1. z970mp

    Web 1.1: Building The New Old Web

    Welcome to the New Old Web Tired of the modern Internet's seemingly endless supply of ads, trackers, popups, and bloat? Don't you wish to go back to a simpler time, before the Web got fat, noisy, and monetized? Well, we do too. Enter Web 1.1, the modern revival of the legendary Web 1.0. What...
  2. star-affinity

    iPad Get hold of purchased iPad apps (iPad 2) no longer on the App Store?

    Hi! On the iPad 2 I have the passcode was forgotten and the iPad eventually had to be restored to factory settings, erasing all the data on it. I didn't set up a backup for this iPad 2 since I was thinking it's a device the kids could use every now and then. I've no realized there were some old...
  3. AjTee

    New iPhone and connecting to Apple Watch which was used by previous device

    Hi, I wonder if I need to reset my Apple Watch to factory settings before connecting to new iPhone. I made backup of my old iPhone. Do I need really do that? Regards, J.
  4. Chadest

    So slow you have to wait for the mouse to react (Mid 2012 MacBook Pro)

    Yes, it’s an old Mac. But what’s going on here? It’s been cleaned up, fresh install of El Capitan, then the battery died for the last time. It still runs off the power cord though. It’s just so slow, uselessly slow! You have to wait to register a button click, a key press, or even for the mouse...
  5. gauzah

    Upgrading old late 2012 iMac to SSD

    I have an old iMac that I never used for quite a while and have recently been using it quite a bit more throughout my countries 'lockdown' period. I wanted to upgrade it to a new OS (Catalina) as it's currently running OSX Yosemite. After reading online about performance (I have an old 5400rpm...
  6. S

    Old Mac game

    Hi. I'm looking for an old 2D Mac game my brother and I used to play. There were 2 players on the screen at one time, where each player was a circle with a cannon. The circle traveled in a direction on a predetermined track, and the only movement you could do was to reverse direction. You...
  7. Cake9437

    Great old MBP, Hesitant to upgrade OS, cheap Chinese motherboard installed, advice?

    Hey, this is my first post on the site, nice to meet you all. Please help me determine if I can upgrade my OS, to what level I should, and if doing so will fix my problem. I got an excellent macbook pro 8 years ago, but that was 8 years ago. Originally it had 10.9 Mavericks on it and it was...
  8. rallemussen

    Get files from a fat12 usb to my macbook

    Hi! I just found an old flash drive from old my old phone. I want to get the pics from the card to my macbook. But how? When I open it in finder it seems to be empty, but when I open the info window in finder it says that it's almost full and it's a MS-Dos fat12 format. How do I get the files...
  9. Mac_Fag

    Who here still uses the 2004 AirPort Express?

    Hello, I have recently gotten an AirPort Express 2004 and I am so shocked to see that it still runs and preforms great. It makes a really good wifi extender and the speeds on it are excellent for a 2004 machine. Does anyone else here use it still? Let me know.
  10. MrDarkwraith

    Android TV/x86 on the first generation Apple TV?

    Is it possible to install Android TV/x86 on the 1st Gen Apple TV?
  11. patearrings

    Best version of OSX for an old mac mini

    Hi guys, I have an old 2010 mac mini which i use just for watching netflix etc on my TV. I have noticed it getting slower and slower over the years culminating with my recent upgrade to high sierra. So my question is, which is the best release of OSX to run on an old mac? I hear that el...
  12. At_Op45

    Relic of the Past - Inquiry

    Not too long ago, I dissected an old MacBook. It's been dead for years so, I wasn't expecting much from it. Anyhow, the most interesting part taken from it was an Airport Extreme card. After some quick research, I learned that it was used for internet connection and other data movement. My...
  13. MizztaPeppa

    iPhoto 9.6 doesn't load LIVE photos. Makes comp SLOW HELP!

    I have a problem. I prefer the old iPhoto 9.6 but 9.6 can't understand iphone LIVE photos so they show up as .mov files and they don't import. So when I go to import new photos I have to wait for allllll the data to load on these Live Photos (which takes up a ton of CPU power) and makes...
  14. Z

    old ATA/IDE drive on OSX

    I got an old enclosure with an ATA/IDE drive with WinXP on it and many files. Im connecting it on OSX but no drive no nothing... could the drive be bad or is it some software issue that will not allow me to see the drive? In disk utility there is nothing seen... strange?
  15. Daniel Reed

    Confirmed: Enable Night Shift on 2011 iMac

    Works (for now)! echo "Night Shift Enable Script for Unsupported Macs" echo "version 1.0" echo "Script made by Isiah Johnson (TMRJIJ) / OS X Hackers" I applied and ran Isiah's script on a handful of 2011 iMac desktops today - NO PROBLEMS...
  16. Z

    Using Apple Adjustable Keyboard on macOS Sierra

    Hi, I still use a apple Adjustable Keyboard on macOS Sierra. I have a problem. That macOS doesn't(can't) recognize the Caps Lock key. The LED lamp lights up. The key isn't recognized by the two USB adapter conversion adapter I have and the conversion adapter of another manufacturer of...
  17. Nikasio

    Re-installing OSX on an old white macbook.

    Hi, a friend of mine recently came to me asking if could fix his dad's old macbook, his little brother apparently deleted some of the system apps. he doesn't have any of the CDs that came with the box and i'm unable to install Snow Leopard using my own, Any suggestions? Thanks, this is my first...
  18. L

    Upgrading mid 2012 Macbook pro 13

    Hey guys, I actually wanted to buy the new Macbook pro because my old one is at his limits. But, I am really disappointed with the upgrade and want to wait and look for an alternative. In the meantime, I wanted to upgrade my mid 2012 macbook pro but I have no idea about hardware stuff :( That's...
  19. kasirus

    Universal Vegas Old Slots - FREE Vegas REAL Casino

    :apple:Download; https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/vegas-old-slots-free-vegas/id1176441397?mt=8 Android; https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lunavalley.vegasold Feel & enjoy the real LAS VEGAS CLASSIC slot machines! Vegas Old Slots is a casino game of the OLD CLASSIC Vegas...
  20. Z

    steps to make when replacing a 6S+

    Suppose an iPhone6S+ needs replacement and everything stored in it is needed to be transfered to the new iPhone device. What are the steps one must take in order not to miss anything?