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  1. heretiq

    Universal Twitter downloads tank after X re-branding

    This image (from this post) prompted me to voice this opinion that I’ve been keeping to myself: The new Twitter logo is tasteless and ugly. Everytime I see it on my iPhone my first thought is to delete it. This is not meant as a joke — the logo actually prompts this very visceral reaction...
  2. M

    Universal Not For Me: Hide the "For You" tab on Twitter

    Hello everyone, I've been an avid Twitter user for years, but recently, I've come to realize that the overall experience hasn't been as enjoyable as before, despite following only a few hundred people. Upon reflection, I've identified the main culprit: the "For You" tab on Twitter. While my...
  3. J

    Twitter - something went wrong?

    Has anyone has this issue trying to access Twitter in Chrome? I've tried blocking & allowing cookies etc but had no luck as of yet. Everything latest version. Any ideas? Thanks
  4. pacorob

    Universal Twitter alternatives: Mastodon & co apps

    Introduction: I've been using alternatives for Twitter in recent days such as Hive Social (more Instagram like, buggy and slow, no known users, account mess), Koo (no active EU users mostly Brazil and Indian users), Post.News (only site, no apps yet) looks good though. BlueSky Social (sign up...
  5. carlcaulkett

    Problems using Twitter and Fenix on new iPad Air - iPadOS 15.7 (close enough?) [SOLVED]

    When I go to post a tweet in the Twitter app or Fenix, I can choose from a number of images to accompany the tweet. Most of these images pre-date my new iPad Air and were created on my old iPad. This suggests to me that these apps are accessing iCloud to find these old images. My problem is...
  6. P

    Trying to find a Twitter about a Google Material Icon glitch and Jony Ive...

    I've been searching for a Twitter thread I saw in early 2022 or so talking about a Google Material icon with visual glitch due to an svg rounding error. They say that it was reported around 2016 and only fixed recently. Then, someone who worked for Jony Ive also chimes in on something about how...
  7. S

    Universal Twitter link previews not working in iMessage

    This just started happening recently and it's driving me crazy. When I send or receive a twitter link in iMessage, the preview no longer shows. It just seems to affect Twitter links, but it is happening on my Mac, iPhone, iPad, as well as my wife's devices. And it just happens on my home WiFi...
  8. C

    iPad Twitter skipping hours of tweets

    Since upgrading to iOS 15 I've got a weird problem on twitter which I can't find any reference to online, although that just may be as I'm not sure what to google. I open the app and I get new tweets at the top of my feed as you'd expect. But it only loads the last hours new tweets. Before I...
  9. beansbaxter

    Your favorite Twitter app for MacOS?

    What is the best Twitter app for MacOS? I've been using the official Twitter app, but it has many annoyances, and I'm looking for a better user experience. I downloaded a free trial of Tweetbot for Mac, and I thought it worse than the official Twitter app. I am ok with free or paid. I'm more...
  10. phillytim

    iPhone Where did the Twitter Share extension go?

    It was always in the Share list, but seems to have disappeared over the past few months. The official Twitter app is still installed. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. 4

    Screen Time broken on macOS Big Sur? iMac

    I enabled screen time on my iMac running macOS Big Sur, and it's been logging constant Twitter usage ever since. For example, it's ~9am and I'm at 9 hours of Twitter usage today on my iMac specifically. Last night, my iMac was asleep and had a few webpages open in Safari, but none of them were...
  12. jsh8w

    iPhone Twidget for iOS - Twitter Widget

    Hello all; Twidget for iOS - Twitter Widget A few weeks ago, I was searching the App Store for a Twitter iOS 14 widget and to my amazement, there are hardly any apps that provide this functionality. So, I decided to build one myself. The app, 'Twidget', got released to the App Store today! ...
  13. T

    Anyone know how to disable the Twitter banner at top of Safari

    Hello, Having an annoying issue, when I am on Twitter in Safari it offers to open the app, which I don't want to do. I use the app for work tweets and safari for personal. Anyone know how to disable this. Thanks
  14. HitLyst

    Universal Stlyish Twitter client

    Hi all, I've published HitLyst for Twitter, a stylish Twitter client, provides 250k+ verified accounts into 20k+ lists. I've put a lot of research into content and timelines & also went through typical client apps currently in market and spoke to thousands of users about what likes and...
  15. maplesuede

    Apple Told Me AirPods Pro Includes Wireless Charging Mat

    I needed to share this screenshot because I know for a fact that the AirPods Pro DO NOT come with a wireless charging mat. Apple Support Twitter is wild.
  16. JennaDee123

    Safari Notifications

    Okay, so I got a brand new MacBook Pro a few months ago. I just started thinking about it the other day, "How do I turn on safari notifications for twitter, Pinterest, facebook, etc.? So I did some digging, and it shows that in the presences, you need to make sure the notification settings are...
  17. Napalm Doctor

    The case for iMessage on other platforms

    Since Facebook has been trying to look like they care about privacy, I feel like it is the best time for Apple to make iMessage with Facetime available on a lot more platforms. Find a way to monetize it. Integrate photo backups and sell iCloud storage for example. Make an in-app Store and allow...
  18. T

    Apps Twitter Client for tvOS

    Hi AppleTV community, I just started a small side project to get a Twitter client running on tvOS for our AppleTV. Enjoy TV Tweets and stay tuned for updates. Get it on the App Store for tvOS for free! See more details on the TV Tweets homepage. The app is for free, since it is my private...
  19. wicknix

    Snow Leopard mini apps

    Since there isn't a dedicated or stickied snow leopard thread i'm tossing this here. I took some of the mini apps i built for 10.4/10.5 and rebuilt them for 10.6, and added a few more that wouldn't work on tiger/leopard if anybody is interested. So far the list includes: Browser - No frills...
  20. wicknix

    Facebook & Twitter mobile apps

    I originally created these to use with my old powerpc macs as they load up fast and use next to no resources. I rebuilt them for Intel also as i still use Snow Leopard on a daily basis. Basically these are just webkit wrappers that display the mobile websites and are sized similar to how they...