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time capsule

  1. M

    4th generation time capsule speed limits

    I have changed my internet service provider to get speed of 200 MBPS from Comcast. I have got 4th generation time capsule (802.11n). Will my time capsule be able to handle this speed ? OR Do I need to plan for an upgrade for latest time capsule with 802.11ac?
  2. C

    How do I set up Time Capsule just for Time Machine?

    I have a current gen Time Capsule, but want to use a newer router instead that improves my WiFi coverage inside my home. However, I want to still use the Time Capsule for backups/Time Machine purposes. Is this possible? If anyone has done it, would you be kind enough to give me instructions on...
  3. alwaysbeincontact

    Apple time capsule and iMac 5k

    HI All, So Ive been having some internet issues with my time capsule and Apple support wants me to take it to an apple store to get diagnosed since its still under warranty. So I'm waiting for my appt to bring in and get replaced. Im now using a google router for the time being. My question...
  4. Apple fanboy

    Time Capsule issue

    I'm running a late 2012 iMac running 10.9.5 with a similar aged Time capsule connected via ethernet. Been set up like this since I bought it. On Sunday I get an error message saying my back up failed. Error code 999. So I looked and saw that it was just one or two back ups that had failed but...
  5. mermaid2010

    Can I use 2010 Time Capsule as an EHD

    I now have a redundant 2010 Time Capsule, not needed for Wi-Fi or back up (which BTW never worked well anyway!) What to do with it, chuck it or is it possible to utilise the space on it for just storing some files films photos? If so how do I do it. Have looked on You Tube but nothing that is...
  6. T

    Crazy noise from Time Capsule

    Got an overheat message this morning about my 5th gen Time Capsule, then this happened. Any clue on what would cause such an insane noise?
  7. S

    Time Capsule Slow Back Up - El Capitan 12-inch Macbook

    Recently purchased a 4th Gen Time Machine 3TB (A1409) but cannot complete a first backup over WiFi Macbook 12-inch Retina (210GB of data to be backed up) Sky Router (UK) Have tried the following but with no success; Standard backup over WiFi - Left overnight and managed 22GB, meaning...
  8. andrew5494

    Best Backup Solution

    Hey guys so I've been debating for a while which would be better for me can you help? I want something that I can rely on for backups with all of my pictures and memories. I already have icloud photo library. What would you recommend? Is it worth a NAS WD EX2 for having a more secure backup or...
  9. rmeulen

    Time Capsule Wifi slowing down over time...

    Hi all, I have a Time Capsule that is working great just after a reboot however in the cause of time (few days) slows down a lot. With my max. speed on the internet of 40Gb/s it initially reaches that speed easily but after a few days it only gets up to 5Gb/s. After a reboot all back to high...
  10. M

    Very long term digital storage?

    I am a technology teacher at an elementary school and we are celebrating our 50th anniversary of our school this year. We are planning on creating a time capsule to bury in our courtyard to open in another 50 years. We are having students create things to put in the time capsule and we would...
  11. djoz18

    Time Capsule, iTunes, External HD

    Hi there, I just bought a 2TB Time Capsule and am looking forward to setting it up. That said, I've been doing research about moving my iTunes and iPhoto libraries to an external to be used with the TC for wi-fi access. I understand that if you partition the TC HD that it won't back up whatever...
  12. P

    Connect 2 Time Capsules for More Ports?

    Hi everyone. I have a new 1TB Time Capsule that I use as a wifi router and for Time Machine backups. I also have an older Time Capsule that I'd like to connect to the new Time Capsule to increase the number of Ethernet ports available to my ever-growing home theater devices. Are there...
  13. D

    SB6141 and Time Capsule Not Working - Best Modem?

    I purchased an ARRIS / Motorola SB6141 modem yesterday, and like many I am experiencing the difficulty of getting an SB6141 and Time Capsule to cooperate. The modem works fine with a hard line, but when I connected my Time Capsule to the modem I received the dreaded blinking yellow light on the...