1. maverick28

    iPhone Adding photos from My Photostream to an album doesn't work with a specific person

    I tried to add a photo with a specific person (if I didn't misunderstand the "specific person" part of the misbehaviour, of course) from My Photostream to an album containing photos only with that person but failed. It showed the typical Gene effect of the photo collapsing into the album's...
  2. Apple_Glen_UK

    iPhone Camera Apps - how many do you have?

    I've had iPhones for a few years now and mostly use the stock camera app. I recently got the new iPhone SE and the quality of photos is noticeably better than my old phone which was a 1st generation SE. I have Obscura 2 which I occasionally use and I am thinking of getting Halide, having read...
  3. Apple fanboy

    Weekly Photo Contest – August 20th-27th – Transformation

    So as Summer seems to be turning to Autumn (well temperatures at least!) around here I thought we could explore the subject of transformation. Can be in nature like a bud turning to flower or a butterfly emerging, or even at the other end of the cycle and withering away. Outside of nature it can...
  4. L

    iPhone XS Max How Do I Save All iMessage Pics/Videos in Bulk?

    My iMessage app is taking up like 40GBs on my Max, and I'd like to clean that up a bit. Unlike WhatsApp, iMessage doesn't save everything you receive into the camera roll. Is there an easy way to just export all pics and videos? If not, what's the best option?
  5. A

    iPhone Wifi Backup to Local Drive

    Needing recommendations on an app that will do the following: Automatic photo/video backups through wifi to local drive (NAS or PC/Mac HDD) Ability to schedule backup time and select exact folder location Automatic backups should work in the background, for example at night when phone is on...
  6. Wek

    Apple Photo

    Hi I have recently imported all my pictures from Dropbox to Apple Photo. I have imported and kept my folder structure from Dropbox. Main folder Pictures, then below, Vacations, Cat, Concerts and such. The folder structure is intact in apple Photo Albums -> My albums. The program then...
  7. Apple fanboy

    Weekly Photo contest - 27th to 3rd of June - Birds and the Bees

    So as @Laird Knox is busy getting some wonderful shots somewhere it falls to me to set this weeks theme. So we've had a lot of bird phots of late but I thought I'd widen it out to include the bees as well (or another interpretation on that theme!) So let's see your best! Rules are the same as...
  8. S

    iPhone X Photos Not Restoring From Back Up - Help

    I upgraded from an X to Xs and I had ios12 GM on the X....did the restore from back up on the XS and my pics still wont restore. The back up screen keeps saying will restore...but after a while its now just showing ready for next back up...but still no pictures. Anyone else see this?
  9. jusacruiser

    Organizing Photos - Filing in Albums or Tagging?

    I would like to be better at organizing my photos. I am constantly doing BOTH putting photos in albums and also tagging each picture. But it feels like I am doing double work. So what is easier......Filing all photos in albums....OR.....Tagging every photo and organizing that way?
  10. Stephen.Trae

    HELP. Red,Taupe, or Charcoal Grey?

    I've been going back and forth with these three colors for about three weeks and I can't seem to choose which one I should get. I can get the Red for about $40 and the Charcoal Grey for $42. So I'm more drawn to those two at the moment. However, Im not sure what they will look like after a few...
  11. L

    iPhone X Copying Photos/Vids from iPhone X Failing

    Just wanted to clear off some holiday vids on my iPhone X. Tried my standard method of connecting with a USB cable directly and using Image Capture. Found that copy/paste and drag-and-drop no longer work. Import looks to have the same functionality, so I choose a folder and after copying...
  12. Princess Cake

    Original Wallpaper folders from Cheetah-Tiger

    I'm trying to put together a complete set of every wallpaper that has shipped with OS X, from Cheetah all the way up to High Sierra. I know there is a collection that claims to have everything but the images are renamed/spread all over/edited. I'm wondering if anyone has unedited extracted...
  13. J

    iPhone Album to Google Photos

    Hi, I am hoping to find out how to automatically have my iPhone albums sync to a program like Google Photos or another web based storage. I want the pictures in two places but am tired of organizing them two times. Any helpful tips? Thanks!
  14. G

    Merging iPhoto and Photos Libraries

    Hi, So a few years back I accidentally unplugged my external hard drive and it seemed to mess up my iPhoto library in some way...I can't really remember what exactly happened but I can't open the library any more. Now I wan't to try and merge the photos from the old iPhoto library with my...
  15. dudeofblokes

    Photos not downloading after fresh iOS 11 install

    has anyone else got issues with the photos app not downloading photos from iCloud when a a fresh install of iOS11 has been done When i updated to iOS 11 I did a factory reset so I could keep everything new, but the photos app is empty even though iCloud is set to sync photos and I can see the...
  16. D

    How can I send a large amount of images from my Mac to a friend's iPad?

    I feel like there should be an obvious solution, but I just don't see it. I have 2GB of jpegs on my Mac that I need to get onto a friend's iPad 3. I have put them all in a ZIP file and sent them via WeTransfer, but the download doesn't seem to work on the iPad. What is the best way to send...
  17. cyberblood

    Alternative of Photos?

    Hi everybody, Many of you would answer fast, but in the reality the answer is not so simple. I need a good alternative of Photos for macOS. What I need is: - nice preview of the pictures - App that will associate with all picture's extension .jpg .png .gif ... and will run when click on picture...
  18. E

    Can save to folder, can't access that folder

    So I dislike using iPhoto and because of that I started a separate folder for when I cleared photos off my phone using Image Capture. When I open Image Capture it's still set to save images to that location, and will do so when I plug my phone in. However, I cannot access that folder any more. I...
  19. C

    Looking for call log app with notes and pictures

    Hello there, I am currently looking for an apartment in my town, and most of them are simply announced with a sign on the building. Many numbers don't answer on the first call, and don't return voice messages. I see many people using the good old pencil + compact notebook, stopping before each...
  20. duck-games

    Universal Tiles - addictive puzzle game

    Tiles is puzzle game with super innovative gameplay. Your challenge is to set up the tiles in right orientation. It’s very simple! Tap the tile to keep current position, rest of the tiles will rotate 90 degrees right. It is easy to learn, but remember it quickly gets tougher. Hundreds of...