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  1. Melonking

    Upgrading advice PowerMac G5 to an M1 iMac

    Hi, Im planing to upgrade my mums main computer; she currently uses a G5 tower from around 2005, but it's not really able to go online reliably anymore and the DVI to ADB adapter keeps cutting out. I have a relatively clear idea of what my plan is but I figured I'd post here to check if anyone...
  2. C

    My PowerBook / MacBook Pro Collection so far

    Hey, I just wanted to show a bit of my PowerBook/ MacBook Pro collection so far! I'm missing the Retina and Butterfly models and still looking to add them soon. Left to Right: 2001 15" PowerBook G4 Titanium, 2004 15" PowerBook G4 Aluminum, 2006 MacBook Pro 15" Core Duo, 2010 MacBook Pro 15"...
  3. tensixturtle

    Ideas For Interesting Uses/Projects?

    Hello, Very sorry to take up your time. Recently I have been really busy and have not had so much time to work with my PowerPC Macs. The early Intels get more attention and I have mostly been using them. I don't like having the PowerPC Macs just sitting around, and I was wondering if anyone...
  4. Yumiko Noua

    Tiny core linux don't Detects virtual hard disk in virtual pc 7.0.3

    Hi, as I wrote in the title, tiny core don't Detects the virtual hard disk, how i can fix this? Is there anything to put on when it starts? any help is appreciated :)
  5. InAWhiteRoom

    iSight Camera on PowerPC

    Hi all, I have an iSight camera arriving in a few days, and I’m trying to figure out if it can work on a PowerPC Mac with any kind of video calling these days. I can’t see that FaceTime is likely to be compatible, but any thoughts on in-browser solutions, iChat, or more imaginative...
  6. Yumiko Noua

    No mouse driver on tiny core linux 9.0 on virtual pc 7.0.3

    (I don't know if is the correct place to write this, but i try). Hi, as written in the title, i have a small problem with mouse driver in virtual pc 7 with tiny core linux 9.0, somebody know how to fix? mac: iMac g3. cpu: 500mhz. ram: 768mb. graphic card: 16mb. any help is appreciated! :)
  7. B

    FreeBSD on PowerMac G5?

    Anyone has an experience? I wanna try installing it as a second system. Instructions online appear to be pre-historic, while PowerPC (incl. ppc64) should be fully supported in the latest FreeBSD 13.
  8. D

    Performa 5215CD No Video

    Got a Performa 5215CD and when I boot it up I get fan spin and drive noise but no video. The CD drive even opens up. When I take out the board there is no damage and other than a fine layer of dust, it looks like new. What could be the problem here? If it needs a recap, where can I find an in...
  9. P

    PowerMac G3 B&W no signal

    Hello everyone, So I got an old PowerMac G3 Blue and White off eBay. At first, I had problems with getting a signal. I reseated the RAM a few times and everything worked again. Last night I was writing a text on Mac OS 8.5.1 and then I turned the Mac off. This morning, I wanted to use it...
  10. B

    What do we need to build a modern WebKit-based browser?

    TFF is no more, and anyway FF is grumpy. How about building a modern Webkit-based browser? To be honest, I do not yet conceive the difficulty involved. However, as a first step, I did fix building all essential dependencies for WebKit2-gtk for PowerPC, including the latest versions of gstreamer1...
  11. B

    How to share wifi from iOS 15?

    While this is not strictly PPC problem but rather common to old OS, I guess I have higher chances to get a reply here. After iOS 15.3.1 update iPhone hotspot began to be detected on 10.6 and lower as 802.1x network, and Mac consequently asks for Username/Password, while in reality of course no...
  12. M

    Help installing jaguar on an iBook G3 Snow

    So I have OS X 10.1 Puma installed on my iBook G3 Snow. but i wanted to upgrade it. but sadly i only had 2 blank CDs left, so i used the blank CDs for Jaguar. So when was installing Jaguar. The Installer gets stuck in the essential system apps part and the CD Drive stops. HOW DO I FIX IT! I...
  13. H

    disabling pins 3 and 11 on Nvidia 7800GS

    I would love some advice. I got an Nvidia 7800GS for my PowerMac G4 MDD. I was able to flash the correct ROM and put tape on pins 3 and 11. I installed it on my PM and booted. It took a while to boot but Sorbet Leopard loaded. I went to the profiler and it saw the GPU. However Geekbench was...
  14. B

    llvm and ld64 for ppc64 on Leopard

    I dunno if this info is gonna be of value for anyone, but just in case: if you want to build software on Leopard for ppc64 with Macports or otherwise, you will likely bump into a problem with llvm, which is required for ld64 (native Xcode one won't work for new stuff) and has to be of the same...
  15. B

    ffmpeg for PowerPC: some improvements

    If anyone is interested in building ffmpeg, I have fixed several its components to build for PowerPC and in particular 10A190. libsdl2 – updated to v. 2.0.9 libzvbi – fixed build on 10A190 libass – fixed build on 10A190 libvpx – updated to the latest version Here is the config which currently...
  16. B

    Mac Any Haskell developers around? Need help with building GHC

    I am trying to fix ghc compiler for PowerPC Macs. I was able to build ghc 7.6.3 after bootstrapping ghc 7.0.1 from existing semi-official source, however as of now 7.7 and 7.8.4 fail to build with an odd error. I describe the progress here: Relevant topic...
  17. B

    Mac OS X 10.4 on PowerMac 7600

    I have bumped into this post and found it pretty fascinating: how to get Tiger onto a pre-historic PowerMac. Wonder if the author is here.
  18. tensixturtle

    Lots of problems! How to get started (from nothing) with Linux on PowerPC

    Hello, I apologize for my ignorance for this topic. I am trying to get Linux on my (New World) PowerPC Mac and am having an extremely hard time. I was trying Macbuntu but after burning the ISO to a DVD, I cannot boot from it by holding option at startup. I click on the disc but it will just...
  19. B

    i2p for PowerPC: likely we get it!

    Has anyone been able to build i2p and Signal for PowerPC? i2p has a version in C++ which in principle should build: GUI version requires Qt5, so unless someone either backports it to Qt4 or fixes Qt5 for ppc, we are out of luck...
  20. tensixturtle

    iMac G3 (Summer 2001) - Any Hope?

    Hello, I have a summer 2001 iMac G3 that I have no idea the background of. All I know is that it does not turn on. I have changed the PRAM battery and pushed the reset button on the logic board, and I have checked the trickle power which showed that the PSU isn't supplying enough power. I am...