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Aug 13, 2022
  • Live in Mexico full-time
  • Have Active Verizon Cellular Plan
  • Lost iPhone and physical SIM card
  • Don't plan on being in US until Xmas
Hearing mixed opinions on whether Verizon will be able to activate my cellular plan on a second-hand, Mexico-purchased, eSIM-capable iPhone while I'm on foreign soil. I simply do NOT trust the word of customer service/tech support at Verizon as they are ridiculously incompetent. Can anyone make a convincing argument one way or another?

Additionally, I have my US-purchased iPad 5 Mini which has eSIM capability. The technical support lady told me she cannot activate eSIM on a device with only one IMEI number. Lol. So what's the point of the eSIM capability on this device again?
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