1. N

    Listen to Podcasts Online

    I was curious if anyone has found an Apple website that lets you listen to your subscribed Podcasts. They have one for the new Apple Music and it syncs with your iCloud account. I was hoping there was something similar for Podcasts so I could listen to them when I don't have my phone available...
  2. dukee101

    Memory footprint of new Catalina media apps?

    Anyone know the average memory footprint for the new Music, Podcasts, and TV apps? (I say 'average' because there's variability in the footprint over time. Upon first launch, it's always at a low amount, but that changes over time.)
  3. W

    How to sync podcasts one way only?

    Hi everyone, I've got a iPhone/iTunes podcast syncing predicament. I've got some podcasts I've added to my iTunes on my Mac that are not available through the podcast app. I want to sync these podcasts to my iPhone, but I do NOT want to sync all of the podcasts on my phone to my computer. Is...
  4. T

    iPhone 6(S)(+) iPhone/Watch podcasts and wireless audio in the car?

    Hi All, I have a couple of things I’m considering with my iPhone 6(regular one not S or +), an Apple Watch I am considering buying, and podcasts (I use the standard Apple Podcasts app on my phone). I would like to control my podcasts on my phone while in the car with the Apple Watch...
  5. R

    How to stop deleted podcasts from transferring back from iPhone to iTunes?

    I'm running out of storage space on both my Macbook and my iPhone so I was deleting things to clear out some space. Among other things, I went through my podcasts in iTunes and spent 20+ minutes deleting dozens of episodes.* But then the next time I plugged my iPhone to sync it and back it up...
  6. S

    Too Many Podcasts Are Downloading

    Having a difficult time figuring out how to control the number of podcasts the AW is downloading. On my iPhone, podcast settings limit downloads of each podcast to the five most recent. However, the watch downloads every available podcast, months worth of multiple podcasts using 7.2 gb of space...
  7. Theophil1971

    Missing apps on WatchOS 5

    Updated my wife's Apple Watch to WatchOS 5 today, and it's missing the walkie-talkie and podcast apps. She has a series 3, 38mm cellular version of the watch. Settings on both the phone app and the watch confirm OS 5. Anyone else see this? Any ideas how to remedy?
  8. heavenleigh

    Garage band final product way different

    Hey everyone, I'm using the latest version for podcasting. I have found all the perfect settings and when I listen to the piece before compiling all the tracks into the final track, it sounds amazing. Volume and pitch is perfect, no echo and no reverb. However, when I export it to MP3 or AAC, it...
  9. E

    iPad Location Services & Podcasts

    Ever since the iOS 11 upgrade, I have the location services icons show up laid over the Podcasts icon. It isn't always there, but usually is, especially after restarting the iPad. Does anyone know where this is there?
  10. C

    Apps WatchCast or WatchPlayer offline podcast help!!

    I have figured out how to use both to transfer podcasts from my phone to my Apple Watch Series 3 (CPS + Cellular) running WatchOS 4.0.1. It is slower than I would like, but it works and I now have podcasts on my wrist! The problem I am having is with playback. They simply won't play. I have...
  11. macaronie

    iOS podcast app

    Most of the apps on iOS enable push notifications. Is there a reason podcast is pull?
  12. JamesLJ

    Every time I open iTunes on my Mac, my phone's Podcasts go crazy

    Hey Everyone! Long time no see. Here's the deal. I stopped syncing my phone to iTunes because it wouldn't not download all thousand and someodd podcasts on my phone to my tiny MacBook Air SSD. But now I can't even open iTunes to do anything with it without it wrecking my podcasts. It'll get...
  13. jamie.shaw

    Audio pausing on iOS 10.1 – Facebook background audio?

    Hi, Since upgrading to iOS 10.1, or for the past few days at least, I'm noticing issues with both the standard Music and Podcast apps pausing randomly for no reason. This happens both when walking with bluetooth headphones and when connected to the car via lightning. I can't find a root cause...
  14. M

    Saving Podcasts in iTunes

    Hi, I subscribe to several podcasts like I Need R3hab. If I want to save each episode and add them to a playlist in my iTunes library would I just download the podcast, drag it into the playlist in my library, and chance the tag from "podcast" to "music"? Do I need to do anything else? I found...
  15. A

    Is there an app that....?

    Hi I spend about 2 hours a day commuting to work (hour each way). Are there any apps where can I create custom playlists, so instead of just listening to music or audiobooks, I could shuffle between the two? For example, I could listen to 10 minutes of book 1, then have some music, then do a...