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Tyrian Cedar

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Jun 5, 2020
Is the below current Format / Partitioning scheme I have on my SD card that is permanently be attached to my MBA 2013 'good enough', or what commands should one do to get it to stay mounted and high-performing ?

/dev/disk2 (internal, physical):​
0: FDisk_partition_scheme *250.1 GB disk2​
1: Apple_HFS JetDrive 250.1 GB disk2s1​
(the above is from Terminal diskutil. The GUI identifies the card as “ USB Internal Physical Volume • Mac OS Extended (Journaled”) .)

Not enough to warrant upgrading my 8 GB RAM to 16 or getting an MBP, but rarely I indeed do a bit of heavy video editing with Da Vinci on projects stored on the SD ... which demands fast swapping). Don't want to lose data already on the SD by reformatting/repartitioning , if that is the way to go.

Background: A year ago I bought a Transcend JetDrive Lite 130 storage expansion card. It was great to have miraculously redressed all my out-of-storage issues by moving big non-essential files to it . Lately this issue has come up:
After Sierra upgrade the functionality of Transcend's 'JetDrive Toolbox' applet installed for having the Mac re-recognize/mount the drive after waking from sleep stopped working (Transcend support thread proved inconclusive), requiring again each computing session the removal and re-insertion of an ultralow-form-factor storage card that's meant to stay permanently on one's Mac.
Some others in this Apple support community have suggested reformatting it to GUID , but I don't want to lose all the data on the drive. I tried at least 'mount force /dev/disk2' in Terminal per advice on here to order my system to keep the drive appearing in Disk Utility between sleep sessions, and to try 'verifyDisk' in the hope of a 'repairDisk' but it said A GUID Partition Table (GPT) partitioning scheme is required (-69773).
What terminal commands would you follow to get to the holy grail of multipurpose SD storage expansion?
Related questions that may alternatively spark a thought :
  1. While I discovered that my dream of a 'poor man's RAM upgrade' (extending MacOS system swap to the SD) is a bad idea due to SD cards being slower than SSD and more prone to failure) -- I'm really open to advice as to whether it's better to keep having my video editor's swap set to the same SD the project files are on, or move all my Documents/Downloads from my internal SSD to the SD card instead and the Video Editor's swap back to the SSD.
  2. I've set this SD card as the Time Machine backup location, but they rarely get completed because it frequently is forgotten after sleep sessions. I hope the above fixes that ... but ... do you think it's a good idea in the first place to use an SD card as a hard drive backup solution? I heard that SD cards fail more frequently than SSD's ... but is that marginally more or a LOT more and there's no way around it but to manually attach a clunky external SSD every once in a while to do a manual backup?
You all rock, I wish there's a way on here to buy a coffee for people who take the time to answer!
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