space grey

  1. jlseattle

    Space Grey regular iMac

    Hi All! I just upgraded my silver iMac's keyboard and mouse to the space gray keyboard and mouse (the old keyboard I had died so reasonable excuse). I'm wondering how many folks would pick a space gray iMac over the silver if it was available on the non-pro version. I know I would.
  2. Julianne

    Series 4 Pre-Order (NL)

    This is my first time pre-ordering anything. Long time apple user. I have a few things I’m wondering about and I don’t see anyone else has. I ordered an Apple Watch series 4 44mm space grey aluminium with the sport loop. I ask the below because mine is still pending shipment and not found in...
  3. C

    Space grey looks gold

    I've decided to post because after searching I couldn't find any threads about it. So, I purchased a Satechi hub after the crappy one I bought previously decided to stop working as a hub. I got the space grey version as my mbp is a space grey. The hub is the same colour as my space grey iPhone...
  4. 0

    iPhone X Space Grey 3 months in, scratches?

    I wonder how Space Grey looks like now, 3 months in (if you have had your phone for this long time). I know that the SS on the Silver scratches easily (but it can also be polished off later on). The Space Grey with its PVD coating can also be scratched (and not later polished), but does it...
  5. jbuckner

    2015 rMBP or 2016 rMBP which one should I keep?

    If you look at my previous thread, you’ll see I found a sealed late 2015 13” rMPB in a pawn shop, went to pick it up yesterday and they had another sealed late 2016 space grey 13” rMBP I bought that one also. Luckily, I have the receipts from the Apple Store from the guy who...
  6. DrewK

    [POLL] Tell me color choice satisfaction after using nMBP space gray!!!!!

    Hi I know many of you already got the nMBP and started using it. I want to know your opinion after using them, just about color satisfaction. For example, I regret choosing SG because it shows off too much fingerprints or SG becomes ugly at night with dark lights on or discoloration of space...
  7. ivantwilliams

    Space Black - band, leather

    Do you own a Space Grey or Space Black Stainless Steel? If so, do you happen to own or use bands that are leather, BUT, with a space grey/space black connectors? I see plenty for Stainless Steel, just not the Space Black or Space Grey versions. Any links that members can provide? Thanks in...
  8. rozevan

    How much will space grey Macbook be worth in 3 months?

    Any ideas how much I will lose if I buy a refurbished space grey Macbook for £750 now.. and sell it in 3 months when (if) the new Macbook Pro is released? originally released April 2015, 12-inch (diagonal) LED-backlit display; 2304x1440 resolution at 226 pixels per inch 8GB of 1600MHz...
  9. ohenriquez

    New MacBook colour preference

    I have decided to get the new MacBook and I find interesting to read about people’s circumstances, reasons and preferences towards a new colour.
  10. K

    Space Grey Apple Watch (42mm) with Scuba Blue Nylon Band

    Does anyone have the 42mm Space Grey Apple Watch with Scuba Blue Nylon band ? Thoughts and pictures would be great!
  11. K

    Space Grey Apple Watch & Nylon Band

    I have seen a lot of people have bought the royal blue nylon band to go on the 42mm space grey Apple Watch! Just wondering does anyone have the scuba blue on the Space Grey? Can't decide which one to get! Any photos or thoughts of the scuba blue and space grey combination would be much appreciated !
  12. K

    Space grey Apple Watch & nylon straps

    was in the Apple Store and they didn't have any stock to show me the new nylon bands on the actual space grey watch! I was interested in royal blue nylon but they paired it with Rose gold sport watch so unsure! Anyone get nylon with the space grey watch? Just looking idea to see what's nice...
  13. Hadwyn

    2016 MacBook Pro in SPACE GRAY

    After obsessively buying only Space Gray Apple products, I've been waiting for a Space Gray MacBook Pro. I bought a 2015 12" Retina MacBook to tide me over until the release of the 2016 Macbook Pro. Examples of Apple colour options left in the past: New 5K and 4K Retina iMac - No colour...
  14. J

    iPhone 6 crescent moon issue front facing camera?

    Hi guys, I know there are other posts about this, but I wanted to see if anyone else has had this issue over and over? I have had the phone replaced once and the screen on the phone replaced a few times...I would say 3-4 times now. It is an AT&T 6 32GB Space Grey model. I have heard it is more...