WWDC 2018?

    My goodness. I think macOS has taken mostly palatable and favourable turns over the years, but I've never stopped missing the original dark-style Notification Center when it was delineated by lines and margins, back before individual notifications became bright rounded-rectangle panel things...
  13. J

    iPhone X Control Center/Notification center not working? iOS 11.3.1.

    I just noticed this tonight, it was working fine earlier today. When you pull down from either one of the "ears" on my iPhone X, notification center AND control center do not seem to show up. It seems that the entire screen is working otherwise, but just not these two main functions/areas of the...
  14. I

    Change sound of notification center.

    Hi everyone, There is this alert sound mac playing when there is notification center banner from various apps. I can't find the file responsible for it but if i find it i will shred it to atomic pieces, it is making me nuts. I wan't to change this sound. I couldn't find it in library/sounds...
  15. supergaia

    how can i restore spotlight icon in menu bar?

    Hi i have used Command key and drag aways the spotlight icon from the menu bar i know it was a mistake , i did it with notification center too i wanted to arrange but my magicmouse is almost gone , i need to replace how can i restore the spotlight icon & notifcation center icon in the menu...
  16. K

    iPhone iPhone 7 - Control Center - No Haptics

    Is it just me or they removed haptics for iPhone 7 on opening Control Center and Notification Center (or whatever it's called now)? While a minor item, I do miss a subtle tap I used to get on iOS 10 when opening these...
  17. houtian

    Notifications Center Settings Duplicate

    Hello everyone! As you can see from the screenshot, there's a duplicate "TorBrowser" in the notification settings on my Mac. Is there anyway which I can remove the duplicate? Thank you!
  18. U

    iPhone Scheduled Fetch and notifications for favorited mail folders

    Ever since iOS 11 Betas, the scheduled fetch and notification are not generated for the mails received in favorited folders. Apple has made a complete mess out of the architecture of notifications for favorited mail folders. I feel that if there are no notifications generated for the favorited...
  19. F

    Safari and Notification Center Temporarily Disconnect Internet

    Hi, Whenever I enter a search query or URL in Safari, my computer completely disconnects from the internet for 5-15 seconds. I also notice this behavior whenever I open the Notification panel, and it tries to refresh weather, stocks, etc. The wifi stays on and appears to remain connected, but...
  20. A

    Notifications disappear from Notification Center

    When I receive any notifications in Sierra, they display on the screen as banners, then show up in the Notification Center and automatically disappear after two minutes without any interaction. Example: Notification banner is displayed on desktop without any interaction by me, it eventually...