tempered glass

  1. S

    Resolved Issues with iPad & Adonit Note Pen

    I bought the Adonit Note stylus based on Dan's review on MacRumors. It arrived yesterday, and it is not working as expected on my iPad. The ink is skipping (creating gaps) and lagging behind the pen. My iPad model is A1893. My OS version is 12.1.4. I am using a glass screen protector from...
  2. V

    Anyone have the Belkin InvisiGlass Ultra Screen Protector for XS Max??

    Anyone have the InvisiGlass Ultra screen protector installed on their XS MAX can confirm if they see any rainbow effect on the side edges where the glass meets the screen? Trying to figure out if they finally fixed this issue or not. Please post your feedback if you own one of these.
  3. TechNismo

    Screen Protector for iPhone X

    If you have a screen protector on your phone, which type do you have. The one that covers the full front glass (first pic), or the one that leaves boarders around edges(second pic)? Which one is better? Does the one that leaves a small board (second pic) around the edge annoy you? Like when you...
  4. GRodz3324

    Does this bubble is going to go away overtime( random)

    I installed that otterbox tempered glass on my iPhone 7 all perfect but there's this huge air bubble on the side I wanna know if this gonna go away overtime. http://m.imgur.com/gallery/wg21TUD
  5. P

    iPhone 7 tempered glass for U.A.G case

    Hi, guys, is there any 3d glass screen protector that works with U.A.G PATHFINDER SERIES IPHONE 7 CASE? https://urbanarmorgear.com/collections/iphone-7-cases/products/pathfinder-case-for-iphone-7?variant=22198645636 thank you
  6. willmtaylor

    Vote for your Edge to Edge Glass Screen Protector

    There's already an extensive thread discussing screen protectors for the iPhone 7 & 7+, but I wanted to specifically discuss Edge-to-edge protoectors (3D edge preferably) and have a poll for people to vote on which ones they've tried and liked. Hopefully, this will help us crowd-source our...
  7. willmtaylor

    iPhone 7 / 7+ Glass Screen Protectors

    I'd like this subforum to have a go to place for discussion regarding glass screen protectors either for the iPhone 7 or 7 plus. This can be for standard variety or edge to edge (E2E). Has anyone found glass screen protectors for the 7 yet? Which manufacturers? Anyone taking preorders?
  8. Z

    happy with your tempered glass?

    Ive got a cheap tempered glass, looks ok, it just leave a bubble bevel around the glass because it will not get in exact contact with the iPhone's glass. No bubbles in the middle part of the glass though, only around! Does your glass do this, is it normal?
  9. M

    Tempered glass question!

    Hey, everyone. I'm a first time iPhone user (got my 64 GB SE a few days ago), and being extremely OCD and protective of my cute little phone, I got myself a Ringke case and a tempered glass screen protector. I tried to apply the screen protector on my own, however, even if I put it correctly...
  10. B

    Help to choose the best case/tempered glasses for my new iPhone SE

    Hi guys, i want to order the new iPhone SE in white/silver color, this a piece of art, i really love 5S/SE design I dont want ugly case. Do you know if there is any thin case in full silver? I m looking for something matching with my Apple Macbook Air, i have everything in silver and would love...
  11. gewawd

    GodoSmith IceMax 3D Review

    I placed my order in eBay on February 1 and product ETA was listed between February 26–March 23. I paid $29.99 for the product. (At the time of writing, the product is available in Amazon for about $7 less.) A back story and TL;DR is available towards the end of this post. I installed the...