1. T

    iPhone Current state of iOS 9.3.x JB?

    I just ordered a "new old stock" iPhone 6S Plus that (based on serial number) will be running either iOS 9.3.3 or 9.3.2. Can anyone point me to the latest information on Jailbreaking it? I used Pangu with the Chinese certificate last year to jailbreak my 6. Does that method still work? As I...
  2. C

    iPhone Cydia Error Please Help!! IOS 9.1

    So I got this iPhone 6 a few days ago, put the screen on today, jailbroke it, installed a few sources and it was working fine, then I installed Springtomize 3 and got that error, now Cydia is blank everywhere and I can't uninstall that package, any help? No iFile or anything at all as that was...
  3. L1ndCoulee

    PP helper without Cydia. I want Cydia back!

    My apologies if this is a covered topic somewhere. Method. 9.3.3 JB PP helper no computer. Problem with PP Helper 9.3.3 I wanted a fresh JB start so I ran Cydia Erase. It was working normally when it was interrupted with a error code. I retried several times and repeatedly error code popped...
  4. S

    iPhone iCleaner pro jailed my iPhone 6s

    Im running iOS 9.3.3 and was jailbroken using Pangu. I've tried a few tweaks and one of them caused my phone to reboot and ever since I am unable to re-jailbreak. I've tried the online method. the chinese Pangu and the Enlgish with Impactor and all of them have the same results. After running...
  5. S

    Cydia ios 9.3.2 semi jailbreak tweaks not showing up and no packages in sources

    On my Cydia all my tweaks/packages dont show up on installed and changes its completely blank. Also when i go on sources its blank. Is there anyway to fix this problem because i cant restore it after all apple has stopped signing 9.3.3
  6. R


    The re-jailbreaking process doesn't seem to work as of now. I have no clue why. I tried deleting the pangu app and reinstalling it using cydia impactor. Got it installed, but rejailbreak just instantly resprings without a notification after I lock my device. I have tried everything. I also...
  7. kalirob99

    General Restarted my iPhone 6+ and now can't verify the 1 year cert in Settings

    Anyone else run into this and find a fix?? I see 9.3.3 is still signed, so tempted to restore, but wondering if there's a simpler fix so I don't have to do all that. I keep hitting Verify but it never goes away. :mad:
  8. C

    iPhone Jailbroken Iphone won't download apps

    ios 8.0 iphone 5s, used pangu to jailbreak. As of a week ago i cold not download or update apps. Instead it gave me a blue loading circle and then nothing happened. Any help would be appreciated and if anymore information is needed I will get it.
  9. Jakewyborn

    iPhone iPhone 6+ Jailbroken - apps keep crashing upon opening, have to respring every 5 minutes

    Hello, I am no noob to jailbreaking, but I have encountered upon a problem which is worrying me as I am unable to determine why this keeps happening... After a few minutes of general usage, I go to open any other app and it crashes back to springboard straight away. I then have to respring to...
  10. MichaelShawJr

    iPhone I got SUPER lucky! Jailbreak and Apple Store Experience

    So I have been waiting on iOS 9.2 on my iPhone 6 Plus and my iPad Air 2 for a little while now. A few days ago, I called Apple and I told them that my iPhone 6 Plus screen cracked and that I felt it was a malfunction because I never dropped the phone, and the crack started right where the...
  11. N

    Pangu9 iPhone 6s restore problem

    *I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO PLEASE HELP* I am running on a Mac. I have followed every step, but my Pangu will say installing cydia app, go to 10% then start backing up. After that it would say configuring environment, then my phone would show a mars sage saying "There was a problem during the...
  12. Banana_CEO

    iPhone Having trouble Jail-breaking IPhone 4 IOS:7.1.2

    I want to jail-break my IPhone 4 but I cannot manage to do it. I am using Pangu for the jail-breaking process and it works until the point where it needs to reboot, at which point the Iphone switches off and goes into recovery mode and the jail-breaking process is halted. Please help, if you...