Most Futureproof Carrier for iPhone?

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    Given the upcoming transition to 5G, which cell carrier is likely to be most futureproof for current iPhones, especially since Apple won’t be making the jump to 5G anytime soon? I’m currently on Verizon, but since they’re shutting down CDMA sometime in 2019, I wonder how seamless that will actually be? I’m pretty sure it won’t be an issue with LTE, but thinking of moving to T-Mobile as they seem poised to amp up their network with the Sprint merger. Any thoughts on this would be helpful.
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    Verizon has had VoLTE for years now. If you can use data on the device while on a phone call then your device has VoLTE and you're using it.

    I'm not advocating for Verizon, but CDMA is a non-issue with them now. They solved that transition problem a long time ago. Hell, Verizon is due to be shutting down CDMA by next year.

    T-Mobile is going to have to deal with the legacy aspect of this when they merge with Sprint. Sprint's already been trying to solve that by rolling out their own VoLTE, but they are years behind Verizon.
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    Thanks, this is helpful!
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    The cheapest one.

    Seriously, switching carriers is as simple as swapping SIM cards, it takes a few minutes. Porting your phone number is quick now if you care about keeping it. Don't get too attached to a carrier, just price compare and go with the cheapest one unless you're someplace where only one has coverage.

    If you're on Verizon, there's a good chance you're paying too much. Shop around.

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