iPhone XS Photos: how to turn down/off NOISE REDUCTION?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by JungleNYC, Oct 14, 2018.

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    Overall, I think the XS camera is better, especially coming from an 8. Better low-light especially. But there are a lot of instances where the noise reduction is way, way over-aggressive. Especially when the shots involve people, faces and skin, but I also see a lot of other instances where detail gets lost: nature, architecture, etc.

    Is there ANY way to turn this down? Or, even better, turn it off? As someone who takes a crapton of pics I would appreciate not being FORCED to have to use this feature.

    IMO this is similar to auto-applying "image enhancement" (magic wand) to every photo in a way that's permanent.
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    Not sure but there are several photographic apps, one or more might allow you to adjust the ISO and other aspects of the camera.
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    Not with the native app. There are third party camera apps that lets you shoot raw. That way you can do whatever you want with it. However, I read that the raw images are noisier than previous iPhone camera so you’ll probably want to apply some reduction.
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    apple is heavy handed on noise reduction because their new camera tend to shoot at higher ISO and faster shutter speed. it is needed for smart hdr to work [well]. i also dont think you can turn off smart hdr, but im not sure as im still waiting for XR.

    The following can solve your problem

    1) use any other camera app, but you lose the smart HDR function
    1.1) there are some apps like halide and lightroom that has similar smart HDR function, but may cost money or are not as good
    2) wait for apple to update their camera, but this might not happen despite the widespread complaints
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    Hmmm. Seems like an easy win for Apple, honestly. Why not make it an option? Turn it ON by default, but allow users to dial it down or turn it off.

    I've had the phone for 3 weeks and I'm really tired of my family's faces looking like the simpsons :\
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    Aug 25, 2016
    Just shoot raw.
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    Dec 22, 2016
    Like the OP, I'm against smoothing out of images.

    It's like the Digital Noise Reduction furore that existed in the Blu-ray world, where films were losing their realistic image in favour of the plasticine makeover...many of us HD film enthusiasts much preferred grain to be retained as it kept things appearing nearer to the original source.

    It's disappointing to read reports of Apple using DNR in their photos.
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