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time capsule

  1. james bow

    My Time Capsule Drive Has Died. What Should I Do Now?

    Hello, folks! Long time lurker, first time poster... So, I have an older generation Apple Time Capsule (I think the one before they went tall and thin), and while it continues to access the Internet just fine and provides good WiFi, the Time Capsule drive no longer works. I'd like to hear some...
  2. MjWoNeR

    Use Time Capsule exclusively for Time Machine? Questions, questions.

    TC=Time Capsule, TM=Time Machine No new Airport products are on the timeline. Maybe Apple is moving to the cloud? I don't know, but my ~4 year old TC is showing it's age and I'm now planning to upgrade my network to the Asus RT-AC68U. The question is what do I do with TM? I like backups. Do I...
  3. V

    Time Capsule without ethernet nor private wifi

    Hi, I have an Airport Time Capsule 3TB. I want to use it for backup of 4 Macs and as a shared hard drive. The problem is that I have no access to the ethernet wire and the WIFI I use is share with the rest of the people of my co-working space, so I don't feel like it is safe to use it. How do I...
  4. N

    Is an Airport Time Capsule suitable?

    Hi everyone :) Currently I have a 2011 Mac Mini and am looking at getting a 2017 MacBook Pro to replace it, relegating the Mini to use as file/print server. So what I want to do is get an Airport Time Capsule 2/3TB to backup both machines with, however I don't want to use the Airport network...
  5. V

    New router for wireless Time Machine backups?

    Hi folks, I'm looking to replace my first-generation Time Capsule (circa 2008) with something new that supports 802.11ac. I'd like to keep the convenience of wireless Time Machine backups, but the most recent Time Capsule is really expensive (~$300) and likely to be discontinued soon. Is there...
  6. L

    Airport Time Capsule Went Downhill?

    Several years ago, I got a Time Capsule and I like it (the old form factor). Recently, I was researching a graduation gift to get for my nephew (laptop and auto-backup solution). I was surprised to see that on Apple's site, that the current Time Capsule gets pretty lousy reviews from customers...
  7. D

    AirPort - Ethernet port when connected to network wirelessly

    Hi, Sorry if the title doesn't make much sense, but my question (I hope) is quite simple. I have an AirPort Time Capsule (an older model) - it is currently in a upstairs in a room with a DVR which has no wireless capabilities (it needs to be connected via Ethernet). The modem/router from my...
  8. S

    Time machine backups...

    The issue is I have two older Time Capsules that I use for Time Machine backups on four Mac's. One is wired to the router by ethernet, and the other three are wireless. With the Time Capsules going bad, yet again, I am left with my FIOS Wireless router only. If I plug an external USB enclosure...
  9. J

    Time Capsule after manual ugrade of os

    Hello, I have a macbook mid 2012 with an ssd in the main drive and an hdd in the disk drive. The ssd boots with mountain lion and the hdd was until now used for file storage. I've set the time machine to backup this whole system in the time capsule and so far it worked just fine. Recently I...
  10. Scott Elder

    Mysterious Telnet Address

    Using my 2012 Macbook Pro with Sierra, I tried to telnet into a 2014 Mac Mini inside my home. Both computers are on the NAT home-side of my Time Capsule router. For a while I was receiving a very mysterious IP address response back. Hopefully someone can help me understand why. I have the...
  11. P

    WiFi Problems with iPad Pro and Time Capsule

    Hello forum, with my former iPad Air 2 and my time capsule I never had any WiFi issues. Now I have a new Ipad Pro and every few days the iPad connects to my time capsule Wifi but I have zero data throughput. The only thing that works is to shut off the iPad and start new. Only disable WiFi on...
  12. rdizzy

    Time Capsule (4th Gen) Not Connecting to Some Apple Sites/Servers

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum, but not new to the site or tech. As the subject states, for some reason, I am being blocked from seeing certain sites or having iMessage work properly (synching and non-delivery). I have tried on both regular and 5GHz networks. It started a few days ago from...
  13. rivalbetony

    Backup Disk not Available

    I am getting this message when trying to backup data. I searched for this topic in this forum and found a similar entry posted several years ago and the issue was not resolved. This started, I believe, after the recent firmware update to my 3T time capsule. Airport Utility/disks displays...
  14. C

    Update: Might be solved - Can't Access Time Machine/Capsule Backup

    My wifes 15" macbook pro i7 retina recently started having some issues due to old OS (10.7.5). Couldnt back up iphone etc.. So I decided to upgrade to Sierra. Unfortunately this left apps unusable and printers incapacitated. Before I updated I made sure the entire computer was backed up to time...
  15. A

    macOS 12.12.2 beta6/7 cannot backup to Time Capsule

    Is there anybody has the same issue, I need to reset(power off and on) the device for Mac to recognize the backup disk.
  16. seme332

    Time Machine Backups on Time Capsule

    Hey Guys, I think this problem started when I installed Sierra, but I cannot be 100% sure actually. So I got a 2TB Time Capsule a while ago because I wanted to be able to wirelessly backup my iMac and MacBook. I setup the whole thing and even use it as a router. All of this worked fine on both...
  17. taptic

    Time Capsule backup speed?

    I have a DSL internet connection. If I get an AirPort Time Capsule, will backups be sent to it at my 5Mb/s internet speed? Or will it transfer more quickly between the Mac and Time Capsule?
  18. L

    Apollo Promise or Time Capsule

    Can someone explain the difference between the two? I bought the Promise but now am wondering if I need the time machine. My work requires me to hold a lot of photos but I need to easily access those photos as well. Any advice?
  19. willmtaylor

    Resolved AirPort Extreme Replacing Time Capsule as Router

    My wifi has been giving us fits as of late, and I'm fairly certain it's not the signal from the neighborhood node nor my modem, so that left my 2009 2TB Apple Time Capsule as the culprit. My Aiport Extreme showed up today, and I've had no issues with XBox, iPad, iMac, iPhones, etc. since...
  20. R

    Time Capsule can't open any ports.

    Have now even tried to connect it directly to my ISP network as my provider wanted me to try, but It still says my port are off, What am I missing? My internet works fine. Have the router set as DHCP and NAT and connecting with DHCP. And have selected the ip of my connection to the portforward...