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Help to choose the best case/tempered glasses for my new iPhone SE


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Mar 7, 2013
Hi guys, i want to order the new iPhone SE in white/silver color, this a piece of art, i really love 5S/SE design
I dont want ugly case.
Do you know if there is any thin case in full silver?
I m looking for something matching with my Apple Macbook Air, i have everything in silver and would love to match my future iPhone SE
The Spigen SGP Ultra Thin Satin Silver is one of i ve caught

The white front, i dislike it, so i am lurking into silver tempered glass

Or i can use classic transparent tempered glass and add a crystal thin case

Any advice/suggestions?



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Mar 23, 2009
I do use Tech Armor ballistic glass together with the original Apple leather case in Midnight blue color for my SE and for me this is the perfect combo ever;)
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