1. Z

    New SSD Formatted As APFS - Trim Always? Slow Boot and Performance?

    I picked up a 500GB SSD for my Early 2011 MacBook Pro and upgraded to High Sierra, which reformatted the SSD to APFS. I plan to not completely fill my disk and keep the usage under 80%. I’ve read many posts on how enabling trim has caused slow boot times and performance in APFS. Is that still...
  2. Z

    is trim enabled?

    How can i know if trim is enabled on my OS?
  3. jameshenderson

    Recommend a frame-accurate smart video cutter/trimmer

    Hi, I want to cut/trim the commercials out of .ts and .mp4 files that I have DVR'd. It needs to be smart (only re-encoding the frames between the cut-point and the next key-frame). The closest that I can find that meets this criteria is: SmartCutter - but it crashes (costs £ 50 but has not...
  4. T

    macos does not know the type of external storage?

    Hi, is here a discussion about this already? I have a WD ssd in external case and Disk Utility tells that the type is "Disk" (not "Solid State"). Is there a reason to think about trim command? Is there external ssd's that are identified right? System Information tells, that my case is: VLI...
  5. haralds

    MP 1,1-5,1 Disabling SIP disabled Trim on 10.14.5

    I have been using sudo trimforce enable to use trim on my SSDs on my 5,1. I disabled SIP to make few changes and had left it there. When I did a status check trim was disabled. repeating the command multiple times did not enable it. Booting from other partitions (High Sierra, Mohave 1014.1)...
  6. markbyrn

    Can I verify SSD TRIM status on Macbook Air 2018?

    In the past, I could verify SSD TRIM status by reviewing the SATA/SATA Express line in the system information feature. On my Macbook Air 2018, it says, "This computer doesn't contain any serial ATA devices." On the storage line, it says I have an Apple APFS Media SSD PCI-Express but nothing...
  7. C

    TRIM support for external Thunderbolt SSD

    I was under the (mis?)impression that under Mojave, TRIM was supported for external SSDs connected via Thunderbolt. I have a 2015 27" iMac running 10.14.3, with a Thunderbolt 2 enclosure with a Samsung 850 EVO SSD. System report says that TRIM is NOT supported. Is there something I need to do...
  8. zedsdeadbaby

    360 GB of Ghost Data/Unrecovered Space?

    Hey everyone... I'm seeing some weird storage issues on a new MacBook Pro I bought in September. I deleted 100+ GBs of data last week. Checked space the next day and noticed the numbers didn't seem right... So, I decided to before/after screenshot what Disk Utility was reporting as free space...
  9. haralds


    My last system SSD died after two years of heavy use. Some reports indicate that overprovisioning has benefits. But it seems like as long as trim is enabled and the drive is left with a lot of free space the same impact is achieved. I am using dual MX500 2TB for system and data formatted APFS...
  10. fhturner

    Follow-up: TRIM supported SSDs in Snow Leopard RAID1?

    So as not to muddy the New BootROM thread w/ more of this offshoot, I hoped I might solicit some advice about this TRIM issue in a new thread. Basically, I have a pair of SSUBX 512GB blades in a RAID1 mirror in a server. The read speed after the firmware update (and using Slots 2...
  11. F

    JBOD 2x SSD 850EVO 512 tb2->tb3 adapter + APFS: YES/NO?

    Hi all (apologies if this should go into another subgroup - please move if you please). I‘m about to receive a 2017 iMac 27 with 512SSD (yeah!). Well, I wanted to expand it with an Atiko 2x 2.5 drive (?) external enclosure that connects via Thunderbolt2 using two Samsung 512GB SSDs (850 EVO I...
  12. I

    Cannot boot during Upgrade from Lion to El-Capitan

    Hi fellow Mac OS X user, I am running Lion (10.7.5) on a mid-2011 Mac mini which boots from an extended (journaled, encrypted) partition residing on a Crucial SSD. When I tried to upgrade to El-Capitan, the system could not boot during the installation process, and I was greeted with an icon of...
  13. lindyman77

    Now High Sierra can't find my SSD startup disk...but booting externally

    Super weird issue going on. Upgraded my 13" 2011 MBP with a Samsung 840 Pro SSD to High Sierra. (Automatically upgraded to APFS with TRIM enabled) Last night it wouldn't boot showing only a flashing folder/question mark. Did all of the usual stuff PRAM, Recovery Mode, repaired permissions, etc...
  14. Chrizx74

    APFS + TRIM slows down some SSDs

    Let's try make a report here with make and models of the SSDs affected by boot and r/w slow downs. I have a 256Gb 840 EVO. HS w/ supplemental update and trim enabled takes 47 seconds from chime to desktop (auto login). I will add the time later with TRIM disabled. Macmini late 2014 2.6Ghz.
  15. andrei_c

    What thunderbolt 2 bootable SSD raid 0 bootable enclosure for iMac

    I have a iMac 27, 3.4 late 2013 standard model and I want to make it better by booting from an external SSD disk via TB2. Now SSD speeds of 500MB/s would be ok but if it would be possible I would like using something like RAID 0 in order to get higher speeds (or maybe you know other solutions...
  16. I

    TRIM support for external drives using SSD instead of HDD

    Hi, About TRIM support for external SSD:- Is TRIM supported for external SSD too? Is this by default or we have to do some setting manually? - For manual settings please point to direction of information. I am thinking of buying a Samsung EVO 250 GB SSD. Put this SSD into a proper case to...
  17. J

    SSD TRIM and MacBook Pro

    Hi there! I know there have been a load of threads about SSDs and MacBook Pro and TRIM - but my question and situation is slightly different. I am a travel photographer and have had my MBP (mid-2012) since it was first released. Last week, the HDD began to show signs of mechanical failure...
  18. TitanTiger

    Enabling TRIM

    I've installed a new SSD drive in a mid 2012 Macbook Pro. The drive is a Crucial MX300 525GB SSD. I'm on Sierra 10.12.4. There seems to be some disagreement on whether you should enable TRIM or not. Crucial appears to have some built in garbage collection in the firmware but it requires the...
  19. hexjibber

    Trim Enabler on Macbook Pro 2016

    Hi Everyone, I have a bit of a silly query. I've just bought a 2016 15" MacBook Pro Touch bar with a 2TB drive for doing video and animation work. I transferred all my documents and apps via time machine from my old 2010 MacBook pro. Inside my old machine I had a 500GB Crucial SSD and I had...
  20. A

    How to instal SSD correctly?

    I just received SAMSUNG SM951 AHCI. I never used SSD before and I not strongly understand computers. I am a musician. I very need your advices. be or not to be, cashing in internet browsers etc. Write me please step by step what I need to do after installation in SLOT? I will install...