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  1. denisch

    Does the AWS7 glass scratch the air? This display is only two days old, but it's already disfigured like an old watch

    I've only been using this watch for two days without the protective film, and the glass is already in terrible condition. I don't work in a factory, I don't build a house: I just walk around with my watch hidden under the sleeve of my jacket, and I take a shower with it. Are they scratched by...
  2. A

    What is iPhone 11 camera bump made of?

    Hi! I noticed a small scratch of my camera bump on my iphone 11. There wouldnt be anything wrong with that, stuff gets used and its not like I need everything to be in condition. I just need it to work. However I noticed, that the scratch must have happend in some super easy way. Since I have...
  3. K

    iPhone 14 Pro Max Lightning Cable & Charging Port question

    Hello. I have a few questions regarding chargers. Will using old lightning cables damage my new iPhone 14 Pro Max’s charging port? There are worn out/corroded marks right below the white rectangle on the old charging cable I own, does that scratch, scrape, dent, or damage the surrounding...
  4. BB8

    Other Ceramic shield glass scratching [MERGED]

    After one year my iPhone 13 Pro is more scratched than my iPhone X of four years. And I use my phone *less* than I used to. I hate that Apple has sacrificed the scratch resistance of the phone for shatter resistance. I haven't dropped my phone on a hard surface in 10 years. Scratches, however...
  5. K

    iPhone 14 Pro Max Should I exchange my iPhone 14 Pro Max for a new one?

    Hello. I desire for some advice on wether or not having an exchange for my newly purchased iPhone 14 Pro Max is worth it. I noticed a small minuscule scratch on the bottom left curve of the body. I’m not sure if it was there before I received it in-person at an Apple store or I had done it...
  6. harits.crab

    How does the technician replace the battery and top case screen? (Macbook pro 14 inch)

    Hi, I'm a new user of the Macbook. My screen is full of smudges after I got a battery n top case replacement 2 weeks ago at an authorized service center. Is this normal? I try clean it with a microfiber cloth with some water on it but it's still there. And if you noticed, there's a micro...
  7. ctjack

    iPhone 14 Pro Max 14 PM Screen is scratched on day 7 - don't hesitate to buy screen protector

    Wife and I don't like screen protectors - it worked all the time for us with 13 and 13 PM, 12PM, SE, 8 plus. The only time it didn't work when my kids scratched my se2 with keys while playing. Long story short - wife's 14PM literally caught a deep scratch out of nowhere on day 7 - we were...
  8. M

    Resolved Backlight Bleed

    I am currently on my 3rd M2 Macbook Air 16GB/512GB. The first two had backlight bleed coming from the top left and bottom right of the screen very badly. This current Macbook I currently have does indeed have some backlight bleed (I think they all do) yet this one is extremely minor and...
  9. E

    iPad Pro iPad Pro 11'' Single Hairline Crack - Warranty

    Hi there, my brand new iPad Pro 11” 2021 has developed a single hairline crack without any visible point of impact at the frame. I have NOT ever drop my iPad or even move it out of my house, and more specific my desk work office. My iPad Pro was bought brand new at 17/06/2022 and developed...
  10. D

    iPad Air Does the new iPad Air 5th gen Space Gray color chips around the port or scratch and peel easily just as the Midnight color on the new MacBook Air M2?

    I am planning to buy the new iPad Air 5th gen in Space Gray color but seeing all the reviews in Youtube and the web about the Midnight color on the new MacBook Air M2 which chips around the ports, scratch and peel easily which reveal the silver base color underneat it I was wondering if this...
  11. W

    iPad Air Can’t have crap in the desert, I guess.

    Brand new iPad Air 2022, not even a month old and already have microscopic hairline scratches about as wide/deep as the thin hairs on my arm. Worst part is, they occurred whilst cleaning my screen to install a screen protector using the wipes that they gave me. I’m upset. I have heard that it’s...
  12. DavidInSydney

    iPhone 11 My iPhone 11 has 4 deep scratches on the screen. I don’t know why.

    Hi All, I’ve had my iPhone 11 since I bought it new when it first came out in 2019. Only in the last 10 months, the screen has developed 4 large, deep ugly scratches – see photo. I can easily feel them with my finger nails. This has never happened before with any previous iPhone (other than the...
  13. freddyonderstal

    Watch 7 SS Graphite - tiny scratch out of the box

    Well, I ordered a Watch 7 SS Graphite with the Milanese Loop. The case of the watch had some small dark spots, so I returned it and ordered a new one with the Abyss blue sportband. I’m a person of detail, so I went searching for small scratches and yes: I found a very tiny scratch on the top of...
  14. M

    iPhone 13 Pro .

  15. D

    App watch scratch

    I got my app watch SE gold 8 months ago, and last weak my hand hitted the radiator, uuuh i checked watch and saw scratch over that button now i cannt even wear it ???? i cant look at it ???? And i dont want and cant use a case for it now that it is scratched, And mention that there is no apple...
  16. mrgreeneyes

    Apple Watch SE, small smudge like mark on watch face.

    I have had my Apple Watch se for a few weeks, and I noticed it has a small smudge like mark on the watch face in the upper left part where the battery indicator it located, the smudge is not noticeable unless you are really looking for it, is it work trying to get it fixed? and is there a home...
  17. I

    iPhone 12 Pro iPhone 12 pro scratch on the back (from factory?)

    I don’t know how I got this scratch. It’s very tiny and faint but I always used a clean silicone case. What do you guys think. I’m thinking that it already was there out of the box and it came from the factory itself. The scratch is above the flashlight (not on the camera area).
  18. B

    Aluminum Scratch/Mark Below Brand New iMac Display?

    Hello! I just received my new 2020 27" iMac customized with a 1TB SSD. When I unboxed it, I noticed below the screen bezel where the display meets the aluminum housing that there's this rough area that sticks out and is reflecting the light. It's really noticeable, but so far seems to be...
  19. StealthWire

    Space Gray MBPro 16" dented on its own.

    Just a week since I got my Macbook Pro 16" (Space Grey) and there is this very tiny dot dent/scratch or anodisation discolouration, whatever you may call. At first I thought it a speck of dust, but boy I could feel it with my nail, there is a very tiny indentation, about 0.2mm deep. Feels like...
  20. I

    Clear Matte Skin for 2020 MacBook Air

    I just ordered a 2020 MacBook Air and was looking for a clear matte skin for the top/bottom case, sides, palm rest, and trackpad. I saw one from BestSkinsEver, but it’s for the 2018-2019 MBA. Same with Slickwraps, except I’m not sure if their “full body” kit includes the palm area. I’m guessing...