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  1. A

    Partitioning problems

    I need to merge Untitled and Untitled 2 together to make 1 big parition, but it wont let me do squat with Untitled (other than change the formatting), what do I do? (also the Tim M drive is a time machine I dont want to delete)
  2. KnechtNoobrecht

    macOS partition missing after removing a partition

    Hi. I installed Linux Mint on my MacBook from late 2009 to just try it out. In order to do that, i added a partition to my SSD, so the one for macOS had to get smaller. After i was done trying what i wanted to, i went back into macOS, opened Disk-Management-Utility and deleted the partition for...
  3. Tyrian Cedar

    The golden SD card format/partitioning on MBA for video editing + backups + storage

    Is the below current Format / Partitioning scheme I have on my SD card that is permanently be attached to my MBA 2013 'good enough', or what commands should one do to get it to stay mounted and high-performing ? /dev/disk2 (internal, physical): #: TYPE NAME SIZE IDENTIFIER 0...
  4. nebojsak

    Coriolis Systems gone for good, all software versions now offered for free Another piece of history is gone :( but kudos for those guys.
  5. 3

    Boot Camp partitioning taking forever

    Today I wanted to install Windows 10 on my iMac for the first time with Boot Camp, so I downloaded the ISO file from the official site (the April 2018 version) and then started Boot Camp. It all went well, but then the loading bar stopped at 2/3. It stopped at "partitioning disk" - felt like 2...
  6. Shunnabunich

    Installing Windows 7 on Mid-2011 iMac

    Hi folks! I recently replaced my 2011 iMac's failing internal hard drive with a nice, spacious 4TB chonker, and decided I could spare the room for a Windows partition again — it's been a few years, and there are a few Windows-only games I wouldn't mind trying to play again. Thing is, my iMac...
  7. TitanTiger

    Mojave on second partition, AFPS

    In the past when I've wanted to try out a new macOS version in beta, I've created a disk partition and installed it there. But with AFPS it asks me if I want to do a partition or create a new volume. I'm not quite up on the distinctions with volumes vs partitions and just wanted to ask, what...
  8. Kento726

    Trying to create a backup from External Drive A (exFAT) to External Drive B (Mac OS ExtendJournaled)

    Hi! I need some help in deciding on how to go about in creating a back up of my hard drive. I would REALLY appreciate any help!! Scenario: -I have a desktop external HD WD MyBook 4TB (Let's call this HD-A) that I used to store all of my work and images -This drive is formatted as an exFAT...
  9. Doc69

    APFS containers and cross-partition security

    I'm configuring a new Mac with three installations of 10.13. I've divided the SSD into three partitions within the same APFS container and installed 10.13 on each of them. All three installations are encrypted via FileVault. One of the installations in particular needs to be absolutely free...
  10. Stephan1337

    OSX First Partition visible and not EFI after Cloning with OSX Installer tool

    Hi, I just tried to move my whole main drive partition (It was just 1 "usable" that I was aware of, with Mac OSX High Sierra) to a new Samsung EVO 850 1TB Harddrive. I had to initialise it and convert it to "GPT"-format with my Windows 10 Desktop, because the installer tool from High Sierra...
  11. S

    Partitioning/backup with big array and NAS?

    I have a Thunderbay 4 with 4 x 4TB in Raid 5 (Giving me 12TB external storage). Since forever I have always partitioned my disks/arrays - so I have a partition for "Work" with all my work related files and projects on it, a partition for "Media" with all music, films and photos etc, a...
  12. khaidir77

    what format for secondary harddrive Mac Os High Sierra Beta Macbook Pro

    hie there i would like to know regarding format on my secondary harddrive on my macbook pro.At this moment my main ssd drive is on APFS format & my secondary drive im using 2TB Seagate Firecuda SSHD...should i format the SSHD into APFS too like my main ssd drive or just leave it as it is Mac...
  13. ascender

    2016 MBP - Can't install Bootcamp due to disk errors

    I need to install Windows on my MBP (13" TB, 16GB RAM) for some resource-hungry software which I can't run in a VM. However, every time I go to partition my disk within Bootcamp, I get told there's errors which need to be fixed with Disk Utility before I can proceed. Reboot in Recovery Mode...
  14. RedFlag

    Prohibitory sign after Sierra update, unmountable partition

    Hello. Yesterday I decided to update to Sierra from El Capitan on both the disks on my Macbook Pro (mid 2012); the update on my SSD went without a hitch so I decided I'd update my other disk, too. I downloaded the .app and the installation started as normal; once it got to the point where I'd...
  15. C

    How to resize Macintosh HD from deleted Linux Partition

    Hi, Probably some people have this problem and get it fixed.I couldnt find it here and probably slightly different from my problem. I have 25GB Linux Partition, 300MB Recovery HD and the rest is Macintosh HD partition. When i delete Linux partition using Disk Utility, automatically the...
  16. aliyajade

    Cannot install Snow Leopard on a certain HD

    Hello, I really hope you can help a newbie! I have two internal hard drives on my ancient Mac pro 2008. One I want to keep with Yosemite, but the other I want to reinstall Snow Leopard on, so i can run FCP 7 without the problems I have running it with Yosemite. I have erased the drive, so there...
  17. A

    Deleted my Macintosh HD, trying to reboot mavericks from a USB drive

    I bought a mac book pro, mid 2012, retina version- from somebody I didn't know, off of craigslist. First mistake. It seemed to work fine, but after awhile it started freezing often and then the folder with a question mark started to appear. I was told that all I had to do was make a bootable USB...
  18. Tobi218

    Windows Partition missing after Update

    Hey! Yesterday I installed macOS Sierra on my Mac-Partition. Everything went fine until i wanted to change to my Windows Partition. Instead of the Windows Partition i found this: If I select the right option the Mac booting screen appears. Somehow my Mac can't find the partition although it...
  19. Ireal123

    Issue with available space

    Hi guys, I've got a macbook pro (late 2012) with a 250sss on it. Somehow in disk utility a only see one partition for 190 gb. The rest of ny 60gb sonehow got mixxed in the recovery HD partiton. My question is the following: how can I use the 60gb? I don't know how I can remove them from...
  20. jgelin

    Resolved Resizing Partition, can't use free space?

    Hello I am currently trying to make the partition Odin which is at 2TB to fill the entire 4TB disk and its free space, which resulted from me erasing its original second one. However, it does not seem that I am able to expand the partition so that it is taking up the 4TB because dragging on the...