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  1. jgelin

    Time Machine on iMac from MacBook?

    Hello all, Quick question, is there a way to make my time machine drive that is connected to my iMac thru USB show up on the network and on my MacBook for use with TM? It already has the backups waiting to be used and works when connected, but I want to be able to do so wirelessly so I do not...
  2. jgelin

    Black and White Display

    Hello all, On occasion when I look at my apple watch its screen will only display in black and white. I am currently running a beta, but the issue I believe was present before I did put the beta on the device. When it is grey, it will only be on the physical screen taking a screenshot will...
  3. Yorkshire Lad

    General Settings app crashing when updating contacts

    Hi, Has anyone else seen a similar issue? I store all my contacts in iCloud, so that my iPod and iPad Mini have the same info (which I can also access on the desktop). I've just taken the plunge and bought an iPhone 5s so I've been making sure my contacts are all up to date and transferred over...
  4. K

    Reset to Factory Settings but keep iMessages?

    Hi, I have a late 2014 rMBP and I really want a fresh start. However I don't want a fresh start with my iMessages. I know there are applications you can download to view past messages off your iPhone and stuff but I want the native Messages app on my MacBook to still have my messages. I have...