retina display

  1. A

    Yellow patch on MacBook Pro 2018 screen

    umm ive been having this issue with the bottom of my screen going yellow, true tone and night shift are off and this is still happening. Anyone know how to resolve this or if its a hardware issue?
  2. J.Appleseed

    BookBook users with Retina MacBook Pros: how does your display coating hold up?

    Hi everyone, I recently replaced my non-retina 2012 MacBook Pro with a 2018 MacBook Pro, and while the 2018 MacBook Pros are not part of Apple's service program for the display coating I can't find any information about it having changed since the 2016 MacBook Pros. I am using a BookBook with...
  3. L

    Question regarding the performance of a MBP when it has it's retina display disabled

    I'm using this app called EasyRes (very reputable app from what I've heard) on my 2017 MBP. I've disabled the retina display (2x) by using it's standard setting (1x) and I was just wondering if doing so would affect my computer's overall performance. Like will it help its battery life, make it...
  4. Dhebi101

    DROPPED HARD! MacBook Pro Late 2103 Retina Display

    So... Am I LUCKY? or what??? This is a story for people who feel that things are hopeless when they drop their computer and the display goes out!! First off, my computer was stolen. I got it back. That is another story. THEN.... the charger port went off the rails, so, I found a guy to...
  5. C

    Retina screen smudges and marks on 2018 Pro

    Hi everyone, Bought the 2018 MacBook Pro with TB last month, only just had a look and can see some weird marks on my screen looks like smudges but when I use my fibre cloth it doesn't seem to go away so was thinking maybe I was cleaning it wrong? Anyone with the new model suggest best way to...
  6. H

    Macbook Pro Retina Display 2015 - Exploding/Dead Pixel Issue - Not Covered with AppleCare?

    Hey there! long time lurker, first time poster here. (Long post/Rant/Jumble of words incoming- TL : DR at the bottom!) I've been having a bit of a nightmare with my 2015 Macbook Pro these past few weeks, which has just recently developed an "exploded" pixel (example...
  7. P

    Backlight problem at 90º LCD opening

    Hi, I have a Macbook Pro 13' TouchBar (Late 2016). When I open the screen everything looks OK, but when I pass the 90º opening, the Backlight fails and I have to position the screen below 90º for the Backlight to restore (I know it is the Backlight because I used a flashlight at the screen and...
  8. K

    Buy Apple Care but Find Out They Won’t Honor?

    I don’t know what to do. I bought an Apple MacBook Pro 13 Inch about. Year ago. I bought the 250 some dollar Apple care. One day I put my thumb in the gap and lifted to open the lid and I felt a pop. The screen popped and the top part turned back. Over the next day or so, the whole opals is...
  9. johnahRK

    Replacing Retina Display with non-Retina Diaplay?

    My retina display in macbook pro 2013 model broke. Part Number: 661-8153. Apple store said it will cost me $430 to get it replaced. I don't want to spend $430 on this old macbook pro. What are my options? Can I instead put 2012 non-retina display or any other display to it which will cost me...
  10. kevinmichael062

    Non Retina Vs Retina

    Quick Question: I Have a 2013 Macbook Pro Retina 13inch i5 128gb SSD 2.4GHZ 4GB ram and i love it My friend has a 2011 Macbook Pro 13 Inch 500GB SSD 8GB Ram i5 2.3 Perfect condition He wants to trade me because he likes the new smaller design Honestly is it worth it for me?
  11. F

    Screen scratched - Macbook pro 13" 2015 retina

    I've been reading a lot of threads about scratches and coating peeling off from macbook pros. However, I wasn't able to find yet something concrete about it. I have a 2009 macbook pro 15", a macbook air 11" 2011 and now a macbook pro 13" 2015. I never had issues with the first two, despite...
  12. J

    Messed up my macbook pro retina (2015) display and more?

    laptop : macbook pro 13" retina display, early 2015 model I fell with my laptop in my hand and it didn't go so well. When I opened my laptop it was clear i broke a LED light in my screen as theres a black bar (on the right of my display). Apart from that my display is breaking into lines...
  13. G

    iMac 27 5k Late 2015 - display have different tint 50/50

    Hello, dear Apple community! Sorry if same questions can be found somewhere in the forum's depths, but I didn't manage to find similar topics. I have a display problem with brand new iMac 27 5k Late 2015 which I bought 3 weeks ago and already replaced it 2 times. Which means I have already...
  14. AJClayton

    Mac Pro (Late 2013) slow typing

    Ever since upgrading to Sierra in late December 2016, I've had an annoying issue with Sierra on my Mac Pro (Late 2013). When I type in TextEdit and certain other applications like Coda 2, typing is very slow, not keeping up with me as a key letters and scrolling is very jerky. Coda 2 is...
  15. W

    New Macbook Pro 2016 Screen Pixel Issues

    Hey-- my three week old mac book pro 13" - Dec 2016 - has a messed up pixelated screen when open it up and have to open and close the lid 3 to 5 times to get it to stop. anyone else having this issue already? lose wire? Bad QC? Bad design? rushed manufacturing? this does not seem like a good...
  16. A

    Retina Screen Remorse!

    Hi, I'm new to this forum. I am an admitted Apple fanatic--I've been hooked on Apple products for years. iPads, iPhones, iMacs, MacBooks, Apple TVs--we have 'em all over the house. When the new 12-inch MacBooks were released, I was hit with upgrade fever, so I recently purchased one to...
  17. iPaintCode

    Your 15 rMBP Resolution Scaling Preference?

    Calling all professionals who use a 15" Retina MacBook Pro. Talking to others on the small scale I've found many didn't even know the Retina displays scaled great when using higher resolutions. I've been curious for a long time what other working professionals prefer to set their...
  18. R

    Retina screen swap

    i am getting my very first MacBook (mid 2012) non-retina... what I am wondering is if I were to get my hands on a retina display for a mid 2012 and put that in would it make my display retina?
  19. A

    4K/60Hz retina displays for new MBPs

    As the LG UltraFine 21" 4K display has a shipping time of 5-7 weeks and a rather high price: What 4K displays are suggested to use with the new MBPs? I've not heard of any others with USB-C/Thunderbolt 3, so I'm wondering if one should look for displays with HDMI, Thunderbolt 2 or other...
  20. 4ubrey

    2016 Macbook Pros powering 27" 5k Retina iMac?

    Does anyone have a solid grasp on the hardware capabilities on the new MacBook Pros (13 or 15) to know if it'd power the 27" 5k iMac screen? I know I'd need at least a Thunderbolt 2 to Thunderbolt 3 cable, but would that cut it? The LG displays seem to be supported at 5k. The previous...