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  1. R

    Proximity Sensor Issue (iPhone 6 | iOS 9.2)

    Hi everyone, I apologize if this has been asked before; I did a search and couldn't find the issue. If I get any notification (iMessage, email, WhatsApp) while I am on a call, the iPhone's screen lights up and doesn't turn off until I manual activate the proximity sensor again (I take the...
  2. I

    Night Shift - Will it fix a already yellow hued screen?

    As the title says, will the night shift allow you to colour correct the screen to your liking? I found that my iPad Air has a yellow hue to it already, so it would look disastrous to make it even more warmer. I often found myself JB the device and using colour profiles app to correct it, so was...
  3. Nighties

    iMac LCD

    I have 2 iMacs here- Mid 2007 and Late 2008: the late 2008 model had while lines down it indicating to me it has a broken LCD? Is it possible to use to the LCD from the 2007 iMac and install it into the 2008 iMac? Thanks
  4. H

    strange display turning off issues?

    My 15in Macbook Pro '13 (obtained new late '14 on B&H, started using it early '15) has a display that randomly turns off (dim backlight is still on - I can see the slight difference when I actually power the laptop off), in addition to the programs (audio abruptly stops, etc.). The computer is...
  5. E

    Resolved rMBPs are not bright enough in my opinion?

    Everytime I go to a best buy or Apple store, I try to brighten up the laptop screens. They seem so dim to me. Does anybody think this way too?? They make the screens brighter in the next update...
  6. WebLikken

    Does my video Card must to be changed ?

    Hello ! Excuse me for my poor english ! I have trouble display on my scrren : regular vertical lines, very lisible on black screen but none on white, Here's some jpeg pictures on os x and now Linux Ubuntu (excuse me...) Material : Imac 20 pouces 2,4 mid-2007 - EMC 2133 Model A1224 Merci and...
  7. J

    Image Retention in 2016 / SJA2

    Hi guys, Proud MBPr owner since mid 2012! Love everything about the machine. But, since i'm OCD (no really, meds and all) the exchanges of screens till finding a good one was a real **** experience when I first got it. Ended up with a SJA2 two years a go, which didn't suffer from anything (no...
  8. A

    Episodic White Screen

    Screen goes bright white when I move lid--no visible sign of desktop items. Then when I close lid, reopen and wake, the desktop appears as expected. Rinse, repeat (problem is easy to recreate). BTW, desktop doesn't always reappear on resume, but usually I can get it to show up. Some sort of...
  9. azr25

    iOS 9 Pangu jailbreak caused broken screen

    I was wondering if any one could give me some ideas on how to fix my phone. Currently when i turn it on I can only see a tiny horizontal bar of my screen is visible. I can not get the screen to respond to touch to unlock it and reset it. Trying to let it die now and recharge. PLEASE HELP?!
  10. D

    Weird black dots in corner of iPhone 6s?

    I've noticed a cluster of small black dots in the top left corner of my iPhone 6s screen. I've only had it about a month and haven't dropped it or anything. It's kind of hard to see in the picture but it's really easy to see in person on a white background. What are they and can I fix them? Is...
  11. D

    Best edge to edge Tempered glass for iphone 6+?

    Hello, I would like to know which is the best edge to edge Tempered glass protector for iphone 6+? I got one from Verizon store last September when the new iphone 6+ was released and it was not a perfect fit. I'm sure many new manufacturer would have come up with better designs in this one...
  12. verstaerker

    Mac Pro 2013 - second display no signal

    after i wake my mac from sleep mode the second display (Dell 4k on MDP) often gets no signal the only solution is to restart the mac or unplug the cable from the mac and plug it into another port wich is very annoying - has anybody similar problems and has any hints for a solution?
  13. adjgiulio

    Mac Mini doesn't recognize monitor, defaults to low resolution

    I have just purchased a Mac Mini with the intent of using it a family machine in place of my old W7. I'm using a KVM adapter to share a monitor (Hyundai) and a wireless keyboard/mouse combo between the Mini and my Ubuntu dev desktop. The Mini defaults to a 1280x1024, and cannot see my Hyundai...
  14. R

    iPad Pro Dead Pixel

    Is there still a policy on dead pixels? I just saw one after playing with mine for two weeks. It's small and on the upper left side of the screen but still very upsetting. Can I return? CW
  15. O

    iPhone 6 LCD Digitizer Replacement [TUTORIAL]

    Hey, so I just made a video showcasing how to replace an iPhone 6 LCD and digitizer. I was wondering what this forum thought and how I could improve my future repair tutorials. Also, I'm new to this community and I would like to say hello to everyone! I hope I will present value to you guys...