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recovery mode

  1. A

    Mac OS X Blinking folder icon, key combinations not working!

    Hello, I recently purchased an old Macbook Pro 2014. Then I had to factory reset the computer because I don't want the data of previous owner. After wiping out the hard disk, I tried to reinstall the os from recovery mode over the internet. But I couldn't do that because it gave the error "the...
  2. E

    HELP! - iPhone 12 stuck in recovery mode

    I'm a pretty knowledgeable user when it comes to problems with iPhones. However, this one has me good... So I was trying to set up my phone using the "restore from iCloud backup" option. But it paused during the backup download, so I had no option but to force restart. Now it's stuck in...
  3. S

    Boot up issue

    My mac freezes on boot and when entering recovery mode, it won’t load disk utility and when I type in to the Terminal diskutil cs list I stares no core volume found… can anyone help me get my Mac working again…?
  4. M

    MP 1,1-5,1 MP3, 1 with Catalina unable to Recovery Mode & Boot from USB Installer

    Hi, My MP 3,1 (2008) has installed "Catalina" and run smoothly! Question: 1) There's definitely NO Recovery Mode for DosDude version? Any alternative way? 2) I'm not able to "Option + Power" to launch the boot from USB Installer. What's your suggestion?
  5. G

    Disk utility not showing macintosh HD in internet recovery mode

    I just switched on my macbook pro mid 2014 today and i got the folder with the question mark.I did not get such issues in the past and used my macbook pro normally until yesterday without any problems.So i did command + R to enter recovery mode but brought me to internet recovery mode.I opened...
  6. ThatSomeone

    Rebooted Mac after erasing drive, Internet Recovery gives me El Capitan instead of Montery

    I was erasing my Mac today to prepare it for selling, and during the process of erasing the drive I decided to reboot it in order to verify that the OS and the data was gone. I was expecting to get back into the same recovery mode. However, I was put into internet recovery which downloaded an...
  7. N

    Restore vs. Recovery Mode vs. DFU Mode

    I'm looking for detailed descriptions of what actually happens when you use each recovery method, since Apple is not very transparent about this. I know the recommended reasons for each method, but I want to know all of what happens under the hood. My understanding is: Update OTA - a patch...
  8. S

    MacBook Pro ⌘+R no longer working after removing volumes with Disk Utils

    Hey all I have a MacBook Pro 2016 model with 2 Thunderbolt 3 ports. My LCD cracked and I am unable to see anything on it. Therefore I bought myself a thunderbolt to HDMI/USB3.0/USB2.0 dongle for it so that I could see the screen on my TV. Everything worked great. I did the ⌘+R when starting...
  9. S

    Can't reinstall macOS from recovery mode, won't allow me to select system disk

    I am attempting to re-install Big Sur 11.3 from recovery mode on my system disk. When selecting my internal disk when attempting to do this, I receive the following error: Have no idea what it could be, searches weren't any help. Troubleshooting steps already tried to no avail: Restarting...
  10. S

    On 11.3 Public Beta. If I reinstall "latest version" from recovery, do I get 11.3 or 11.2.x?

    On the latest PB, but having major issues with Spotlight, even after trying a variety of "fixes" (adding drive to privacy then re-adding, sudo mdutil -E /, safe mode, disk utility first aid, restarting, deleting index with Cocktail and Onyx, reindex command from spotlight, etc) I've found...
  11. A

    Failing at downgrading Big Sur

    I've been trying to downgrade to Catalina from Big Sur for 2 days now on a brand new machine that came with Big Sur. I've tried numerous ways. Currently, I'm running into 2 issues. (Ignore the wrong screen resolution in the photos below - this seems to be an effect while in Recovery Mode only...
  12. T

    MP 1,1-5,1 MP 4.1/5.1 Recovery mode/boot screen won't work at all

    Hi! At start I'm very sorry for my English. It's not my mother tounge. I'm quite new in this. All I wanted is cheap Mac device that is quite powerfull so I bought 2009 Mac Pro with HD 5870. All I did was to change graphics card so I bought RX 470 and Installed it. Beacuse I wanted to play some...
  13. Keblar

    Mac mini 2018 wont boot to finish installation process of Catalina

    Please help! So I needed to do a fresh install of Catalina. I booted into recovery mode, erased the whole drive (SSD), then proceeded with the initial installation of Catalina. The mini did a restart and then it shows what I suppose is a Kernel Panic (an image of a power button with different...
  14. I

    MacBook Pro won’t startup, recovery partition lost

    Hi community! Looking for advice... i have a MacBook Pro 2011 15” (model number A1286). Obviously this device is quite old but has been maintained well (new battery, several new hard drives in its lifetime and a few other bits). It has been working fine for a while, I mainly use it for browsing...
  15. H

    Recovery Mode NOT Loading!

    Hello I recently picked up a iMac Mid 2011 27” 3.4GHz i7 1TB HDD with 16GB Ram for a $150 bucks because the person couldn’t get past the flashing question mark folder which I’ve easily fixed several times in the past before. However this time I’ve run into a new problem... The iMac does NOT...
  16. flaubert

    Can't access Recovery after 5,1 upgraded to 10.14.5

    So, this is weird... my 2010 cMP 5,1 was running fine on 10.14.4 and firmware until last night. Last night I finally undertook the firmware update process to and the install of the full 10.14.5, no problems. At the conclusion of it all, I booted my Mac up normally and...
  17. O

    Restore MacBook outside of recovery mode?

    Hi everyone, Hope you're well this is my first post here. I have an old A1181 MacBook running OS X 10.6.8 Snow Leopard which i am looking to wipe and sell. I have made a USB Boot Drive using Disk Utility and a Snow Leopard .dmg. Restored in the correct way OS Extended Journaled, GUID...
  18. W

    iMac 2007 Problems

    Hello, I had an old iMac 7.1 (2007) at my work and I wanted to reboot it after a couple of years and I want to give it to my sun, but there are some problems. At First: When I reboot it it gives me a screen with a folder and a question mark in it. But then I tried to enter recovery mode but this...
  19. D

    Recovery Mode Mac OS Version

    So I downloaded some third party software so i could install a later MacOS version than what was compatable with my current model Mac-mini. It's been a while and I can't recall where I got it from. There was also an option to change the version of MacOS in recovery mode. Now when I go to...
  20. T

    MacPro 3.1 / 980 Ti - 4k image shrunk (switchresx?) No screen in recovery mode

    Just got a Geforce 980 Ti and 4k tv for my old (not Hack) MacPro 2008. 4k image is too small, and no controls for scaling, so trying to use SwitchResX, but it now says no custom anything in OSX 10.11.6 (can't update further) without first disabling SIP which seems to require CMD R at boot...