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Jul 7, 2020
Hi! Can anyone help me with this:
I run a pretty large iTunes library on a Synology NAS which i access with my Mac Pro from 2012.
The highest OS i can run on that is High Sierra which is not compatible with Apple Music.

I also have a MacBook Pro 2015 running MacOS Catalina wich can't run iTunes anymore so i have to use Apple Music on that.

Now is there a way i can access or sync to the iTunes library on my NAS with the Macbook Pro running Catalina?

I think all needs to be done is convert the library file from iTunes on the NAS into an Apple Music library file. And then use Symbolic Linker to guide to the right folder path. Shouldn't be that hard because the file structures are still the same but i'm not a dev so no idea if and how this can be done.

Or perhaps there is another workaround. I would hate to go back to High Sierra on my MacBook Pro just because of this.

Thanks in advance for thinking with me, and i'm sure i'm not the only one with this issue although google searches brought me nowhere so far.
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