retina macbook pro

  1. L

    Question regarding the performance of a MBP when it has it's retina display disabled

    I'm using this app called EasyRes (very reputable app from what I've heard) on my 2017 MBP. I've disabled the retina display (2x) by using it's standard setting (1x) and I was just wondering if doing so would affect my computer's overall performance. Like will it help its battery life, make it...
  2. S

    Pricing a '17 MBP w/Small Display Crack?

    Unfortunately my 2017 MBP 15" has a small crack in the bottom of the display in the bezel area, not in the active pixel zone of the monitor. I'm going to sell it instead of replacing the screen assembly. I'm wondering about two things: first, how to price it, and second, whether it's best to...
  3. Animattronic

    MacBook Pro Retina 15" 2015 -after warranty

    Hello! I'm relatively new MacBook user - I've switched from ThinkPad in 2015, when mid-2015 Retina models came out. I really like the computer, mostly use it for a data science tasks - data-intensive algorithms, programming, data visualization etc. Apparently, my Apple Care period has ended now...
  4. redheeler

    The 2012 Retina MacBook Pro - A Retrospective

    Now that Apple has declared the original Retina MacBook Pro to be "vintage", I though I would write up a quick retrospective on the first Mac I ever owned. I recently noticed that many people in this thread were critical of the price at the time. Yes, it was more expensive, but I'd argue...
  5. O

    Macbook retina new battery capacity decreasing within days

    Hello: My original Macbook retina mid 2012 battery was dying after 5 yrs of use and 850 cycle. So I bought a new battery, installed it and after few days of use, the design capacity went down to 81%.Mac shutdown at about 28%. I returned it with no hassle. Battery was a yr old. Then I bought...
  6. S

    2015 MBP SSD Upgrade?

    I'm interested in an SSD upgrade for my 2015 rmbp 8/256. There appear to be upgrade options from OWC and MCETech respectively:
  7. imrazor

    Retina 2012 13" MBP overheating (>100ºC)

    I recently picked up a 2012 Retina MBP 13" with a broken screen that I've been using as a desktop until I can get the screen repaired (or do it myself.) I've noticed that when doing something as innocuous as playing HD video the temperatures can get quite high. Now that is with 12 or so...
  8. F

    2012 rMBP, can I save money by replacing battery and keyboard at the same time

    So I have a 2012 rMBP whose battery is basically RIP. The thing is a few years back I spilled soup on it, and the keyboard is broken(and of course the moisture sensors are red). I was thinking about getting the battery replaced, but if I did that could I save money on asking them to replace...
  9. psynnott

    Mid-2012 MBP Retina - obsolete?

    I have a mid-2012 MBP retina. Just ticked over on 5 years old. The battery is doing ok, 300 cycles and 83% capacity. However, I'm wondering should I get this booked in for a battery replacement now? According to Apple (, vintage/obsolete products are...
  10. I

    Apple Care staff promised to replace my MacBoook Pro but now they are saying they won't!

    My 2012 retina MacBook pro had several issues and about 5 weeks ago, I took it to the Apple Store in Ginza, Tokyo. The system would shut down intermittently, the display showed image sticking, the trackpad wouldn't work sometimes, the battery needed replacing and sometimes the SD card reader...
  11. B

    MBP 13" Retina Screen Flicker Only in Mail

    So I'm having a screen flicker issue with my new MacBook Pro 13" with TouchBar. But the flicker issue only occurs while I'm using Apple Mail. About once a minute, I see a flicker towards the left side of the screen. I just updated to Sierra 10.12.2 and it did not resolve the issue which makes me...
  12. A

    1st gen (2013-2015) Retina battery longevity?

    I am trying to get an impression of the longevity of the the battery in the first-gen MBPs. What is your cycle count and design capacity? How often do you perform condition charges/discharges? How long have you let it sit empty, full, or unused for an extended period? I have an early 2015 13"...
  13. dannys1

    Redmond Pie has positive MacBook Pro article

    Kind of odd when a site originally focussed around Microsoft posts a more positive slant on the MacBook Pro than the MacRumors site - it's also like Kim knows his readers and forum and just enjoys stoking them up for clicks and visits...
  14. Phightinphils

    15" Apple Store Arrival

    Any word or insight when demo's will hit the floors at the stores even if they stay backordered? Would like to test out the touch bar and make sure it's worth the extra $ for 15" display+touch bar instead of 13" base.
  15. J

    Which Apple laptop should I buy?

    Hi there, I am thinking of treating myself with a brand new Apple laptop and saying goodbye to my currently used old MBP (13-inch, mid 2012 model, without Retina and still with CD/DVD drive). As a university student, I will be moving around campus, carrying a laptop to help me with note taking...
  16. V

    rMBP i5 8GB RAM vs MBair 13' i7 8GB RAM

    Hello all, I am looking for a secondary computer that it more portable than my iMac. I am between the two model below: -Retina MacBook Pro (MF839LL/A) 2.7GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor, Turbo Boost up to 3.1GHz 8GB 1866MHz memory 128GB PCIe-based SSD - MacBook Air (MF839LL/A) 2.2GHz...
  17. M

    MacBook Pro Retina 15 inch - Lagging + Very Slow on Youtube.

    Hello. My rMBP Seems to be very slow and lag when i play certain videos from youtube in Safari 9.1.3 and the computer heats up. I am currently running 10.11.6. Can someone please assist? My MBP Spec is a Mid 2014 15 inch with NVIDIA GT 750m 16GB Ram.
  18. DrtyHarry

    New LG 38UC99-W compatibility with Macbook Pro?

    So LG is releasing a new 21:9 4K display (3840 x 1600) that is a whopping 38" big. I read a lot of great things about this display....I'm not a gamer, I'm a photographer and do a good amount of video editing and the display is said...
  19. N

    MacBook Pro Retina Keyboard Backlight Flickering

    Hey all! I have a late 2013 model 13-inch Macbook Pro with Retina display that has started giving me problems. The backlight on the keyboard if it works at all (big if) is constantly flickering. Is this a known issue? Does anyone have any fixes? Basic things like resetting the SMC unchecking...
  20. A

    New MacBook Pro thickness + GPU

    I doubt Apple will offer a discrete GPU option for the new MacBook Pros because of how thin they are and the power consumption. The m470x is a rebrand of last years card meaning it is 28nm and will consume a lot of power (and is larger physically).