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  1. flatjuba

    Evernote stopped working in PPC?

    Anyone use Evernote in their 10.5.8 or 9? I believe they stopped syncing with the PPC now....It has been weeks I was unable to retrieve my notes stored in Evernote, despite I paid it for a year.
  2. G

    Power Mac 7300/180 IDE Card

    Hi, I am new here and wanted to reach out since I acquired a Power Mac 7300/180 with a CPU upgrade in it from Facebook Marketplace as a project computer to get it running and to dive into retro Macintoshes. The SCSI hard drive died along with the CD drive that came stock in the computer. I...
  3. DistroHopper39B

    [GUIDE] NEW Method: Booting from USB on PowerPC Macs

    After digging deep into Open Firmware, I think I have discovered a method to booting from USB on PowerPC Macs that works flawlessly* on every NewWorld Mac made after 1999. This method doesn't rely on having a USB flash drive that happens to play well with Open Firmware or any externally powered...
  4. Yumiko Noua

    I'm still asking how this is possible...

    someone on reddit put this image I'm still asking how... how this Is possible? I tried everything on my IMac g3 with no result. the only thing that the creator of this post on reddit say is: can someone replicate this? I will try later for this, but if possible, can someone help me with this...
  5. PowerPCFan

    All Mac OS Versions Ever Released 2001-2023! (WikiPost)

    I thought I'd make a list of all Mac OS X versions ever released, so here it is. Please edit mistakes and add missing info. (I think I messed up some dates so check those :)) Feel free to make suggestions on things that should be added to this chart too! List of All OS X Versions Ever...
  6. Baumachon

    Installing Mac OS tiger using a newer Mac, to

    Hey guys, I am trying to install Tiger to an SSD, for my Graphite G4. It is currently having display issues, can’t get anything to show on screen. It boots and chimes though. I was wondering if I could use one of my other working macs to install tiger to the SSD and then replace it in the G4. I...
  7. Ryan Bremer

    iTunes 10.6.3 will never die!

    iTunes 10.6.3 still works great as of now. iTunes Store works Previews of music videos work iTunes Radio works You can browse podcasts You can also browse movies Same with apps iTunes U works too :) Buying movies/songs on iTunes doesn't work however, it says that you need to upgrade your...
  8. PowerPCFan

    [POLL] Is doing this dangerous?

    Just if you’re curious, I don’t do this, I was the curious one and wanted to know other people’s thoughts on this questionable thing. Edit: here's an image of what I was picturing when I said "Right next to where you sleep" (image generated by Kapwing AI)
  9. Yumiko Noua

    Driver audio openbsd macppc (imac g3)

    Someone know if there is a driver audio for internal/external microphone and internal/external audio? i hope someone know, thanks in advance.
  10. Yumiko Noua

    Perfect discord client for openbsd 7.3 powerpc aka macppc [guide]

    WARNING: The use of this client can make your account terminated(is really low the possibility, but still.) use this guide at your own risk! Hello! i recently found a discord alternative client with the name "abaddon" and i asked myself "can i build/compile it on my imac g3 with openbsd?" well...
  11. xnthvtc

    Power Mac G4 MDD Input and Installation Issues

    I have a Power Mac that I'm trying to install an OS on, but for some reason every time I boot into one of my many install disks, it either stalls and then displays an icon of a ripped folder, or shows me a loading screen indefinitely. (The latter happens mostly with 10.x versions) So my...
  12. vmflame

    PowerMac G4 / 3 Beeps on startup

    I received today my PowerMac G4. I tried installing Mac OS 9, I received a message that Installation is complete and computer is ready to restart. Then I restarted a computer and I heard 3 beeps holy sh*t. I have no idea what to do. Can someone help please? Thanks!
  13. M

    ITG2 (In The Groove 2) On PowerPC Macs

    I love playing Stepmania a lot on my iMac G3 600, but I want something that is more ITG2 themed, but the problem is, the themes I tried were glitchy and barely working because of the mac compatibility with themes. So, Is there someone who can make a stepmania based ITG2 G3 port that works like...
  14. cellularmitosis

    Developing for Tiger and Leopard / PowerPC (a devlog)

    I thought I'd start a thread about how to develop applications for PowerPC Macs running Tiger and Leopard, as I learn to do so. (I know there is a programming-specific sub-forum here, but that's really oriented towards modern macOS / iOS development, so I figured this sub-forum is a better fit...
  15. tevion5

    Resolved Can't authorize iTunes 10 on Leopard?

    Hi folks, just recently I reset my 5 authorised devices for my new M2 Pro mini. I've since picked up a 1st gen iPad in beautiful condition and wanted to set it up for sync with my Power Mac G5 running Leopard. However when I go to authorise iTunes (to add purchased music, apps etc) I get stuck...
  16. Yumiko Noua

    what i'm wrong with xorg.conf imac g3 openbsd?

    Hello, i think i'm wrong something.. i try using this configuration but don't work.. because openbsd 7.2 say: no screen(s) found. What i can do for fix/resolve this? Thanks in advance!
  17. useydess

    Can't run Mac OS Game on OS X Tiger in Classic mode

    I've been having a issue with a game i got for my PowerPC mac, its made for Mac OS 8.5 or better however when i attempt to run/install it on OS X 10.4.11 with Classic mode i get a error saying "That application or control panel is not supposed by Classic" any idea how to get past this?
  18. B S Magnet

    Mac2K: The Years’ 2038 and 2040 Problems

    Mac2K: The Years’ 2038 and 2040 Problems WikiPost struck: 31 January 2023 Last edited: 31 January 2023 OVERVIEW For folks who use PowerPC and even Intel Macs (prior to, say, macOS 10.15 Catalina), it’s never too soon or too late to start planning for the impending, dual Y2K-like hard limits...
  19. B S Magnet

    Your free [acquisitions/electronics recycling/dumpster dive] finds: PowerPC Macs edition

    This thread is for PowerPC Macs you’ve either been given for free; found for free; rescued (again, for free) from an electronics recycler; or best yet, a dumpster-dive find. (I’ve also started a parallel thread on the Early Intel Macs forum for found Macs of the Intel variety). Over the years...
  20. M

    Forkbomb Podcast episode with Wicknix! and talk about iChat AV

    Greetings Everyone! @pipetogrep and I recorded an episode with @wicknix the resident browser extraordinairem author of InterWebPPC , SpiderWeb, ArcticFox and others! We discussed several topics revolving web browsers , Linux on PPC and video chatting over the internet with iChat AV on Leopard...