1. YoShLK

    Unable to access drives formatted in NTFS

    I switched from Windows 10 to macOS about a week ago. Since I have several external drives formatted in NTFS that needs R/W access from "Big Sur" I installed "Mounty" Later on, I decided to try iBoysoft NTFS, hoping it will be much reliable since it's available from the App Store. After...
  2. F

    Mac no longer reading NTFS formatted external drive

    Hi A couple of weeks ago I had to take my 2015 MacBook Pro in to the apple store as it wouldn't turn on (grey folder with the ?), the lady wiped it and reinstalled the operating system (currently running on macOS Mojave version 10.14.6). I have a few external hard drives which I use to store...
  3. jake_the_tester

    Paragon NTFS for Apple Silicon (M1) Frozen from hibernation

    Paragon NTFS for Apple Silicon works well but after waking up my M1 Mac from hibernation(sleep), I could not open the NTFS Drive folder from my desktop. The software will be frozen as a zombie process. I can hear my 8T HDD spinning so hard. Clicking the "Shut down" button won't even shut down...
  4. Sovon Halder

    Apple Silicon - Paragon Licensing Issues?

    I purchased the entire Paragon suite in 2019. Today I installed the trial NTFS for mac app but I am not able to activate (sign in). It keeps saying incorrect credentials. I downloaded the app from "My Downloads" but it gives me the error saying it's an unsupported version. I am on mac mini m1...
  5. D

    NTFS High Sierra usb issues

    Hello, Since last year I upgraded to High Sierra, didn't feel like upgrading since I can no longer update any further. Deleted old hard drive converted to exfat (from mac) send it into Bootcamp, formated hard drive to NTFS. Tested a small handfull of data files (jpg, png, mov, psd, pdf, img...
  6. M

    USB Drives NTFS Preferences directory info

    Hello, Recently I felt the need to uninstall old NTFS apps like old versions of Tuxera, Paragon. I had these apps before installing High Sierra, when everything started to act weird. CS6 was acting weird towards High Sierra, compatibility issue. At the moment I have installed OSX Fuse for NTFS...
  7. Populus

    Most versatile HDD File System

    Hello. I've been struggling for many years to choose a file format that suits best an external Hard Drive that is aimed to be read not only by macOS and iOS, but also by my TV, which has USB connectors. All my external hard drives are now formatted with the APFS file system, except this 2TB...
  8. A

    Message about my external HDDs not working in future updates

    Whenever i plug in my external HDDs to my mac, seagate backup plus/slim etc, that are formatted with exfat, i get the message that ufsd_NTFS.fs is not optimised for your Mac and needs to be updated. This software will not use with future versions and needs to be updated. What should I do?
  9. K

    Paragon NTFS for MAC Freezes

    I just downloaded and bought a license for Paragon NTFS for Mac. But when I connect my Seagate 1TB drive, the app freezes and it doesn't show the drive in the Finder. Who know how to fix this? Support is too slow for a reply/fix, need it to work ASAP. THANKS #NewToMac
  10. P

    Can not copy file External Disk

    I am new user for mac. i have windows laptop too. i have back external hard disk which is working on windows fine. (NTFS) format. i am tried many to copy file from my mac to hard disk but each type i tried it said "The target volume is read only." then make permission but same result. check my...
  11. M

    Problem with MacBook & Windows File System Incompatibilities

    Hi, I have a Jungle Disk cloud backup of a MacBook containing around 4,500 files (6.5 GB) in a typical folder structure, but no access to the MacBook itself. I'm a Windows user and would like to store and use these files on my Windows machine. I'd also like my current PC backups to...
  12. S

    Unable to mount NTFS drive with MB Pro 2018

    Hello everyone, I have recently upgraded from Macbook Air 2011 to Macbook Pro 2018. With my previous Macbook Air High Sierra, I was able to read/write my NTFS drive. However with the new Macbook Pro 2018 High Sierra 10.13.6, I can not mount the same drive even though with Tuxera 2018 or Mounty...
  13. GuiPol

    cMP bootcamp and windows 7 for gaming

    Hello guys ! I'm experiencing something quite frustrating and wondering if anybody has a solution to that (well i already have one and it could be of some use to someone but i'm searching for a better solution) : -On a mac pro 5, bootcamp has been used to install win 7 pro sp1 on a ssd on its...
  14. supergaia

    itunes & iphoto

    Hi i have an external hard drive ,it's formated in ntfs in this hard drive there are a lot of songs & photos can i setup itunes and photo to leave the songs in my external disk and not import in my ssd with sierra? just because i don't want to fill my ssd up i run the last version of sierra thanks
  15. tedwill

    About to Upgrade to High Sierra. Issues with NTFS?

    Hello. I have a 2013 Macbook Pro with an internal SSD and four external USB drives. One of which has been formatted in NTFS. That drive has large files (raw videos larger than Apple's file system could handle at the time) and it was formatted with NTFS. I am using Paragon to mount the drive...
  16. zed1291

    Reading/Writing Bootcamp Partition

    Prior to installing macOS 10.12.5 I had enabled reading AND writing my Bootcamp partition (formatted NTFS) with terminal. For those who aren't familiar sudo nano /etc/fstab [ENTER] LABEL=BOOTCAMP none ntfs rw,auto,nobrowse [control-o] [ENTER] [control-x] [ENTER] Then use "open /Volumes" to...
  17. T

    Safari cannot browse connected drive

    Hi, I've recently had this problem: I cannot save downloaded file to connected external hard drives, the drives don't show eject symbol and when I click on them, they show nothing. This can be solve by restarting Safari but just temporarily, it comes back after a couple of minutes. I have 3...
  18. H

    Change HDD in hfs+ in fat/exfat without format?

    Can I change my USB HDD formatted in hfs+ (mac os x journaled) in windows compatible formats? Like Exfat for istance? Without formatting hdd and losing the datas inside?
  19. savinorum

    Problem mounting external HD

    hi! i've been having some troubles as of today with one of my external HDs. it's a 1TB LG External HDD HXD7. it was originally mounted on a Windows PC so it used NTFS. i've been running it with Tuxera NTFS with exceptional, really rare problems. most of the time it worked fine. but today when i...
  20. estringer

    Paragon software in Yosemite

    I have an external hard drive that I formatted NTFS through the Paragon software so that it can read/write on both a Mac and PC. I can find the EHD in disk utility but it is grayed out. I want to be able to access the EHD from my Mac but cannot get the drive to mount. I've tried: - mounting...