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Joe Rossignol

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May 12, 2012
Kind of odd when a site originally focussed around Microsoft posts a more positive slant on the MacBook Pro than the MacRumors site - it's also like Kim knows his readers and forum and just enjoys stoking them up for clicks and visits...
Hey Danny. Thanks for being a reader and sharing this feedback. I can ensure you that us MacRumors editors are not purposefully criticizing the new MacBook Pro for the purposes of clicks and pageviews. We are generally very objective with our coverage. There are only a few instances I can think of where we are subjective, such as when we summarized opinions/criticisms shared by our readers and the Apple community at large. The reality is the news cycle and response to the new MacBook Pro has been mixed, and that is reflected in our articles.
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Sep 19, 2007
Things like "these are the dongles you'll need to have the ports on your old MacBook Pro" on Facebook posts are a bit daft though - it'd be ok if it was true, but it'd be better to not keep pushing the ignorant dongle line and push the true about the fact that you an upgrade your USB-A cable to USB-C one for very cheap and now you've got a cable which plugs in both ways.

But yes, mixed it might be, but the fact that Redmond Pie has a positive article and there hasn't been one on the site which is supposed to be for actual Apple fans is a bit silly.
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