1. Bohemien

    Upgrading from Synology DS213j?

    Hi all, I hope this is the right forum for my question. I'm running a Synology DS213j attached to my router (Apple Time Capsule, last version). I use it only as a network storage (photo, music and data backup), so I don't need any of the transcoding features, mail server, surveillance stuff. In...
  2. G

    Mojave - refuses to connect to my NAS server

    hello, I keep my itunes on a Synology NAS server. Initially, after the update to Mojave, all was fine. Recently Mojave can not connect to the volumes on the server. When I use “connect to server” method, I choose the server from the dialogue box (either SMB or AFP) and then get an error...
  3. I

    Storage Solution for Video Production Business - NAS?

    We are a team of creatives looking to solve our growing storage issues as I’m sure most businesses discover. The majority of our work is video and now more often than not we filming in 4K. On average a job/project will consume roughly 200GB in its entirety which includes the raw footage...
  4. P

    Mac Restart when using Time Machine

    Hi, I have 2 MBPs. One from 2018 with Mojave and one from 2014 with Sierra. For both I backup to a Synology NAS, using TimeMachine. Previously both were running Sierra and backup-ing was no problem. Life was good ;) I updated the 2018 MBP to Mojave in December 2018. Everything worked like a...
  5. N

    Good resource (learning about networks)

    Good morning to all, I would love links to good info on networking. Just in general so I can understand the basics and lingo. I got interested in NAS as an external enclosure for my photos and also general home use. But somehow I never got to learn anything about networking and now NAS sounds...
  6. itsthenewdc

    Resolved Synology RAID Expansion Not Using New Drive Space

    So I recently purchased a Synology DS517 to expand our DS1817+. I did everything properly on the Synology side and have it showing the increased space of ~90 TB up from the old ~50 TB. The problem now lies on the Mac OS side of things because it's only showing the old 50 TB size. Here's a...
  7. misanthrophy

    Ddns macos Server questions

    Hi, I want to setup my Mac with the it works perfectly fine in my own wifi with syncing contacts and calendar entries. But I am not able to connect with it from the outside. I know I need DDNS to get that working, but I have a couple of questions how to fix this the best way. I...
  8. A

    Clone laptops to NAS, backup NAS to cloud?

    I'm looking into a onsite and offsite backup solution for a two-laptop household (with each a 256GB) plus 100-150GB of files on an external drive. Here are my current plans. Any suggestions to improve these will be greatly appreciated. 1. Each person has a iCloud account, syncing ~/Documents...
  9. jagooch

    Finder Problem "original item cannot be found" when selecting Synology Share

    You can see "THEVAULT" share here Double-clicking it in Finder gives this error , and you cannot see the contents of the share. But if I navigate to /Volumes/THEVAULT in Finder or in a bash shell, it works fine Finder Terminal Any idea why I cannot click on the Synology share and...
  10. K

    Offsite/Transport NAS

    What are my options or advice for transporting a NAS (Synology718+) home from work everyday so my various devices can have an offsite backup? Transport will be short 5min and in theory I don't see a problem with taking it with me when I leave work. I've recently started in the printing/design...
  11. U

    NAS cross-platform issue .dxf files (only works: change extension to .txt then back to .dxf)

    Hey everyone, We have a new NAS system (Synology) and use it to exchange .dxf files from Pc to Mac. We can transfer those .dxf files through USB drives and it works without a problem. When we copy/paste the .dxf files from PC to NAS, then NAS to Mac, those .dxf files can't be read on our Mac...
  12. S

    Problem with Synology Cloud Station Backup

    Just bought a Synology DS918+ and so far not too impressed.... Main thing I bought it for is backup for my Thunderbay DAS (so I could schedule backups and not have to worry about manually backing up to various external drives with CCC. So I install Cloud Station Server on the NAS, create a...
  13. L

    Mercury Accelsior E2 + Synology DS1817 | eSATA Compatibility

    Im looking to buy the Mercury Accelsior E2 SSD from to upgrade my Mac Pro 4,1. Does anyone know if it is compatible with the Synology DS1817' eSATA ports? Synology uses the eSATA ports to daisy chain additional DS units. I want to connect it directly to my MP for faster transfer...
  14. C

    APFS and NAS (Synology)

    Hi, Pardon my question if this seems too basic... I am currently using a NAS Synology to share and store all my files (pictures, movies mainly). What will be the impact of upgrading to High Sierra? Will it still be compatible or should I wait Synology to release a new file system? Chris
  15. S

    Slow data transfer rate on Synology on external network

    Hello - I have a Synology DS115 and when I try to download movies on an external network than what my Synology is connected to, the data transfer speed is really slow. Can soumone help me please?
  16. dieterdreist

    MS Excel looses connection to network share

    Hello everybody, I am experiencing some strange issues with MS Excel for Mac (both versions, 2011 and 2016, local full business version, not office 365 subscription) on OS-X 10.11 El Capitan, MBP 2014, when accessing a network share on a Synology NAS via CIFS. At first it works and I can open...
  17. CoastalOR

    Drive Speed for a NAS?

    I'm thinking of getting a diskless Synology DS416play NAS to act primarily (for now) as a Plex server for my movies. Here are the drives I'm considering: WD Red NAS Hard Disk Drive - 5400 RPM WD Red Pro NAS Hard Disk Drive - 7200 RPM Will the 5400 RPM perform adequately or do I need the 7200...
  18. I

    NAS Showdown: QNAP v. Synology! There will be blood!

    Hey All! Not sure if this has been covered but, well, let's pretend "no." I am an ex-Apple employee who has been out of the circle for a while. I need a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device. I use a Macbook11,3. Most of my needs for the extra space/cloud is back-up. But it would be nice to...
  19. S

    Conversion when uploading from Photos to NAS

    Hi! I have just uploaded some photos from the Photos library on my Mac to a Synology NAS. Some of the files were jpeg and some were RAW (CR2). To my surprise, all the photos ended up as jpeg on the NAS. I have uploaded CR2 files from a Windows computer, where such conversion into jpeg did not...
  20. Surfsuprob

    How to backup external hdd to NAS daily?

    I am wondering how to setup an external hdd to backup to a nas? I have narrowed it down to a Synology DS1515+ with HGST 3tb hdds for the NAS The external hdd I was thinking of a Drobo 5DT 15TB OR G-SPEED STUDIO 12TB which are both DAS. Id like to work on video editing directly on the external...