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recovery mode

  1. M

    Recover a time machine backup of a stolen Mac

    Hi everyone, - STOLEN MAC : MacBook Pro 16″ 2019: macOS 14.1.2 - NEW MAC : MacBook Pro 13″ 2019: macOS 14.4 I have 2 different hard disks with backups made with Time Machine of the stolen mac. I'm trying to recover it completely on the new mac Initially I tried with "Recovery Assistant". But...
  2. glucas32

    Catalina (MacBook Air) cannot launch recovery mode, safe mode and rejects admin password

    I have a Macbook Air (A1466) (Catalina 10.15.6) that will not launch recovery mode or accept user admin login password. After exploring the password recovery link, I see that the boot volume is encrypted (Filevalut?), but I am unable to change the startup volume or erase the HD. I am unable to...
  3. Derived

    MP 7,1 Mac Pro 7,1 Will Not Boot From Any External Volume

    Just as the title says - I have been at this for about 10-12 hours now, and I am completely stumped. The machine is running the latest version of Sonoma (which I'm learning has some serious issues with external drives) and no matter what, it cannot see any external volumes or devices as...
  4. N

    No recovery for the wicked ?

    Hi guys I have a 2015 iMac 27", lent it to a friend and... he partitioned my HD, it became full slowing down the computer no end ( that plus an array of folders scattered all over, etc, etc... ) so i tried to re-install High Sierra which i think is the OS it came with. I shut down the computer...
  5. D

    Two Macintosh HD icons-Error 69716,Error 69845

    I apologize if this has been posted for the umpteenth time. I'm very confused on how to approach this, even after reading previous topics on here and the apple forums. Running Sonoma 14.0 on a 2020 iMac (3.8 GHz 8-Core intel i7) Disk utility fails in recovery mode and on desktop. I have two...
  6. M

    Secure Erasing Intel Macs that DON'T have FileVault on

    I'm not able to find anything saying if this will work or not. I have a bunch of Intel iMacs to erase company data off of then get rid of. They were setup before I got here, and they were setup without FileVault. If I turn FileVault ON, let it encrypt then forget the password and reinstall...
  7. K

    iMac Retina Mid 2017 (Fusion Drive) Recovery mode not working.

    Hi, I got the above iMAC and I have a problem of accessing the Recovery mode of it. I guess this happened after I tried to install Windows via BootCamp and then failed. (Allocated partition was recovered using bootcamp itself) Neither of following doesn't work at the moment while booting with a...
  8. R

    How come the past 2 macOS updates have resulted in my computer booting into recovery mode?

    How come the past 2 macOS updates have resulted in my computer booting into recovery mode? Wait let me explain and wait for the kicker... Over a month ago I Was on the phone with Apple regarding an issue of my Notes not syncing on my iphone and/or iMac desktop. Apple pointed out that my OS...
  9. JaneTheVirgo

    Recovery Mode!

    Hi! I have a 2009 MacBook Air and I’ve tried everything to fix it. I’m in internet recovery mode and don’t know what to do now. 😢
  10. J

    Really need help with Iphone XS Boot loop.

    So i have iphone XS and i updated ios to 16.1.1 and everything seemed fine. Then the next day my internet wasnt working like if there wasnt wifi/mobile data module in the phone. So i restarted it and it got in boot loop. I tried all the solutions in YouTube. I got in recovery mode and tried to...
  11. A

    Mac OS X Blinking folder icon, key combinations not working!

    Hello, I recently purchased an old Macbook Pro 2014. Then I had to factory reset the computer because I don't want the data of previous owner. After wiping out the hard disk, I tried to reinstall the os from recovery mode over the internet. But I couldn't do that because it gave the error "the...
  12. E

    HELP! - iPhone 12 stuck in recovery mode

    I'm a pretty knowledgeable user when it comes to problems with iPhones. However, this one has me good... So I was trying to set up my phone using the "restore from iCloud backup" option. But it paused during the backup download, so I had no option but to force restart. Now it's stuck in...
  13. S

    Boot up issue

    My mac freezes on boot and when entering recovery mode, it won’t load disk utility and when I type in to the Terminal diskutil cs list I stares no core volume found… can anyone help me get my Mac working again…?
  14. M

    MP 1,1-5,1 MP3, 1 with Catalina unable to Recovery Mode & Boot from USB Installer

    Hi, My MP 3,1 (2008) has installed "Catalina" and run smoothly! Question: 1) There's definitely NO Recovery Mode for DosDude version? Any alternative way? 2) I'm not able to "Option + Power" to launch the boot from USB Installer. What's your suggestion?
  15. G

    Disk utility not showing macintosh HD in internet recovery mode

    I just switched on my macbook pro mid 2014 today and i got the folder with the question mark.I did not get such issues in the past and used my macbook pro normally until yesterday without any problems.So i did command + R to enter recovery mode but brought me to internet recovery mode.I opened...
  16. ThatSomeone

    Rebooted Mac after erasing drive, Internet Recovery gives me El Capitan instead of Montery

    I was erasing my Mac today to prepare it for selling, and during the process of erasing the drive I decided to reboot it in order to verify that the OS and the data was gone. I was expecting to get back into the same recovery mode. However, I was put into internet recovery which downloaded an...
  17. N

    Restore vs. Recovery Mode vs. DFU Mode

    I'm looking for detailed descriptions of what actually happens when you use each recovery method, since Apple is not very transparent about this. I know the recommended reasons for each method, but I want to know all of what happens under the hood. My understanding is: Update OTA - a patch...
  18. S

    MacBook Pro ⌘+R no longer working after removing volumes with Disk Utils

    Hey all I have a MacBook Pro 2016 model with 2 Thunderbolt 3 ports. My LCD cracked and I am unable to see anything on it. Therefore I bought myself a thunderbolt to HDMI/USB3.0/USB2.0 dongle for it so that I could see the screen on my TV. Everything worked great. I did the ⌘+R when starting...
  19. S

    Can't reinstall macOS from recovery mode, won't allow me to select system disk

    I am attempting to re-install Big Sur 11.3 from recovery mode on my system disk. When selecting my internal disk when attempting to do this, I receive the following error: Have no idea what it could be, searches weren't any help. Troubleshooting steps already tried to no avail: Restarting...
  20. S

    On 11.3 Public Beta. If I reinstall "latest version" from recovery, do I get 11.3 or 11.2.x?

    On the latest PB, but having major issues with Spotlight, even after trying a variety of "fixes" (adding drive to privacy then re-adding, sudo mdutil -E /, safe mode, disk utility first aid, restarting, deleting index with Cocktail and Onyx, reindex command from spotlight, etc) I've found...